Wednesday, April 16, 2014
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Tedious as being asked to repeat yourself or, worse, explain your ideas or views may be, in process, you'll learn a lot. This, indicated by the clash between the communication planet Mercury and your ruler Mars, on your birthday, points out the importance of ensuring your own mind is clear and, equally, that you express your thoughts in a manner that others understand. Annoying as this may be now, the resulting insights will more than justify the effort.

Even the most mild-mannered of Aries, and there are a few, can be amazingly headstrong when they're told what to do by somebody they don't respect. Whether you're a forceful Aries or less aggressive, your instincts say you should battle decisions being made for you. Don't. Instead, ask questions, forcefully, if you feel you must. What you learn, about those situations and yourself will be informative now, and shape your thinking in the future.

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