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As with all forms of specialised knowledge, astrology has its own language. While everyone is familiar with the signs of the zodiac and most know the names of the planets, other terms are somewhat more puzzling. There is a detailed explanation of these before.

While these may seem strange to the newcomer, they’re a quick way of describing an event in planetary terms, and in doing so laying the groundwork for an explanation of what to expect here on earth.

Sometimes the message can be confusing as well – if not seem completely wrong. It worth rereading these after the fact. While some predictions never come to pass, others make sense only once they’ve been considered in retrospect. In fact, sometimes what made least sense initially provides stimulating insights when considered in retrospect.

Planet  One of the bodies which move across the heavens. In astrology each planet symbolises a type of energy. For astrological purposes, the Sun and Moon are considered planets

Sign The twelve signs of the zodiac are based on the twelve constellations in the heavens across which the Sun, Moon and planets move. Each sign represents a viewpoint or way of using energy

Ruler Every sign is associated with one particular planet; that planet is said to be its ruler. Thus, when the ruler of a particular sign is well positioned, those born under that sign benefit, just as they must cope with the challenges that come with the more difficult aspects.

Aspect  The relationship between two planets. Each aspect has its own nature, some are easy, others more challenging. Each aspect reveals how well the energy will flow between planets.

Retrograde  Every planet except the Sun and Moon are retrograde, or appear to be moving backwards in the heavens, at some time. This is an optical illusion; just as horses appear to be running in the reverse direction when on the far side of a race track from the way their direction when nearby, the planets also appear to be going backwards in the heavens from time to time.

This signifies a slowdown in that particular planet’s area of activity. The most memorable – and most frequent – of these is Mercury, the planet of communication, which is retrograde two or three times every year. During this period, which lasts about 22 days, confusion and mix-ups in matters involving communication increase.

The New Moon and Full Moon are central to the cycles on which astrological interpretation is based. The tradition of observing these goes back to the earliest days of civilisation.

New Moon symbolises a fresh start, the moment when nature pauses before beginning a new cycle

Full Moon marks the peak of this cycle, some two weeks later

Eclipses there are at least two solar eclipses each year – in which the Moon passes in front of the Sun, and usually two lunar eclipses as well. These progress through the twelve signs of the zodiac over a period of eighteen years and symbolise a turning point for those born under that sign

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