Birthday Stars

Appealing as life proceeding smoothly may be, it’s unrealistic. What’s more, we learn more from challenges than from periods when events flow from one easily organised arrangement to the next. Bear this in mind when the twists and turns indicted by your birthday chart arise. While by no means will anything be a serious problem, each will call on some side of your nature, from your inventiveness, to creativity to your intuition. And that, in turn, will help you appreciate what you already know, and extend your capacity for kindness and wisdom.

Wed 08 July - 2020



Wed 08 July - 2020


It’s not so much that you’re impatient about getting certain matters dealt with, as the lack of solid facts is preventing you taking plans of your own to the next stage. While your eagerness to get things going is understandable, with your ruler Mercury retrograde until the 12th, you’re better off moving slowly.


As much as you enjoy intriguing ideas and meeting interesting people, lately life’s overwhelmed you with unexpected events and exciting encounters. True, with your ruling planet Mercury retrograde until the 12th, twists and turns are keeping you, and everybody else, on their toes. For now, enjoy everything that’s coming your way, knowing that recent powerful insights will make it clear what those plans should be.


Nobody’s better at juggling unexpected changes in plans and sudden events that throw everything into disarray. However, recently, you’d had to abandon certain longstanding, if not stabilising, arrangements. Disastrous as that seemed, since then and, equally, over the months to come, you’ll discover a new world of options, both personal and out in the world. Explore them all, knowing you’ll learn from each. Decisions? For now, seriously discuss lasting plans but keep arrangements flexible, conscious each will lead to something else even better.

Year to come

Your only real challenge during 2020 is acknowledging this year is about practical matters, many the variety you’re superb at putting off if not avoiding entirely. While it’s true, these are dull and require careful attention to facts, calculation and tedious responsibilities, once you’re actually involved, you’ll be fascinated by what and who you’re dealing with. This won’t just broaden your horizons, you could find yourself better off financially, although that means keeping track of tedious facts. By the Gemini Full Moon, on 22 May, you’ll both understand what’s involved and have the option to back out or continue. Doing so will be as rewarding at, at times, it is challenging. The rewards will be beyond anything you imagined possible, personally and financially.