Birthday Stars

By no means are you secretive. Yet, when it comes to serious changes, you’ll often reflect at length on your own, then only once your own thinking is clear, will you talk things over with others. However, at the moment those around you, from family and friends to colleagues, are better informed than you are. This involves both your options but, also, they’ll guide you in overcoming your blind spots, those situations where doubts or lack of knowledge would hold you back. Trust these individuals. They have your best interests in mind.

Sat 25 January - 2020



Sat 25 January - 2020


Often tact is important, especially when dealing with those who tend to take even minor criticism personally. However, at the moment, one particular individual is using that as an excuse to avoid even mentioning an especially tricky matter. This requires a frank approach, from the moment discussions begin until they finish.


The recent pair of eclipses, in late December and on 10 January, may have been about breakthroughs but you’re still wrestling with seemingly random changes. While, ordinarily, as a Capricorn you’d explore your options, the actual foundation on which plans are based has shifted which means beginning again. Tempting as it is to make plans, for now, explore. You’ll soon realise how vital this process is.


A discussion of January, means going back to the arrival of Jupiter, planet of growth and good fortune, into Capricorn on 2 December, for a year’s stay. During January, and all of 2020, longstanding dreams will become reality, while new options appear. Knowing that, learn to recognise January’s many unexpected events and sudden changes as part of this pattern of breakthroughs. Plus, often decisions will be in others’ hands. Out of character as going with the flow is, it will achieve more than battling changes.

Year to come

Planning ahead may be a virtue, but between the Capricorn eclipsed New Moon on 26 December of 2019 and the eclipsed Full Moon in your sign on 5 July of the coming year, life is about breakthroughs. While some may be planned, those that have the greatest impact will also be the least expected. Once you understand that, instead of worrying when unexpected events force a serious rethink, you’ll recognise this as an invitation to rethink elements of your life, especially certain longstanding arrangements. What’s more, with your ruler Saturn shifting between your own sign and edgy Aquarius, while once you’ve have played it safe, life’s about discovery. For now, focus on the ideas, people and places you encounter, knowing each will add to decisions regarding the future. 128