Birthday Stars

Few things are more challenging than finding a way to escape a situation or, possibly, an individual you want to avoid, no matter what. Being ruled by the charming Venus, you’ll always seek a gracious way out. While this works with most, dealing with certain individuals requires a tough, no nonsense approach. They count on the fact few are willing to take a tough line so, mostly, do as they please. Be one of the few who stands up for yourself. It will be like magic.

Tue 23 April - 2019



Tue 23 April - 2019


The last thing you feel like doing is confronting certain individuals who’re argumentative even when they’re in a good mood. And now, you know they’re not. Still, the issue is a misunderstanding that involves you, which means nobody else can explain the circumstances or say what needs to be said.


For weeks you’ve been dealing with complex situations and moody individuals and, mostly, kept your cool. This has been triggered by the rare occurrence of two Libra Full Moons, the first on 21 March and the second actually on Friday, 19 April. While the diplomacy and juggling of tasks, and rethinking loyalties, will have been exhausting, it’s also been life-changing – and in ways you’ll never regret.


During much of March and April, you’re facing demanding individuals or restrictive obligations. While challenging, you’ll be aware of the value of what you’re learning, who you’re meeting and, bizarrely, even those tedious situations you’re dealing with. For now, focus on practicalities, but note you’ll be rewarded for your efforts in the form of rewarding experiences, possibly involving new people, places or ideas, or even study or travel. While not what you had in mind, unlike those duties, these will be huge fun.

Year to come

As you begin 2019, you’ll be facing disarray in a range of matters, some personal, others practical and a few involving close alliances. Discussions will lead to decisions and, often, plans or joint ventures, but with so much around you in transition, you’ll be aware these are a trial run, and probably won’t last. While that’s true, you can still learn a lot from them. Equally, be conscious that your own priorities are unlikely to be clear until 4 October, when dynamic Mars’s move into Libra triggers and cycle of frank discussion, planning, then action. While, as you begin this year, this may seem a long time to wait, when you learn between now and then will more than justify the patience required.