Birthday Stars

While every sign is influenced by both the heightened feelings and creative energy triggered by the Full Moon, the fact it takes place on your birthday means that you’ve reached a turning point, both in terms of your own ideas, thinking and planning but, also, your world is shifting. Tempting as it is to turn what arises into commitments, if not far-reaching plans, take it slowly. This is as much about discovering what should go, as it is about exploring your options. The more you learn, the more rewarding the changes you make will be.

Mon 06 April - 2020



Mon 06 April - 2020


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The move by the planetary charmer, Venus, into Gemini heightens your persuasive abilities. While, mostly, that’s useful, you could be over-enthusiastic about exciting arrangements or, possibly, appealing individuals. Take it slowly, carefully assessing what you’re doing or committing to. This may be dull. However, by mid-April, you’ll not only be glad you did, you’ll have the freedom to explore the even more appealing options coming your way.


After two months of twists and turns, you’re eager to focus on promising new ideas, alliances and discuss far-reaching changes. That part is easy. But making decisions and turning those into realistic arrangements will prove far more complicated than you imagined possible. Tempting as it is to sidestep dull details, these aren’t just crucial, once you’re actually dealing with them, you’ll be as fascinated and, often, you’re surprised by what you learn. Better yet, these lead to ideas or encounters that, previously, simply wouldn’t have been possible.

Year to come

Your only real challenge during 2020 is acknowledging this year is about practical matters, many the variety you’re superb at putting off if not avoiding entirely. While it’s true, these are dull and require careful attention to facts, calculation and tedious responsibilities, once you’re actually involved, you’ll be fascinated by what and who you’re dealing with. This won’t just broaden your horizons, you could find yourself better off financially, although that means keeping track of tedious facts. By the Gemini Full Moon, on 22 May, you’ll both understand what’s involved and have the option to back out or continue. Doing so will be as rewarding at, at times, it is challenging. The rewards will be beyond anything you imagined possible, personally and financially.