Birthday Stars

Changes in the world around you are one thing, but changes in familiar elements of your way of living, working or life with those closest would upset your routine. Or so you fear. Actually, some of this familiar approach to life is actually holding you and, equally, others back from making changes that aren’t just timely, but would lead to exciting breakthroughs in elements of your life you’ve regarded as unchanging. If in doubt, begin slowly. Soon, however, you’ll realise how exciting these changes can be.

Sat 26 September - 2020



Sat 26 September - 2020


For ages you’ve meant to declutter your life, and your mind, of baggage from the past. While, until recently, there’s been no reason to take action, now there is. The lighter you’re travelling as you move into change currently beginning, the more swiftly you’ll move and the more you’ll enjoy it.


Inquisitive as you can be, about both the world around you and the activities of others, and your delight in exciting changes, when the focus is your own life, you’ll investigate at length, then make a single, lasting decision. However, as is increasingly clear, this simply isn’t possible. Tempting as it is to ignore that single reality, focus on taking chances. It’s unlikely you’ll regret it.


Long ago, you decided certain people, places and activities weren’t your thing. However, the world is changing and so are you. Consequently, it’s worth exploring changes in your lifestyle, work or future plans, if only out of interest. What you learn will intrigue, and surprise, you. Soon certain activities or things you’re thinking and doing out of habit will be questioned, if not go, clearing the way to take advantage of offers or, possibly, encounters beyond anything you’d imagined possible, and before the year’s close.

Year to come

Pay close attention to the fresh, and often surprising, insights and ideas triggered by the Aquarius New Moon on 24 January, aware that you may be unable to put them into action right away. Instead explore your options and make tentative plans so you’re ready for the powerful cycle that begins on 30 March, when fiery Mars moves into Aquarius to remain until 13 May. While you’ll take action on some ideas immediately, the process of organising some could take much of the year. As you’ll soon discover, what you learn and who you meet in the process will more than justify the patience required. If there’s any challenge, it’s acknowledging that once-rewarding arrangements or alliances have outlived their time, and must take a back seat or go.