Birthday Stars

Everybody has certain dreams, some so far-fetched that they’re likely to remain exactly that, an inspiring but unlikely fantasy. But with a little thought and effort, others could become reality. Some are actually within your reach, which means you need only act on those ideas. Tempting as it is to say you’re still trying to get things ‘right’, you’re simply putting these off. The sooner you take action, the more swiftly they’ll become reality.

Sun 17 February - 2019



Sun 17 February - 2019


Few things are more frustrating than trying to make plans with those who obsess about every detail before the big picture is even in place. However, the particular arrangement you’re trying to organise will need to be thought through in precisely the variety of detail you’d usually avoid. This time, it’s essential.


Being strong-minded, mostly, you know how you want things done. However, you’re tempted to hand decisions regarding tricky financial or business matters over to more knowledgeable individuals. You, and the world, have just begin a cycle of dramatic and swift change, and your best strategy is to consult experts, learn from them, then make your own, well-informed, decisions. This applies to most areas of your life.


The Leo Full Moon on 21 January was an eclipse, so triggered a range of changes. Thus, as you begin February, you’ll still be considering your options. Obviously, having things organised would be a relief. But with your world changing, either make tentative decisions or wait until the dust settles. Meanwhile, break old and, often, restrictive patterns by going new places, and exploring offers or ideas that, only recently, you’d have dismissed. The world around you is changing, and elements of your life must as well.

Year to come

For ages life’s been way too predictable. The dramatic changes triggered by the Leo eclipsed Full Moon on 21 January kick start a cycle of growth, in terms of activities and encounters that will take you into mid-year. Explore each - this inquisitive mood will prove helpful when events prompt unexpected changes in your work or lifestyle. And take chances. Within months what seemed unrealistic will intrigue if not delight you. Also, focus on balancing life’s pleasures with looking after your wellbeing, physical and otherwise. Instead of making eating better or toning your body a duty, have fun - get others involved. Most of all, savour every day and month. Each will be thrilling, but when things come together until the year’s close, it will be spectacular.