Monday, August 03, 2015
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It's not that you're too proud to accept unexpected offers. It's that these, which are ushered in by the presence of the expansive Jupiter in Leo, trigger your stubborn streak. Beneficial as these ideas or opportunities may be, they'd also require that you alter elements of your life you're attached to. But in avoiding these changes, you'd be depriving yourself of a series of encounters, experiences and events, some merely thrilling but others unexpectedly profitable.

The link between Venus and Jupiter in your birthday chart isn't just fortunate, it's beneficial in all sorts of ways. First, the obvious, close alliances, personal and professional. While existing arrangements prosper, if you're seeking a new link, it's coming. But also, you're broadening your horizons, in terms of income, activities and life's pleasures. The trick is to enjoy what you're experiencing in the here and now, but be delighted if something more results from those pursuits.

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