Birthday Stars

Although every sign is influenced by the powerful eclipsed Full Moon, the fact it takes place on your birthday indicates you’re ending one cycle and beginning another. While you may already have had a range of new ideas, options or changes in mind, there’s bound to be some variety of breakthrough. It may be recognisable immediately or, perhaps, you’ll only spot those turning points after the fact. The best approach is to explore, and learn from, everything, and let destiny guide the decisions you make.

Tue 16 July - 2019



Tue 16 July - 2019


Sometimes the period when the ideas planet Mercury is retrograde triggers confusion, but nothing more. At the moment, however, you’ll be facing frequent and often unsettling changes in existing plans. True, initially, these may be inconvenient, if not actually worrying. But your instincts are correctly telling you they’re breakthroughs, if in disguise.


Despite the intensity of the shake-ups triggered by early July’s Cancer eclipsed New Moon, you’ve dealt with each change, issue, question or, in some cases offers. You’re increasingly confident what will work and what may need more thought. Even more, as an intuitive water sign, you’re refusing to be rushed into plans you’re still unsure about. Be patient. They’ll come together but probably not until early August.


True, you can’t plan ahead for the unexpected. These encounters or events will be triggered by, first, early July’s Cancer eclipsed New Moon and the equally powerful eclipsed Full Moon, in mid-July. However, you can be aware that sudden, and often disruptive, events could be breakthroughs, if in disguise. Knowing that, explore even what arises unexpectedly. Even surprises are opening a door to ideas, encounters with intriguing people or, perhaps, dreams come true. Be open-minded. Often they’ll appear in a completely unexpected form.

Year to come

When looking back on 2019, you’ll realise how enriching its events and encounters were. While living out its days, however, you’ll be focusing the twists and turns, at home and out in the world, triggered by powerful eclipses in January, July and December. These shakeups will broaden your horizons via unexpected encounters, study or possibly travel. The challenge? You won’t always know how you’ll benefit until afterwards, which means acting on pure faith. Still, you’re already aware once-rewarding elements of your life need to be rethought, so this is timely. What’s more, this isn’t about a single day or decisions, but a process of discovery. Understand that, and you’ll forget about trying plan ahead and embrace life, and its twists and turns, with enthusiasm.