Birthday Stars

Few things are more challenging than finding a way to escape a situation or, possibly, an individual you want to avoid, no matter what. Being ruled by the charming Venus, you’ll always seek a gracious way out. While this works with most, dealing with certain individuals requires a tough, no nonsense approach. They count on the fact few are willing to take a tough line so, mostly, do as they please. Be one of the few who stands up for yourself. It will be like magic.

Tue 23 April - 2019



Tue 23 April - 2019


Only recently you finally accepted the fact that a lengthy and seriously challenging period seems to have come to an end. Then unexpected developments meant taking plans back to the drawing board. Sudden and, perhaps, worrying as these seem, they’re not about major changes but, rather, about fine-tuning existing plans.


Those who rarely plan and thrive on the unexpected fascinate you. As a Capricorn and earth sign, you function best when you’re organised and have clearly defined goals. Yet now you’re going through a cycle that’s about last minute changes and, often, options so new and unexpected you don’t really understand them. Nevertheless, you’re tempted. You should be. These are part of your future.


Sometimes obstacles are exactly that, difficulties to be overcome. But those you encounter during April are an invitation to delve into, and learn about, issues you’ve been avoiding or even certain persistent fears. Take a deep breath, then plunge in. While challenging initially, once you begin, things will unfold swiftly. Within days you’ll understand those fears and be exploring ways to overcome them. Soon you’re venturing into new territory, personally, romantically or professionally that, only recently, you’d have done all you could to avoid.

Year to come

It’s not that you’re a control freak as much as you dislike making decisions, small or large, when short of facts. But with several areas of your life in transition, others’ circumstances shifting and the world around you changing, instead of struggling to make a single wise decision, you’re encouraged to take chance on new ideas – if not the unknown. However, this is as much about shedding existing arrangements and plans, sometimes without being clear what’s next. In late August worthwhile ideas or offers appear. Explore these, aware they’re but one step towards the amazing developments promised by the arrival of fortunate Jupiter into Capricorn, in early December 2019 – for a year’s stay. After that, things will come together, often as if by magic.