Birthday Stars

Just when you thought you had examined the foundation on which your plans are based in depth, and you’d familiarised yourself with the requirements and desires of others. Everything is changing. This isn’t just inconvenient, it means taking everything back to the drawing board. Or, alternatively, beginning again as a team. That is, working together, sharing facts, time and shouldering the responsibly together. Waste no time debating the pros and cons. Simply try it. You’ll be happy you did.

Thu 17 January - 2019



Thu 17 January - 2019


Sooner or later you’ll have to discuss certain increasingly tricky issues frankly. While, understandably, you’re dreading this, waiting will only make you feel more anxious and could lead to greater complications. Once you’re more involved, you’ll realise that you already know exactly what needs to be said or done.


Sometimes setbacks are exactly that, and require rethinking plans. However, those you’re currently facing are giving you a much needed opportunity to examine certain longstanding, and increasingly unrewarding, alliances or arrangements. When issues arose recently, you patched things up and hoped for the best. While changes would be a relief, you’re unsure where to begin. Relax. Destiny is about to do the job for you.


The powerful Cancer Full Moon in late December accented what works, what doesn’t but also highlighted changes that will necessarily involve others. Discuss your thoughts. Ask for advice. You’ll be surprised and delighted to learn how many are eager, and able, to contribute to making the ideas and improvements you envision happen. Still, be prepared for unexpected twists. While unsettling at first, many could be exactly what’s you need to break away from restrictive arrangements or discover a new, and better, approach to your life and pursuits.

Year to come

When looking back on 2019, you’ll realise how enriching its events and encounters were. While living out its days, however, you’ll be focusing the twists and turns, at home and out in the world, triggered by powerful eclipses in January, July and December. These shakeups will broaden your horizons via unexpected encounters, study or possibly travel. The challenge? You won’t always know how you’ll benefit until afterwards, which means acting on pure faith. Still, you’re already aware once-rewarding elements of your life need to be rethought, so this is timely. What’s more, this isn’t about a single day or decisions, but a process of discovery. Understand that, and you’ll forget about trying plan ahead and embrace life, and its twists and turns, with enthusiasm.