Birthday Stars

While every sign is influenced by both the heightened feelings and creative energy triggered by the Full Moon, the fact it takes place on your birthday means that you’ve reached a turning point, both in terms of your own ideas, thinking and planning but, also, your world is shifting. Tempting as it is to turn what arises into commitments, if not far-reaching plans, take it slowly. This is as much about discovering what should go, as it is about exploring your options. The more you learn, the more rewarding the changes you make will be.

Mon 06 April - 2020



Mon 06 April - 2020


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While you dream of unexpected ideas and offers, now that they’re appearing, you’re wary. That’s because you’re a bit of a control freak. So much, you could unwittingly derail plans because you’re questioning arrangements or who’s in charge. Out of character as simply saying yes may be, you’re urged to do exactly that, knowing you can disentangle yourself later. Ultimately, however, you probably won’t want to.


In late March, both your ruler Saturn and the fiery Mars moved into the innovative sign Aquarius, to remain for all of April. This rare link triggers breakthroughs, personally and in the world around you. While some will be no surprise, many will be unexpected if not overwhelming. However this isn’t about sticking with the familiar. This is about new ways of thinking, living, working and even loving. Be bold. There are far more new ideas, offers or far reaching changes yet to come.

Year to come

Planning ahead may be a virtue, but between the Capricorn eclipsed New Moon on 26 December of 2019 and the eclipsed Full Moon in your sign on 5 July of the coming year, life is about breakthroughs. While some may be planned, those that have the greatest impact will also be the least expected. Once you understand that, instead of worrying when unexpected events force a serious rethink, you’ll recognise this as an invitation to rethink elements of your life, especially certain longstanding arrangements. What’s more, with your ruler Saturn shifting between your own sign and edgy Aquarius, while once you’ve have played it safe, life’s about discovery. For now, focus on the ideas, people and places you encounter, knowing each will add to decisions regarding the future. 128