Birthday Stars

By no means are you secretive. Yet, when it comes to serious changes, you’ll often reflect at length on your own, then only once your own thinking is clear, will you talk things over with others. However, at the moment those around you, from family and friends to colleagues, are better informed than you are. This involves both your options but, also, they’ll guide you in overcoming your blind spots, those situations where doubts or lack of knowledge would hold you back. Trust these individuals. They have your best interests in mind.

Sat 25 January - 2020



Sat 25 January - 2020


The time has come to let go of certain habits, arrangements or even longstanding objectives. Each of these has become increasingly unrewarding but, bizarrely, also demanded more of your time, thought and, in some cases, money. True, letting go won’t be easy. But it’s clear that you’ve no choice.


After the recent weeks’ dramas, mostly about the past or powerful struggles involving others, you’ll be relieved to learn you’re now dealing with exciting, but less complicated, twists and turns. Many involve thrilling, if not overdue, changes in your own life or the circumstances of those closest. Forget about analysis. Instead, simply go with the flow. Things may be unsettling but they’re all about progress.


While you’ll learn a lot during January, some of those insights will result from challenging, if not unfair, events. Or so they’ll seem at the time. Looking back, you’ll recognise that they’re breaking up familiar but restrictive patterns in your way of living, working or even loving. While, often, you’ll know what’s next, in a few situations undertaking changes requires courage and trust. Waste no time on extensive research or debate. Take that first step, and the rest will be miraculously easy.

Year to come

True, obviously, every life involves details and obligations, some tedious. Previously, you’ve dealt with these swiftly, freeing you for the activities you enjoy and the company of those closest. However, the best of 2020 involves the variety of practical matters you’d usually avoid. Yet now, they’re not only crucial, once involved, you’ll realise how much fun they are. True, they require attention to detail and the slow pace you so dislike. Still, these will appear in all sorts of ways. The more you explore, the more swiftly you’ll discover how much fun they are, and how rewarding they can be. And keep plans flexible, since it may not be until the Leo New Moon on 19 August, that you’ll realise just how glorious things can be.