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George Clooney

George Clooney

6 May 1961 Lexington, Kentucky No one would argue with those who’ve dubbed Clooney “the world’s handsomest man.” He embodies the Taurean sensuality combined with the edge depicted by Venus, ruler of Taurus and planet of love and relationship in the dynamic – and impatient – Aries. This, plus the warrior planet Mars positioned in the sign of creativity and romance, Leo, explains the fascination he holds for woman and men alike. Personally, things are more complicated. In fact those same planetary positions indicate an impatience with partners, and that – as he’s been quoted as saying of himself – he’s not easy to live with. Judging by his chart, while he thinks he want someone devoted to him, he’ll be far happier with someone who doesn’t need him, but who is there simply because she cares.

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Birthday Stars

While every sign is influenced by Mercury’s retrograde cycle, the fact it is in Scorpio, and begins moving forward once again actually on your birthday, marks this as a turning point. This isn’t just about communication or things going smoothly, but about an entirely fresh perspective on certain situations you’d battled changing or, alternatively, new ideas you’re hesitant about pursuing. The trick is to explore everything, just for the fun of it. At minimum, you’ll learn something. But in certain situations, you’ll be amazed, and thrilled, by the possibilities ahead of you.

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