Birthday Stars

Being told your birthday chart indicates you’re about to be disillusioned may not seem like good news. However, you’ve been devoting time, effort, money and, in some cases, emotional support to people and, equally, situations that give you very little in return. Yet you’ve all sorts of justifications for this. It’s time to examine each. You may have lots of excuses, but each is in some way, undermining you. The solution? Either reorganise the arrangement or bid it farewell. It won’t be easy, but it’s vital.

Sun 08 December - 2019



Sun 08 December - 2019


Only days ago, you were struggling to fit a range of plans, ideas and obligations into a limited period of time. This was stressful and meant making compromises. Then somebody suggested you simply delay one or two. That changed everything. Bizarrely, others were thankful, if not delighted, about your suggestion.


When your ruler Mars moved into Scorpio, one of the most discreet signs of the zodiac, and to accent financial or business matters, you began a cycle that demanded you be extremely cautious. While, obviously, this is frustrating, what you learn in the process will be interesting now, and is likely to be amazingly helpful when you’re facing a range of tricky situations over the coming months.


The focus, during most of November and December is on reviewing a range of challenging situations and, often, organising complex changes. Initially, you’ll be annoyed, so tempted to ignore these or do the minimum. Once you recognise a rethink is timely, you’ll focus on each issue as it arises. Focus on asking questions. The resulting insights won’t just be informative, they’re preparing you for the exciting next chapter of your life. Once that’s clear, you’ll exchange your recent grumpy attitude for boundless enthusiasm about what’s next.

Year to come

The final months of 2018 may have been frustrating. However, your ruling planet Mars’s move into Aries, on 1 January – to remain until mid-February – kick-starts a year of wonderful events. What arises not only makes up for past disappointments, new ideas or exciting encounters lead to promising activities and, often, long term plans. Be bold but, equally, ensure whatever you organise is flexible, since what seems your best option could improve, often and unexpectedly, over the months. Also, balance taking chances with keeping close track of financial and practical matters, since sudden changes could mean a sudden rethink. Most of all, during 2019, ensure plans are flexible, since intriguing ideas and encounters, some that seem risky if not unlikely this year, could come together spectacularly during 2020.