Birthday Stars

For ages you’ve meant to raise issues that aren’t so much a problem but, rather, the fact they’re unclear is preventing progress, and in several areas of your life, relationships and certain activities. The secret? It’s to talk things over, frankly and point by point. Initially, this may not seem worth the bother. But you’ll soon realise how much these discussions are achieving, in terms of existing plans and those for the future.

Mon 22 October - 2018



Mon 22 October - 2018


While every sign is influenced by the emotionally intense Full Moon, because the current one accents already unsettling issues, things could be tricky. Ordinarily you’d instinctively know the perfect strategy for sidestepping these. But now you may be better off discussing them, ideally in the simplest possible terms, at least for now.


As a Libra, you’ve a gift for winning over those who are, by nature, stubborn or argumentative. However, judging by the current rather tricky planetary setup, you’re better off sidestepping potentially contentious discussions and, instead, making decisions solo. True, ordinarily you’d consult others. And you will. It’s just you’ll do it when the mood is more agreeable and, as a result, they’ll be more cooperative.


Planning ahead may be a virtue. During October, however, virtual daily events – most welcome – will reshape your circumstances and those of others, and, in turn, your plans. Equally, unexpected offers could result in surprising opportunities. Explore everything and discuss any ideas or offers that intrigue you, but commit to nothing until the Libra New Moon on 19 October, with its valuable fresh perspective. After that, you’ll know what, and who, to put first. Be bold. You’re beginning a new chapter of your life.

Year to come

With Jupiter, planet of growth, expansion and good fortune, having been in Libra for most of 2017, you begin this year with lots of ideas in mind. While you may have already acted on a few, you’re unsure about whether you should take others forward, and if so, exactly what your plan should be. This confusion is no surprise. With the thorough, cautious Saturn accenting these changes, either plans will proceed slowly or as you learn more, you’ll be forced to rethink things. Actually, this is best, since with the basis on which those arrangements are based shifting, figuring out what’s best will take time. Still, events around the Libra New Moon on 9 October, should clear the way.

Love and Close Relationships
Only months ago, you wouldn’t have believed you’d be tackling, and still less, discussing certain issues that you’ve been carefully avoiding, some for ages. Yet circumstances are giving you no choice. Even more amazing is the fact that once you’re accustomed to these frank discussions, you find yourself taking this approach in a range of situations.

Finance and Business
It’s the rare Libra who lives to make money. Even those who adore business, and there are many, like the challenging and, often, manipulating people, and enjoy the freedom and leisure that being successful brings. But now, with bountiful Jupiter accenting this side of life, you actually can have it all.

Health and Wellbeing
Being an air sign, and ruled by the luxury-loving Venus, you’re more likely to exercise or eat well if what you’re doing is interesting and, ideally, in a beautiful setting. And why not? Forget sweaty gyms and head for the most elegant spa you can find. After that, the rest will be easy.