Birthday Stars

Being told your birthday chart indicates you’re about to be disillusioned may not seem like good news. However, you’ve been devoting time, effort, money and, in some cases, emotional support to people and, equally, situations that give you very little in return. Yet you’ve all sorts of justifications for this. It’s time to examine each. You may have lots of excuses, but each is in some way, undermining you. The solution? Either reorganise the arrangement or bid it farewell. It won’t be easy, but it’s vital.

Sun 08 December - 2019



Sun 08 December - 2019


Sometimes the advice of others is worth considering. Now, however, certain well-meaning individuals are basing their guidance on the past. That would only confuse matters, because the ideas and events unfolding are so new that you’re far better off trusting your instincts n the here and now, than previous experiences.


Most Aquarians have an easygoing nature and a natural inquisitiveness, which means that if things don’t work out, you’ll probably have other options in mind. However, even you could be surprised, if not overwhelmed, by the unexpected ideas or offers triggered by the rare link between fortunate Jupiter and your ruler Uranus. While it’s not until the 15th, it’s so powerful you’re probably already benefiting from it.


When considering change of any kind, you ask lots of questions, then explore the answers you get, which means the plans you make usually last. However, with your ruling planet Uranus having moved into a new position last March, and powerfully linked to fortunate Jupiter on 15 December, even seemingly solid arrangements could be rearranged. Or, quite possibly, everything could change – yes, yet again. For now, commit to explore everything. What seems least likely could be a dream come true.

Year to come

Nobody is more up to date on the latest than you, as an Aquarius. Sudden changes in your own life or world are another matter. However, the move by your ruling planet, Uranus, to accent the structure of your life in March, begins an extensive cycle of growth and discovery. Disruptive as ideas, offers or events seem, explore them all. What you learn will pave the way for the increasingly unexpected yet exciting developments during 2019 and as you move into the coming years. If there’s a dream you’ve had - to travel, study, learn a new skill or resume your studies - begin now. You won’t regret it. On the contrary, things will fall into place as if it had been planned that way all along.