Monday, January 26, 2015
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Those who know you well regard you as somebody who's easygoing. This is in large part because you're so interested in others, and so attentive to their activities, that they're unaware the degree to which you're managing the relationship. However, sudden changes are about to change this dynamic. You'll need to be more open about decisions you've always made in the background, then imposed diplomatically. Strange as this may seem initially, life will be a lot more fun.

The powerful emphasis in your birthday chart on what and who you value indicates you've reached a turning point. For ages you've been exploring your options and may have committed to certain changes. But with Mars, visionary Neptune and, as of your birthday, Venus, which accents relationship and money positioned together, it's decision-time. Because you've already debated a great deal, make plans, then take action, knowing you can make any changes as the need arises.

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