Birthday Stars

The focus in your birthday chart is on details, both in life’s joys and, in certain matters, its challenges. Thinking back, you’ll realise that if you’d spotted certain minor problems or, equally, simple but promising ideas, things would have gone very differently. This is true now. Amazingly, in some matters you can return to the past, and restore an idea or offer. However, those concepts that involve the future will be just as crucial. The challenge isn’t spotting them, but taking action as soon as you can.

Wed 26 June - 2019



Wed 26 June - 2019


When you made certain promises, arrangements or commitments, they seemed clear-cut to you. But now others are saying they didn’t fully understand what was involved. Waste no time figuring out what was, or wasn’t, said. Review plans, in detail, then ask point blank whether everybody is clear about each point.


While some say you should seek the source of recent problems, once you’ve gathered those facts, you’ll realise they aren’t actually that important. Besides, with recent efforts having proved unexpectedly successful, you’re upbeat about the future. Still, for now focus on disentangling yourself from unprofitable arrangements. That way, when unexpected yet thrilling options surface, early next week, you’ll be free to discuss and explore them.


For months you’ve focused on existing plans, new projects and exciting ideas involving others. And you’ve achieved wonders. However, it’s meant neglecting domestic or family matters. While you can ignore these for a while, they’ll only become more complicated and take longer to deal with. Besides, you’ll learn a lot about others. Of even greater significance, you’ve been neglecting your own physical wellbeing. Initially, this seems dull. But the resulting feelings of stamina and enthusiasm soon justify the time, patience and effort required.

Year to come

The final months of 2018 may have been frustrating. However, your ruling planet Mars’s move into Aries, on 1 January – to remain until mid-February – kick-starts a year of wonderful events. What arises not only makes up for past disappointments, new ideas or exciting encounters lead to promising activities and, often, long term plans. Be bold but, equally, ensure whatever you organise is flexible, since what seems your best option could improve, often and unexpectedly, over the months. Also, balance taking chances with keeping close track of financial and practical matters, since sudden changes could mean a sudden rethink. Most of all, during 2019, ensure plans are flexible, since intriguing ideas and encounters, some that seem risky if not unlikely this year, could come together spectacularly during 2020.