Birthday Stars

Few things are more challenging than finding a way to escape a situation or, possibly, an individual you want to avoid, no matter what. Being ruled by the charming Venus, you’ll always seek a gracious way out. While this works with most, dealing with certain individuals requires a tough, no nonsense approach. They count on the fact few are willing to take a tough line so, mostly, do as they please. Be one of the few who stands up for yourself. It will be like magic.

Tue 23 April - 2019



Tue 23 April - 2019


When you were first discussing exciting plans, everybody was enthusiastic. As things have progressed, however, certain individuals have backed off, and a few are questioning the wisdom of what you have in mind. Be wary of discussions of this nature. They’re all about the roaming anxieties of others, not real life.


Whatever the term ‘adventurous’ has meant to you in the past, you’re about to view this side of life and, even more, of your own existence from a new and exciting angle. These unanticipated ideas, offers or events, or life-changing experiences are all triggered by the Sun’s encounter with your ruler Uranus, its first in its new position, accenting the structure of your life.


While you’re endlessly inquisitive about new ideas and what others are up to, once your own life is organised, you prefer to stick with what you know. But with your ruler Uranus having moved, on 6 March, to accent the structure of your life, and triggering a cycle of exploration, growth and, ultimately, those familiar habits will shift, probably several times. Knowing this is the current theme, be conscious of where, and how, you resist, if not battle, change – and, where possible, embrace it.

Year to come

Nobody is more up to date on the latest than you, as an Aquarius. Sudden changes in your own life or world are another matter. However, the move by your ruling planet, Uranus, to accent the structure of your life in March, begins an extensive cycle of growth and discovery. Disruptive as ideas, offers or events seem, explore them all. What you learn will pave the way for the increasingly unexpected yet exciting developments during 2019 and as you move into the coming years. If there’s a dream you’ve had - to travel, study, learn a new skill or resume your studies - begin now. You won’t regret it. On the contrary, things will fall into place as if it had been planned that way all along.