Birthday Stars

As a fire sign, you think and move swiftly. As a result, you rely on your intuition more than others. While you rarely think about this, the birthday link between Mercury and the planet that accents such matters, the visionary Neptune, calls your attention to this and, even more, encourages a greater awareness of this very special variety of awareness. The resulting insights will help you understand others better but, even more, bring clarity in a range of personal matters.

Sun 24 March - 2019



Sun 24 March - 2019


Every once in a while, one particular planet takes a leading role in the heavenly drama, and since early March, Uranus has taken the stage. While this has been exciting and, in many cases, led to long overdue breakthroughs, it’s also been exhausting. Enough you’ll be relieved to know, things will be a lot quieter.


Since last year you’ve been exploring ways to rethink if not substantially alter your work, lifestyle or both. While you’ve made a few alterations, the recent Full Moon kick-started a cycle of more far-reaching changes. However, because this extends well into the coming years, it’s important you regard the options you’re weighing up as a first step. Whatever you’re thinking, there’s far more to come.


March begins a period of thrilling change, although initially events may seem more unsettling than welcome. However, these are broadening your horizon, in terms of people, places and elements of your work or lifestyle. Sudden and, often, urgent as potential changes seem, they’re about breaking up old, familiar but often restrictive personal habits but, as much, important shifts in the lives of others or, as much, in your world. Tempting as it is to stick with what you know, even unsettling changes hold huge promise.

Year to come

When looking back on 2019, you’ll realise how enriching its events and encounters were. While living out its days, however, you’ll be focusing the twists and turns, at home and out in the world, triggered by powerful eclipses in January, July and December. These shakeups will broaden your horizons via unexpected encounters, study or possibly travel. The challenge? You won’t always know how you’ll benefit until afterwards, which means acting on pure faith. Still, you’re already aware once-rewarding elements of your life need to be rethought, so this is timely. What’s more, this isn’t about a single day or decisions, but a process of discovery. Understand that, and you’ll forget about trying plan ahead and embrace life, and its twists and turns, with enthusiasm.