January 20 – February 18

Daily stars for the week beginning March 1st


You’d think that decisions about something as straightforward as money matters should be easy. But what you faced last week made you realise that as your priorities have changed so, too, must your approach to certain elements of your life. Unsettling as the questions raised are, this week’s revelations will prove increasingly worthwhile.


Having struggled to achieve an accord with others only recently, you’re not going to welcome changes in plan. But as this week’s days unfold, it’s becoming increasingly clear that things can’t remain as they were arranged. While you needn’t make decisions now, it’s vital that you consider new options as they arise.


Others say that you’re idealistic. Yet from your perspective, there’s little point to pursuing goals if they aren’t as rewarding personally as they are in business, financial or practical terms. But if certain projects are to survive, you may need to temporarily abandon some of those goals, however long-cherished they may be.


Even thinking about taking plans back to the drawing board is tedious. But by the time that this weekend’s Full Moon has taken place, it will be abundantly clear that things can’t continue as they have. Try to keep arrangements as they were and life is only going to become more complicated.


Being a clear minded air sign, you’re rarely trapped by the emotional confusion that dominates the thinking of so many others. At the moment, however, you too seem to have been swayed by your feelings. Overwhelming as these are, they’re also vital. Without them you’ll loose your enthusiasm about certain plans or projects.


For weeks you’ve been uncharacteristically unsure where you stood. As a result of this indecision, you’ve had to put off numerous plans or commitments. Now events force your hand. Instead of seeking that single perfect direction, you’re better off taking any one path and letting experience guide you from there.


Everybody seems to be confused and, worse, they’re all looking to you for support and guidance. Ordinarily you’d have plenty to offer. But at the moment you’re just as confused. Tell them this. It will provide a foundation for discussions that will both prove illuminating and help you all deal with your doubts.

January 20 – February 18

Your weekly stars for the week of February 29th

Having just made seriously life-changing decisions, you’re now beginning to wonder what you’ve done. Tempting as it is to analyse developments blow by blow, it’s better to focus on the here and now, even if that means dealing with various rather tedious obligations that have mounted up. Deep down you know that you’d made wise choices. It’s just that you’re still unsure how they’ll fit in with the rest of your life. Since worrying will only raise your blood pressure, distract yourself with those duties until life catches up. Then events will reassure you better than any words ever could.

January 20 – February 18

Your weekly stars in detail for the week of February 29th

This is what the stars hold for those born under the sign of Aquarius for the week of February 29th.

For you, Aquarius, the past week or so is bound to have been a remarkable, if not thrilling, time. With both the Sun and Mercury having met your ruler, Uranus, you'll have been talking about your own life. More than that, because Uranus only recently moved into the visionary Pisces, the sign that has everything to do with what could be - not what must be - you'll also have been dwelling on what you really want to do versus what you must do.

This is an important distinction for you, as an Aquarius, at any time. But it will be particularly significant since you'll have been reviewing your life and reflecting on your priorities.

During the week of the 29th, when Mercury, the planet of ideas, forms a fantastic aspect to the down to earth Saturn, you'll find that you must return to the practical side of life, to thinking about obligations. This may seem a bit of a comedown after the excitement of the past week or so, but the fact is it’s perfect timing.

This allows you to balance the exciting ideas that will have been in the air with more practical issues. You'll need to think about such matters as various obligations, the number of hours you have in the day and, equally, you'll need to think about finances. Each of these could have a tremendous influence on how you deal with developments and on your future.

While it would be fair to say that you're able to acquire whatever funds or support you need when you're really determined to, the fact is that it's far easier to arrange things in advance. And this process of discussion, review and preparation is what this week is all about. If you view these exchanges and, in fact, the columns of figures you must add up and the schedules you must examine literally as an investment in your future, then by the end of the week you'll be glad you made that investment. The reason for this is that with both the Sun and Mercury forming fantastic aspects to the expansive Jupiter, on Thursday the 4th, you could well be discussing vital future plans.

The more aware you are of what you need, of your financial or practical requirements and, equally, of the amount of time you have to devote to new projects, the more swiftly you'll be able to respond to either the decisions you must make or to the ideas or offers that are in the air. If you haven't thought things through, then you're likely to feel particularly vulnerable as these issues arise and as you approach the weekend and the emotionally intense Full Moon, on Saturday the 6th. By that time either you'll be under pressure to make decisions or you'll feel that others are making unrealistic demands but you won't feel comfortable saying a firm no to them.

By asking the questions that you must ask during the week of the 29th you'll also be able to take a firm stance in early March when, during the week of the 7th, potent aspects to Pluto, the planet of power struggles, indicate that you'll need to be very clear with certain individuals about what you're able to do - and what you're not. Either they’ll be making demands of you or you'll need to make requests of them. Whatever the exact case, the more firm you're able to be and the more confident you are of your facts, the better able you will be to say what needs to be said.

Tedious as this week's issues are, therefore, what you learn will not only prove valuable during the week of the 29th but could make all the difference when it comes to dealing with pivotal decisions during the early weeks of March, and during the weeks and the months to come, as well.

January 20 – February 18

Your monthly stars for March

You know what you think, so are annoyed when others raise questions that really should have simple answers. However, as you learn more, your irritation turns to gratitude. There are issues you hadn’t considered and certain important developments that had bypassed you completely. But things are more complicated than that. Now that you’re willing to discuss changes, others aren’t. Neither force issues nor confront anybody. Instead, play it cool. What you arrange now would only need to be rearranged next month anyway. Stick to exploring your options and life is bliss.

January 20 – February 18

Your monthly stars in detail for March

This is what the stars hold for those born under the sign of Aquarius for the month of March.

As you begin the month of March, Aquarius, you're likely to be feeling both restless and conscientious. The restless side of your nature will come from a need to reorganise things, to consider your options, to allocate the use of your time differently, to devote your thoughts to new activities - and perhaps even to change the structure of your life. Yet at the same time you'll be aware that you need to be careful, conscientious about the use of your resources.

On the most practical level this means that you'll have finances on your mind and may even be considering potentially worthwhile financial ventures. Yet at the same time you'll also be thinking about your other resources, your time, your energies and even your ideas.

As an Aquarius, you were born under one of the most generous signs of the zodiac. Yet, you're not always credited for the ways in which you extend yourself to others. What's more, you'll often put those closest first, finding that when it comes to your own needs or objectives you’ve either short-changed yourself or there’s simply no time or money left to do what you want to do.

While you will, by no means, ever be a selfish person, during the month of March, you’ll find you need to balance your needs with those of others. As the month actually begins you may have good reason to analyse this balance. There'll either have been disappointing developments involving plans that are of importance to you or others will simply have taken over certain goals or objectives.

Whatever the case, you'll be both upset and conscious that you need to keep an eye on what matters to you. This could involve developments on the business front. However, you could also have close personal relationships, whether partnerships are of a business romantic nature, on your mind. The issue won’t be the strength of the relationship, but rather the fact that either certain individuals lost interest because you were distracted and were inattentive, or you weren't demanding enough from them.

Issues are likely to reach a head during the first week of March when the Full Moon, on the 6th, both highlights the emotional side of developments and marks a turning point. During the next week or so you'll find that you're arguing with others. This may not sound like good news, but it won't be until you're able to dispute issues openly that you'll come to terms with what's most important.

Try to achieve some kind of agreement by the time the Sun moves into the enthusiastic and inventive sign, Aries, on the 20th. The combination of the Sun’s arrival into Aries and the New Moon, both on the same day - on the 20th - indicates a shift in focus. New ideas will come your way and quite possibly the situations which proved so difficult early in the month will either get ironed out in some way or you'll find an appropriate compromise.

This process of talking things through during the final ten days of March may be the most important thing you do during the entire month. Having examined situations and thought long and hard about what's most of significance to you and who you want to be with, you'll then be in a position to review what you're doing and, most importantly, to think ahead.

This combination of activities will not only be of significance during the month of March, but what you learn will provide a firm foundation for your goals, activities and even important friendships and relationships during the remainder of the year as well.

January 20 – February 18

Your year to come 2004

As the year begins you’ll have been so busy dealing with various shifts in your daily life, your working routine or in certain on-going obligations that you won’t necessarily notice how life itself is changing. Just as the old year ended, your ruler Uranus departed your sign, concluding a lengthy cycle that’s been as unsettling as it’s been exciting. But it may only be when you’re view the developments of the past several years in retrospect that you realise how much more exciting your life’s become. While things won’t necessarily slow down, the focus shifts to practical, business or financial matters. Here, too, changes are sudden. You’ll need to combine inventiveness with a down to earth approach to whatever arises. Whatever the setting, romantic or professional, teamwork is vital. Still, your views could differ, so much that you’ll have to agree to disagree until events, midyear, force everybody involved to compromise. This may seem a defeat at the time, but you’ll soon forget it. In fact from late September you’re involved in new ideas, and possibly going new places too. At first these are only intriguing. But gradually you begin to recognise how a course of study, changing your work or even life in a new setting could restore the excitement you’ve been missing. And this doesn’t just apply to what you do – events could revolutionise who you spend your time with too.

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