Birthday Stars

By no means are you rigid in your thinking. But, on the other hand, once you understand one particular individual or have learnt about the workings of a tricky situation, you don’t feel the need to review what you already know. Except times have changed, and so have these and other situations as well. The necessary review won’t take long, and could both answer perplexing questions and broaden your horizons, and all at the same time.

Mon 19 August - 2019



Mon 19 August - 2019


Ordinarily, you’d battle recent setbacks. However, before you do a thing, you’re urged to pause and review the situation from a detached perspective. Once you begin asking a few questions, you’ll realise things aren’t nearly as straightforward as you thought. This, in turn, will raise questions about what to do next.


While you’ve discussed, explored and dealt with a range of existing issues, potential changes and new ideas, a lot remains undecided. Focus on what you have organised, both learning from, and, enjoying it. And take a break. Why? Because once the forthright Mars moves into Libra, on 4 October, and kick-starts an even more decisive period, you’ll be as excited as you are busy.


You’re facing unruly situations and unreliable behaviour of certain individuals. This is part of a cycle. First comes the realisation, you’re not alone in your struggles. This both revolutionises your thinking and makes problems seem manageable. While some require no more than discussion, you discover many are more complex, and could mean examining the precise issues you’ve been avoiding. Once you actually begin, you spot the source of problems but, also, discover new ways of dealing with others and getting things done.

Year to come

As you begin 2019, you’ll be facing disarray in a range of matters, some personal, others practical and a few involving close alliances. Discussions will lead to decisions and, often, plans or joint ventures, but with so much around you in transition, you’ll be aware these are a trial run, and probably won’t last. While that’s true, you can still learn a lot from them. Equally, be conscious that your own priorities are unlikely to be clear until 4 October, when dynamic Mars’s move into Libra triggers and cycle of frank discussion, planning, then action. While, as you begin this year, this may seem a long time to wait, when you learn between now and then will more than justify the patience required.