Saturday, April 25, 2015
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Although you're an earth sign, and so have a healthy respect for the importance of life's practicalities in general and finances in particular, balance is important to you. And that's the theme in your birthday chart. Achieving this could prove unexpectedly challenging. Not only are the actual situations you're dealing with changing, so are your priorities. While this could mean decisions will take longer and be more complex, once they're made, you'll be confident they're right.

Recognising unexpected opportunities for what they are or, equally, spotting the value of chance encounters isn't easy. Yet your birthday chart is about exactly this. Since neither the timing nor nature of these events will prompt you to explore what arises, you're encouraged to adopt an inquisitive attitude towards absolutely everything and everybody. At minimum, you'll learn a lot. But in many cases, completely unexpected experiences will become one of your life's greatest joys.

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