Birthday Stars

For the past couple of years, decisions about your lifestyle, that is how and where you live, and even the timing of your day, have been substantially influenced by others, mostly those around you but also these in the wider world. While, you’ve had no real objections, certain elements of this routine have become restrictive. Not only can you alter, if not radically change, these, the time has come to discuss other elements of this routine as well. Worrying as this seems, it’s unlikely there’ll be objections of any kind.

Fri 18 October - 2019



Fri 18 October - 2019


Long ago, you learnt that despite others’ enthusiasm about future plans and your own feelings of optimism, a slow pace is best. While that’s exactly what you’ve been doing, one particular individual is in a real hurry. Discuss your concerns, gently but frankly. They may not agree now, but will probably thank you later.


October is tricky, especially this week. Aim to tackle obstacles the moment they arise, as best you can, but then put them behind you. While that may seem a compromise, often, your efforts will be more than enough. This means you’ll have time to enjoy both happy moments and, better yet, be able to respond to frequent, unexpected and, often, astonishing ideas or offers.


For months you’ve been talking about a fresh approach to elements of your way of living or working, but the timing wasn’t right. Now the factors necessary for a lasting decision come together, some so magically that you feel these extensive shifts were ordained. In a way, that’s true. Events are preparing you for dramatic, and worthwhile, changes in early in the new year. Unwise as committing while you’re still short of facts may seem, your instincts reassure you this is the direction to go.

Year to come

When looking back on 2019, you’ll realise how enriching its events and encounters were. While living out its days, however, you’ll be focusing the twists and turns, at home and out in the world, triggered by powerful eclipses in January, July and December. These shakeups will broaden your horizons via unexpected encounters, study or possibly travel. The challenge? You won’t always know how you’ll benefit until afterwards, which means acting on pure faith. Still, you’re already aware once-rewarding elements of your life need to be rethought, so this is timely. What’s more, this isn’t about a single day or decisions, but a process of discovery. Understand that, and you’ll forget about trying plan ahead and embrace life, and its twists and turns, with enthusiasm.