Birthday Stars

The focus in your birthday chart is on details, both in life’s joys and, in certain matters, its challenges. Thinking back, you’ll realise that if you’d spotted certain minor problems or, equally, simple but promising ideas, things would have gone very differently. This is true now. Amazingly, in some matters you can return to the past, and restore an idea or offer. However, those concepts that involve the future will be just as crucial. The challenge isn’t spotting them, but taking action as soon as you can.

Wed 26 June - 2019



Wed 26 June - 2019


By no means are you narrow-minded. Yet recently others have described you that way, mostly because they’ve been unaware you’ve had to make decisions without time to gather the facts, still less, weigh things up. Explain the situation, making it clear that, as you learn more, you’ll review those decisions.


Nobody would blame you for complaining about the seemingly endless practical or financial issues you’ve been wrestling with. While seriously challenging, now that you’re looking back on what you did and dealt with, you’re aware how much you’ve learnt. True, because changes are ongoing, even simple arrangements must be regarded as tentative. Actually, judging by what’s coming your way, the more flexible your arrangements, the better.


Over the past month or so, you’ve been restless, intrigued by new ideas, intriguing people and adventures, possibly venturing into unknown territory personally, professionally or even romantically. But it’s been mostly about ideas. While the Gemini New Moon, on 3 June, brings focus to these, unexpected events open the doors in yet more directions. Explore them all, even if briefly, knowing you’ll learn from everything. Actual changes or future plans? There’ no rush. This process of exploration is just your first step.

Year to come

True, if things are too predictable, you get bored. Yet, during the first three months of 2019, even you could be overwhelmed by the seemingly ceaseless changes. However, each focuses on one particular situation and, importantly, deciding if it needs a rethink or, perhaps, to go. That way, when fiery Mars moves into Gemini, on 31 March, and kick-starts a six-week cycle of rethinking each area of your life, you’re be ready. This is thrilling and challenging, yet also timely. You’ll be clearing the way for new activities, especially out in the world. Also, you’ll be examining existing alliances, personal or business. While surprisingly challenging, it’s about be deciding what’s worth your time, effort and, possibly, heart during the year’s second half - and future, as well.