Birthday Stars

Appealing as life proceeding smoothly may be, it’s unrealistic. What’s more, we learn more from challenges than from periods when events flow from one easily organised arrangement to the next. Bear this in mind when the twists and turns indicted by your birthday chart arise. While by no means will anything be a serious problem, each will call on some side of your nature, from your inventiveness, to creativity to your intuition. And that, in turn, will help you appreciate what you already know, and extend your capacity for kindness and wisdom.

Wed 08 July - 2020



Wed 08 July - 2020


As is usually the case when seemingly simple plans are disrupted by sudden changes, it’s worth taking time to learn what’s behind those events and whether they could fit in with existing plans. This is especially the case now, since Jupiter’s presence in Capricorn continues to indicate that unexpected opportunities are coming your way.


Recent changes have been as powerful as they’ve been unexpected. But most have influenced the world around you. However, today’s eclipsed Full Moon is in Capricorn, indicating a profound shift in elements of your life and your perspective. This, in turn, will lead to unexpected breakthroughs. While, ordinarily, you’d take things slowly until the facts are clear, you’re urged to move swiftly, but ensure arrangements are flexible.


As a canny and cautious Capricorn, you tend to be careful about what you pursue, personally and out in the world. Equally, unless you’re sure of the outcome, you’ll sidestep battles for control with a combination of tact and clever manipulation of others. However, now a benevolent destiny is triggering encounters, and introducing ideas and offers beyond anything you’ve imagined possible. This once, allow others or, perhaps, destiny, to shape your life. Yes, it means giving up some control. Do so. You’ll never regret it.

Year to come

Planning ahead may be a virtue, but between the Capricorn eclipsed New Moon on 26 December of 2019 and the eclipsed Full Moon in your sign on 5 July of the coming year, life is about breakthroughs. While some may be planned, those that have the greatest impact will also be the least expected. Once you understand that, instead of worrying when unexpected events force a serious rethink, you’ll recognise this as an invitation to rethink elements of your life, especially certain longstanding arrangements. What’s more, with your ruler Saturn shifting between your own sign and edgy Aquarius, while once you’ve have played it safe, life’s about discovery. For now, focus on the ideas, people and places you encounter, knowing each will add to decisions regarding the future. 128