Birthday Stars

Appealing as life proceeding smoothly may be, it’s unrealistic. What’s more, we learn more from challenges than from periods when events flow from one easily organised arrangement to the next. Bear this in mind when the twists and turns indicted by your birthday chart arise. While by no means will anything be a serious problem, each will call on some side of your nature, from your inventiveness, to creativity to your intuition. And that, in turn, will help you appreciate what you already know, and extend your capacity for kindness and wisdom.

Wed 08 July - 2020



Wed 08 July - 2020


So often life is about fitting what you must do with the people and passions that mean most to you. However, suddenly it’s possible to reorganise your schedule and, in the process, put these first. The question is, are you ready to acknowledge that anybody or anything means that much to you?


Sometimes obstacles are exactly that, only difficulties to be overcome, swiftly as possible. However, with your ruler Mars in Aries for an unusually long time, until early 2021, life’s about both review and change. Taking it slowly may be out of character, but this gives you a chance to truly consider what might go, what you want to explore and where your next passions could lie.


For ages you’ve been restless but, also, unsure about your priorities. Happily, destiny, in the form of unexpected events, is forced you to take action. This cycle is triggered by your ruler Mars’s move into Aries, on 28 June, to remain until early 2021. As you shed elements of the past, your confidence grows, and you begin rethinking long range plans, gradually adopting the patience you once struggled to achieve. Soon, instead of focusing on what’s next, you’ll be both learning from, and enjoying, each day.

Year to come

Your year divides neatly into two parts. The first is about exploring your options, delving deeper into existing interests but, also, meeting people and going new places. If there’s any challenges, it’s dealing with rules and regulations, and in a range of settings. While ordinarily you’d try to rush these, focus on learning why they were organised and, if possible, ask why. This helps you understand others’ way of thinking and focus on being organised. What’s more, you’re begin prepared for the thrilling period from 28 June until 6 January, 2021, during when your ruler Mars is in Aries. You’ll learn about both your challenges and joys and, most of all what, and who, will be the centre of your life in the future.