Birthday Stars

Letting go of longstanding dreams isn’t easy. However, what begins now and unfolds over the coming months is about exactly that. When you conceived of certain plans or ideas ages ago, or more recent concepts, each has its own significance. Still, the powerful planetary shift in your birthday chart indicates a major review of your priorities and, thus, the need to reconsider these, especially in the light of recent, new and appealing, ideas. This more adventurous your approach to this process, the better.

Mon 10 December - 2018



Mon 10 December - 2018


Your ruler Mercury’s retrograde cycle may have ended last week, but as usual, there’s fallout. And in several forms. While some involves no more than undetected errors, you’re also discovering misunderstandings that weren’t spotted when the actual discussion took place. If you can, make a point of catching these the moment they arise.


Now that your ruler Mercury is no longer retrograde, you’ll find it easier to both address tricky matters and untangle previously impossible issues. But, even more, you’ll realise some aren’t actually your responsibility anyway. Ironically, others will acknowledge this as well. This means that after a little shuffling of tasks, things will get done faster and easier, leaving you time to explore intriguing options and enjoy life.


Generally, you’re the first to spot new ideas, styles and places to go. Yet during December, you’re so involved in decluttering your life you’re unconcerned about what you’re missing. What you learn from wrestling with past issues, rouses interest in new activities, some which fulfil a long-time dream and, equally, at least one constitutes a genuine adventure, one you know you’ll never regret taking. This is good, because during the first months of 2019, welcome yet sudden changes in circumstance mean you’ll be rethinking plans anyway.

Year to come

As much as you’ve complained about being saddled with dull tasks and boring decisions, during 2018 you’ll either need to share these with others or they’ll be taken out of your hands, and you won’t be happy about it. Or, at least, at first. You’ll soon realise how much you’re learning from dealing with those who’re less imaginative than you, but who understand which details are crucial versus those that can be ignored. This slows your pace, which is good news, because not until the Gemini New Moon, on 13 June, will it be clear how you can blend, and benefit from, these insights. Better yet, what you learn will be as profitable personally as it will be financially.

Love and Close Relationships
Nobody is as capable of being charming and, even more, turning social and business events into an exciting occasion. Yet with so much on your mind, you could almost turn off that inquisitive side of your nature, and in fact, forget about having fun. If so, make a point of rediscovering it. You won’t regret it.

Finance and Business
The unsettled yet exciting vibe of 2018 suits you, and means you’ll be in the right place at the right time, especially when it comes to investments or business. But, as you know, details aren’t your strength. This year, double check, possibly with grounded friends or colleagues, that you’ll actually benefit from what you’ve organised.

Health and Wellbeing
One of your most remarkable assets is your enthusiasm for what, or who, interests and excites you. But sometimes you allow those feelings to overwhelm your everyday routine or even undermine the way you look after yourself. This is the year you’ll learn to balance the two.