Birthday Stars

Letting go of longstanding dreams isn’t easy. However, what begins now and unfolds over the coming months is about exactly that. When you conceived of certain plans or ideas ages ago, or more recent concepts, each has its own significance. Still, the powerful planetary shift in your birthday chart indicates a major review of your priorities and, thus, the need to reconsider these, especially in the light of recent, new and appealing, ideas. This more adventurous your approach to this process, the better.

Mon 10 December - 2018



Mon 10 December - 2018


Last week’s difficult planetary activity involving your ruler the Sun, volatile Mars and Neptune, planet of illusion is bound to have led to clashes, disappointments or both. Challenging as this was at the time, what you’ve learnt about certain persistent problems and, equally, certain very tricky individuals explains a lot.


The last thing you’re in the mood for are lengthy discussions, especially if they’re in response to questions about certain of your plans or passions. Understandably, you’re in no mood to explain anything to anybody. Despite that, make an effort. Talk things over. Ironically, what you learn from those discussions could offer valuable insights about previously perplexing issues or future plans you’re struggling to organise.


Between unexpected events and disillusioning experiences, you’re being forced to question elements of your life and even relationships you’ve regarded as unchanging. Once, they were. But not only are your circumstances changing, so are your priorities. While some are clear cut, others are emerging gradually, often in surprising forms. Tempting as it is to battle to keep things the same, at least explore what’s arisen and who you’re meeting. Once you learn more, you’ll recognise how much these pursuits and encounters will enrich your life.

Year to come

Disruptive as a potential reorganisation of elements of your domestic or working life seem, they’re not only timely, once you’ve made them, you’ll realise they’re breakthroughs. Since discussion is unlikely to achieve much, instead, explore your options. For ages you’d thought about making changes, but nothing has excited you. The trick is to get involved. The sooner you do, the more swiftly you’ll understand the nature and, more important, the benefit of even a seemingly disruptive reorganisation. Better yet, once you begin, you’ll be ideally positioned to take advantage of ideas or offers, midyear, as unexpected as they are thrilling. Here, again, be courageous. The sooner you get involved, the more swiftly you’ll recognise their promise.

Love and Close Relationships
You’ve a talent for turning even the most everyday occurrence into an event, one that lift’s everybody’s spirits. During this year, with its ups and downs, this will come in handy. Don’t be shy about getting those who’d rather sit around up and moving. They’ll grumble at first, but will soon thank you and, next time, will be eager.

Finance and Business
In most areas of your life, your inborn passion is a gift. During periods as uncertain as this, and times when once-solid arrangements aren’t as reliable as the once were, caution is vital. If you find this dull or difficult, link up with somebody who both has a talent for, and enjoys dealing with such matters.

Health and Wellbeing
Living well is always important, but never quite so much as now. The boost this gives you is immeasurable. Yet you’ll want to balance that with proper fitness and a focus in eating well. Make achieving that your focus, and during 2018, you’ll both enjoy the year, and thrive.