Birthday Stars

Being told your birthday chart indicates you’re about to be disillusioned may not seem like good news. However, you’ve been devoting time, effort, money and, in some cases, emotional support to people and, equally, situations that give you very little in return. Yet you’ve all sorts of justifications for this. It’s time to examine each. You may have lots of excuses, but each is in some way, undermining you. The solution? Either reorganise the arrangement or bid it farewell. It won’t be easy, but it’s vital.

Sun 08 December - 2019



Sun 08 December - 2019


While Thursday’s Full Moon is bound to trigger intense feelings, they’re more about the minor irritations in the world around you and, because of that, aren’t pressing. Do what you can, but no more. Your time, thoughts and feelings are better focused on potential changes in the way or where you live or work.


You thought you could discern those who’re merely trying to make others feel guilty versus individuals who’re actually struggling. However, you’re currently facing a range of situations that involve the expert manipulation of others’ feelings. This includes you. If you doubt their complaints are genuine, investigate, but discreetly. What you learn, about the individuals in question but, also, about unscrupulous individuals will be remarkably educational.


The trick to dealing with December’s often chaotic situations is, first, to determine which are your responsibility – and which aren’t. Next, talk this over with others, clearly defining where they’ve be in charge. While the resulting discussions won’t always be easy, they’ll be worth the effort and, often, eliminate confusion for good. Meanwhile, review increasingly chaotic elements in your way of living or working, considering what works or needs to go. What you learn about your options prepares you for the life-changing Cancer eclipse in mid-January.

Year to come

When looking back on 2019, you’ll realise how enriching its events and encounters were. While living out its days, however, you’ll be focusing the twists and turns, at home and out in the world, triggered by powerful eclipses in January, July and December. These shakeups will broaden your horizons via unexpected encounters, study or possibly travel. The challenge? You won’t always know how you’ll benefit until afterwards, which means acting on pure faith. Still, you’re already aware once-rewarding elements of your life need to be rethought, so this is timely. What’s more, this isn’t about a single day or decisions, but a process of discovery. Understand that, and you’ll forget about trying plan ahead and embrace life, and its twists and turns, with enthusiasm.