Birthday Stars

Everybody has certain dreams, some so far-fetched that they’re likely to remain exactly that, an inspiring but unlikely fantasy. But with a little thought and effort, others could become reality. Some are actually within your reach, which means you need only act on those ideas. Tempting as it is to say you’re still trying to get things ‘right’, you’re simply putting these off. The sooner you take action, the more swiftly they’ll become reality.

Sun 17 February - 2019



Sun 17 February - 2019


When others make last-minute changes in plans, you tend to assume it’s because they didn’t think things through. Now you need to do exactly that. And in a range of situations and settings, some minor but others of greater significance, you’ve being forced to acknowledge, you had absolutely no control over what arose.


Usually others seek your advice regarding major changes. But you’re unsure how to handle the ongoing exciting yet dramatic twists and turns. This means forgetting your usual thorough analysis, and clear cut plans. Instead, your arrangements and, in fact, thinking must be as flexible as possible. It’s a new way of doing things, one that will be vital over the weeks and months to come.


Others come to you for advice because, generally, you’re well informed about what’s happening. Consequently, acknowledging that you’re mystified about the current cycle of unexpected and frequently unsettling events isn’t easy. Yet these changes are altering elements of the world around you, so your first task is to learn what you can. Then rethink arrangements and future plans, even if tentatively. Get others involved. Together you’ll learn more, devise clear if tentative plans and develop a new understanding, and possibly, trust.

Year to come

It’s not that you’re a control freak as much as you dislike making decisions, small or large, when short of facts. But with several areas of your life in transition, others’ circumstances shifting and the world around you changing, instead of struggling to make a single wise decision, you’re encouraged to take chance on new ideas – if not the unknown. However, this is as much about shedding existing arrangements and plans, sometimes without being clear what’s next. In late August worthwhile ideas or offers appear. Explore these, aware they’re but one step towards the amazing developments promised by the arrival of fortunate Jupiter into Capricorn, in early December 2019 – for a year’s stay. After that, things will come together, often as if by magic.