Birthday Stars

Although every sign is influenced by the powerful energies triggered by the Full Moon, the fact it takes place on your birthday, and accents both your own life and close alliances, personal and out in the world, indicates you’ve reached a turning point. While, in some cases, you’ll have been aware change was in the air, in others what arises will be as thrilling as it is surprising. True, the swift pace could be unsettling. If so, focus on going with the flow, rather than trying to slow things down. This is about living passionately and, when you can, plunging into the new, unfamiliar and thrilling.

Thu 01 October - 2020



Thu 01 October - 2020


Don’t be surprised if what seemed uncomplicated arrangements suddenly turn into dramas. This is in part because certain changes are overdue but, also, the current Full Moon has heightened everybody’s feelings, including yours. While those feelings will pass, the issues in question won’t. Tackle them, and the sooner you do it, the better.


Obviously you won’t be enthusiastic about tackling the range of dull practicalities or obligations facing you. What’s more, most have been on your mind for ages. Still, you’re dreading dealing with these. However, with your ruler Mercury moving to accent exactly such matters, not only will things go smoothly, the resulting insights will enable you to turn those obstacles to your advantage, now and in the future.


Once you understand that with your ruler Mercury retrograde, from 14 October until 3 November, even seemingly simple matters will come with complications, you’ll adopt an uncharacteristically easygoing attitude. If others question you relaxed approach to the apparent chaos, suggest they wait and watch. By early November, things will look very different, and your own ideas and objective will have changed too, often dramatically. And if you’re not faced with pressing matters, you might simply pause to enjoy what life itself is bringing your way.

Year to come

Your only real challenge during 2020 is acknowledging this year is about practical matters, many the variety you’re superb at putting off if not avoiding entirely. While it’s true, these are dull and require careful attention to facts, calculation and tedious responsibilities, once you’re actually involved, you’ll be fascinated by what and who you’re dealing with. This won’t just broaden your horizons, you could find yourself better off financially, although that means keeping track of tedious facts. By the Gemini Full Moon, on 22 May, you’ll both understand what’s involved and have the option to back out or continue. Doing so will be as rewarding at, at times, it is challenging. The rewards will be beyond anything you imagined possible, personally and financially.