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Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones

25 September 1944 and 1969 Not only do Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones have the same birthday, there are numerous similarities between their two birth charts. First, they each have four of the ten planets in Libra, which indicates that they share the intense Libra need for harmony. For them relationship is central to their life, happiness and fulfilment. Each also has two planets situated in the sensible Virgo – a good counterbalance for their Libran idealism. In Michael’s birth chart, the Sun is positioned next to Neptune, planet of both vision - and of addictions. This explains his success on both sides of the camera, as an actor and a producer, as well his much publicised struggles with various addictions. And with a powerful emphasis on the planet of both doubt and achievement, Saturn, he’s pitted himself against life, overcoming the challenge of being the son of the star Kirk Douglas, almost as if to show the world that he could create his own success. Clever, restless, at the best of times his creative activities keep him interested. In the past, however, if work wasn’t adequately stimulating, then he would turn to the thrill of seduction. In Catherine, he’s met his match. She’s as clever as he is, but far more down to earth. Having tasted fame in the UK, she was ready for a larger world. But when she reached Hollywood, she discovered that she had to reinvent herself, and invested considerable time, effort and patience in doing so, working on her image, her accent and honing her acting skills. She’s highly disciplined, and strengthened by the self respect that comes with it. Yet with the Moon, key to emotions, in sentimental Pisces, she has an intuitive side and a beguiling gentleness. And she’s compassionate about Douglas’ past struggles. But she won’t tolerate nonsense: witness the famous $5,000,000 “unfaithfulness clause” in their marriage agreement. And of the future? Judging by their charts, they have a great future together. He will be contented - more than he’s ever been in his life. And she will recreate the stability – and normalcy – of her Welsh background. While she’ll thrive on motherhood, and is likely to be happily surrounded by many children, her career will remain vital to her. She’ll become more subtle as an actress. And then she’ll take a leaf from her husband’s book, and move behind the camera, too, turning her hand to directing and producing. And who knows, it may be that they’ll provide the film capitol with its next generation of Hollywood royalty.

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