Birthday Stars

By no means are you rigid in your thinking. But, on the other hand, once you understand one particular individual or have learnt about the workings of a tricky situation, you don’t feel the need to review what you already know. Except times have changed, and so have these and other situations as well. The necessary review won’t take long, and could both answer perplexing questions and broaden your horizons, and all at the same time.

Mon 19 August - 2019



Mon 19 August - 2019


The recent powerful planetary emphasis on love and life’s pleasures has meant your schedule was full of exciting encounters and enriching experiences. However, you knew that, sooner or later, you’d have to tackle the practicalities you were ignoring. The move by your ruler Mars to accent such matters indicates that time has come.


True, you dislike dull details. Still, sometimes you must focus on exactly that. In fact, with your ruler Mars accenting such matters from Sunday the 18th until early October, you’ll be improving on what works, analysing what doesn’t and, in certain elements of your life, setting new goals. Some have been on your mind for ages but others are as unexpected as they are exciting.


Recently, life’s been brimming with passion and challenges, and in a range of situations. While you begin August intoxicated by the thrilling new arrangements in the air. if you want to take things further, you’ll need more facts. This accents the need for a serious rethink. Although you’ve enjoyed the adventure, you urged to conduct a timely review of elements of your life, loves, work or habits. Begin now. The process will be hugely rewarding but also put potential changes in a clearer perspective.

Year to come

The final months of 2018 may have been frustrating. However, your ruling planet Mars’s move into Aries, on 1 January – to remain until mid-February – kick-starts a year of wonderful events. What arises not only makes up for past disappointments, new ideas or exciting encounters lead to promising activities and, often, long term plans. Be bold but, equally, ensure whatever you organise is flexible, since what seems your best option could improve, often and unexpectedly, over the months. Also, balance taking chances with keeping close track of financial and practical matters, since sudden changes could mean a sudden rethink. Most of all, during 2019, ensure plans are flexible, since intriguing ideas and encounters, some that seem risky if not unlikely this year, could come together spectacularly during 2020.