Birthday Stars

The focus in your birthday chart is on details, both in life’s joys and, in certain matters, its challenges. Thinking back, you’ll realise that if you’d spotted certain minor problems or, equally, simple but promising ideas, things would have gone very differently. This is true now. Amazingly, in some matters you can return to the past, and restore an idea or offer. However, those concepts that involve the future will be just as crucial. The challenge isn’t spotting them, but taking action as soon as you can.

Wed 26 June - 2019



Wed 26 June - 2019


Only days ago, you were convinced it was best to stand your ground against decisions or changes you regarded as unwelcome, if not counter to your best interests. Since then, however, you’ve talked these over with those who’re knowledgeable about the actual situation. What you’ve learnt has transformed your thinking and future plans.


Ordinarily, when undertaking a task, familiar or entirely new, you’ll consider your overall goals first, focus on individual details, then finally organise plans. However, between sudden changes in circumstances and frequent revelations, you’ll need to rethink the nature of the tasks you’re facing, then reorganise those plans regularly. Knowing that, forget about details that are bound to change and, instead, concentrate on the big picture.


Life is good. Things are going well. The only problem is, often events are very different from anything you’ve planned. This is part of an exciting, if occasionally unsettling, period of change, which climaxes with the Capricorn eclipsed Full Moon on 17 July. The resulting shakeups may be unsettling but, ultimately, will prove to be amazingly timely. So if you can’t say an enthusiastic yes to what arises, at least don’t say no. What seemed most worrying will be a brilliant opportunity, but in disguise.

Year to come

It’s not that you’re a control freak as much as you dislike making decisions, small or large, when short of facts. But with several areas of your life in transition, others’ circumstances shifting and the world around you changing, instead of struggling to make a single wise decision, you’re encouraged to take chance on new ideas – if not the unknown. However, this is as much about shedding existing arrangements and plans, sometimes without being clear what’s next. In late August worthwhile ideas or offers appear. Explore these, aware they’re but one step towards the amazing developments promised by the arrival of fortunate Jupiter into Capricorn, in early December 2019 – for a year’s stay. After that, things will come together, often as if by magic.