Birthday Stars

Few things are more challenging than finding a way to escape a situation or, possibly, an individual you want to avoid, no matter what. Being ruled by the charming Venus, you’ll always seek a gracious way out. While this works with most, dealing with certain individuals requires a tough, no nonsense approach. They count on the fact few are willing to take a tough line so, mostly, do as they please. Be one of the few who stands up for yourself. It will be like magic.

Tue 23 April - 2019



Tue 23 April - 2019


As much as you enjoy discussing exciting ideas and the potential for making far-reaching changes, actually doing it is another matter. What’s most puzzling is the events you’re dealing with have little to do with those recent conversations. Still, the more you learn, the more excited you are about what’s happening.


Usually, speaking up for yourself is easy. Which means that when recent obstacles prevented you from discussing some matters and airing your views about others, you were puzzled and annoyed. Now that things are changing, you’ll once again be able to air your feelings. When you begin, however, you’ll also begin to recognise how much those views have changed, far more than you realised.


March will have been a struggle, with setbacks being both irritating and slowing progress. But, as April begins, you’ll realise how much you learnt. Those insights, about what isn’t working and necessary charges, will fuel the decisive cycle trigged by courageous Mars’s move into Gemini, on 31 March, for a six-week stay. Knowing that, regard April as a journey during which you question unrewarding pursuits or passions, and embrace new ones. Vital advice; avoid hasty decisions. Explore absolutely everything before you commit.

Year to come

True, if things are too predictable, you get bored. Yet, during the first three months of 2019, even you could be overwhelmed by the seemingly ceaseless changes. However, each focuses on one particular situation and, importantly, deciding if it needs a rethink or, perhaps, to go. That way, when fiery Mars moves into Gemini, on 31 March, and kick-starts a six-week cycle of rethinking each area of your life, you’re be ready. This is thrilling and challenging, yet also timely. You’ll be clearing the way for new activities, especially out in the world. Also, you’ll be examining existing alliances, personal or business. While surprisingly challenging, it’s about be deciding what’s worth your time, effort and, possibly, heart during the year’s second half - and future, as well.