Birthday Stars

You don’t think of yourself as being restricted by your habits or ways of thinking. However, your birthday chart accents, first, the discovery of the many ways you’re creating your own restrictions and, second, how to spot and disentangle yourself from them. While some go back a long way and are about no more than habits, as many have to do with your ideals, some of which are as powerful as they are restrictive. Yet when questioned, you refuse to discuss them. This birthday is about discovering and discussing these, then freeing yourself from them for good.

Thu 03 December - 2020



Thu 03 December - 2020


You don’t see certain individuals often, so forget one odd habit. When they ask about your future thoughts or plans, they’ll take over the decision-making process. And, worse, if you disagree, they’ll turn into dominating bullies. Usually, you just walk away. Now, be cautious. They could declare themselves as your fulltime advisor.


Although you may not think of yourself as being intuitive, you are. Which means the exciting if unsettling changes you sense will be transforming your life and your world aren’t just for real, they’ll bring benefits beyond anything you’ve imagined possible. And until then? Explore everything. Even minor changes could be the beginning of something that will prove to be thrilling in the long run.


After a lengthy period of living others’ unwise decisions regarding the present and the future, changes in circumstances and, probably, your perspective, revolutionise everything, often overnight. This new cycle is indicated by the arrival, into Aquarius, by practical Saturn on 17 December and the fortunate Jupiter 19 December. Their influence both frees you from past burdensome arrangements and triggers amazing ideas, offers or developments. The challenge? Being willing to take chances. The trick? Undertaking those changes, yet keeping your options open well into 2021.

Year to come

Pay close attention to the fresh, and often surprising, insights and ideas triggered by the Aquarius New Moon on 24 January, aware that you may be unable to put them into action right away. Instead explore your options and make tentative plans so you’re ready for the powerful cycle that begins on 30 March, when fiery Mars moves into Aquarius to remain until 13 May. While you’ll take action on some ideas immediately, the process of organising some could take much of the year. As you’ll soon discover, what you learn and who you meet in the process will more than justify the patience required. If there’s any challenge, it’s acknowledging that once-rewarding arrangements or alliances have outlived their time, and must take a back seat or go.