Birthday Stars

When you first sidestepped certain troublesome issues or facts you neither understood nor knew how to deal with, you hoped the matters in question would vanish. However, they haven’t and won’t, which means each of these tricky situations is offering you an invitation to learn, and ideally not merely about the actual matter in question but about how it arose and, more important, how to address similar situations in the future. Ironically, the more you delve into these, the more powerful you’ll feel.

Thu 09 July - 2020



Thu 09 July - 2020


Often, in discussions, you’ll sidestep past issues that were both confusing and a problem, knowing they’re less important now. Still, sooner or later, these are bound to crop up. The time you invest in untangling these now means, should these arise in the future, there’ll be no concerns about them causing problems.


After an exciting and, often, unsettling past few months, during which Saturn, planet of power and practicality, was in Aquarius, you’re now recognising how much your perspective on life has changed. Now that it’s departed, if only until December, you’ve an opportunity to review what you’ve learnt and rethink your ideas about the present and the future. While, there’s no rush, certain far-reaching changes are inevitable.


Usually you’re the first to spot, learn about and, often, take advantage of the new and, generally, revolutionary ideas you thrive on exploring. But as July begins, there are so many versions of intriguing plans and ideas, you can’t keep up, so feel a bit left out. Be patient. By mid-month you’ll know what’s worth your while. Knowing that, spend July’s first two weeks decluttering your life, plans and priorities in preparation for these new passions. What seems least likely will, ultimately, thrill you.

Year to come

Pay close attention to the fresh, and often surprising, insights and ideas triggered by the Aquarius New Moon on 24 January, aware that you may be unable to put them into action right away. Instead explore your options and make tentative plans so you’re ready for the powerful cycle that begins on 30 March, when fiery Mars moves into Aquarius to remain until 13 May. While you’ll take action on some ideas immediately, the process of organising some could take much of the year. As you’ll soon discover, what you learn and who you meet in the process will more than justify the patience required. If there’s any challenge, it’s acknowledging that once-rewarding arrangements or alliances have outlived their time, and must take a back seat or go.