Birthday Stars

While every sign is influenced by both the heightened feelings and creative energy triggered by the Full Moon, the fact it takes place on your birthday means that you’ve reached a turning point, both in terms of your own ideas, thinking and planning but, also, your world is shifting. Tempting as it is to turn what arises into commitments, if not far-reaching plans, take it slowly. This is as much about discovering what should go, as it is about exploring your options. The more you learn, the more rewarding the changes you make will be.

Mon 06 April - 2020



Mon 06 April - 2020


As a rational Aquarius, you’re often surprised if not shocked at how temperamental others can be. However, not only is that the case, they’re actually turning minor issues into a major emotional drama, just so they can have their way. Forget about discussion. Busy yourself elsewhere until the individual in question calms down.


Judging by the clash between the hot-headed planet Mars and your ruler Uranus, you’ll be facing a range of battles. While some are crucial, as many involve situations where you’re either being stubborn or simply refuse to make changes. At least explore everything. The more you learn, the clearer it will be that even what seems unsettling isn’t just timely, it will be in your best interests.


Since March 2019, when your ruler Uranus moved to accent the structure of your life, you’ve been exploring, if not making, changes. In late March it’s joined by the practical Saturn and restless Mars, heightening your need to rethink existing arrangements and, even more, conduct a far-reaching rethink. This is a process, one of personal growth and discovery, so instead of investigating, then reflecting on your decisions, plunge in. The resulting experiences will bring a new, and welcome, zest to your life.

Year to come

Pay close attention to the fresh, and often surprising, insights and ideas triggered by the Aquarius New Moon on 24 January, aware that you may be unable to put them into action right away. Instead explore your options and make tentative plans so you’re ready for the powerful cycle that begins on 30 March, when fiery Mars moves into Aquarius to remain until 13 May. While you’ll take action on some ideas immediately, the process of organising some could take much of the year. As you’ll soon discover, what you learn and who you meet in the process will more than justify the patience required. If there’s any challenge, it’s acknowledging that once-rewarding arrangements or alliances have outlived their time, and must take a back seat or go.