Birthday Stars

Changes in the world around you are one thing, but changes in familiar elements of your way of living, working or life with those closest would upset your routine. Or so you fear. Actually, some of this familiar approach to life is actually holding you and, equally, others back from making changes that aren’t just timely, but would lead to exciting breakthroughs in elements of your life you’ve regarded as unchanging. If in doubt, begin slowly. Soon, however, you’ll realise how exciting these changes can be.

Sat 26 September - 2020



Sat 26 September - 2020


As a Cancerian, you’re ruled by the Moon, so are more aware than other signs of the cycles of nature. This is always important, but especially now, because elements of your way of living, working and, possibly, loving are in transition. While unsettling, these changes are as timely as they will be beneficial.


For ages you’ve been exploring potential changes in elements of your way of living, working or both. While, often, you’ve thought plans were settled, unexpected events or surprising offers meant rethinking things. However, you’ve reached the point at which you must make decisions. Do exactly that, but ensure it’s clear they’re an experiment, so by no means final. That will make things easier for everybody.


Gradually, during September, you realise that almost every encounter, discussion or experience raises questions. These focus on the activity, people involved or your goals are in your best interests, or need to change. That seems strange until you realise the extent of changes in your life and around you. While, often you need only rethink plans on your own or chat with those closest, you’ll recognise that certain situations require a top to bottom review. Once you begin, you’ll realise how timely it is.

Year to come

Although most Cancerians benefit from an enterprising nature, every once on a while you feel overwhelmed, exhausted or both, and hope for an unexpected breakthrough. Judging by the powerful series of links between fortunate Jupiter the powerful Pluto, on April, late June and November, destiny won’t just take care of these matters, you’ll find yourself better off than you’d imagined possible. The downside? The timing and, in fact, events aren’t up to you. What you can do, however, is declutter your life and mind. This includes any increasingly unworkable past hopes you’ve been clinging onto. Then, don’t just wait and wonder. Make a point of being out, about and available to say ‘yes’ when those amazing ideas, offers or events come your way.