Birthday Stars

You don’t think of yourself as being restricted by your habits or ways of thinking. However, your birthday chart accents, first, the discovery of the many ways you’re creating your own restrictions and, second, how to spot and disentangle yourself from them. While some go back a long way and are about no more than habits, as many have to do with your ideals, some of which are as powerful as they are restrictive. Yet when questioned, you refuse to discuss them. This birthday is about discovering and discussing these, then freeing yourself from them for good.

Thu 03 December - 2020



Thu 03 December - 2020


Making decisions about far-reaching matters is one thing. The good news is that both the facts are clear and, equally, you’ve thought through your priorities. However, there’s the matter of what to say to others who’re involved. Speak frankly. They know exactly what’s going on, and will be delighted with your plans.


For ages you’ve been trying to find a way out of demanding and, in some cases, costly arrangements with others. Some are personal relationships but others involve business. Now destiny is doing the job for you. True, events may be sudden and rouse concerns about somebody getting upset. If so, simply assume this is part of the process freeing you from those tricky alliances.


Although you accomplished lots during 2020, it’s been time-consuming and demanding. As December unfolds and you move into 2021, life becomes easier and your horizons broaden, often in ways as unexpected as they are exciting. Knowing that, explore everything. Still, keep any arrangements flexible, especially until the Cancer Full Moon, on 30 December, when facts and feelings come together, bringing clarity about a number of matters. As you move into 2021, be prepared to explore even developments as amazing as they are unexpected.

Year to come

Although most Cancerians benefit from an enterprising nature, every once on a while you feel overwhelmed, exhausted or both, and hope for an unexpected breakthrough. Judging by the powerful series of links between fortunate Jupiter the powerful Pluto, on April, late June and November, destiny won’t just take care of these matters, you’ll find yourself better off than you’d imagined possible. The downside? The timing and, in fact, events aren’t up to you. What you can do, however, is declutter your life and mind. This includes any increasingly unworkable past hopes you’ve been clinging onto. Then, don’t just wait and wonder. Make a point of being out, about and available to say ‘yes’ when those amazing ideas, offers or events come your way.