Birthday Stars

The move by the planet of ideas and expression, Mercury, into Leo on your birthday, accents the importance of both rethinking your own plans and priorities and, equally, discussing them with others. You may be confident your thinking is clear, but times have changed and so have you, more than you realise. Only once you’re actually exchanging ideas with others about what’s next and, equally, what could become part of the past will you realise how broad, exciting and worthwhile your options are.

Wed 05 August - 2020



Wed 05 August - 2020


For ages you’ve been sidestepping certain commitments, mostly because the actual circumstances in question have been in transition, which makes planning ahead risky. But, just as much, you’ve been unsure about your own priorities and, for that reason, hesitant about making commitments of any variety. Soon, however, you must choose.


The past months’ discussions and experiences have been informative and encouraging, so you’re increasingly restless. Not only should certain ideas be turned into plans, you’re concerned your inaction will be mistaken for lack of interest. The secret? It’s to discuss what you’re think, especially with the individuals in question, but to keep your options open. What’s next will be so unexpected you’ll be glad you did.


As an air sign, you’re inquisitive, eager to learn about others’ activities. But, often, the resulting insights enable you to refine existing plans and fuels ideas for the future. True, the shakeups in the lives of those closest, personally or out in the world, are unsettling if not a source of concern. Listen when they discuss these matters and be supportive but no more. Tempting as it is give advice, during this period, and in these situations, your role’s to listen, nothing more.

Year to come

Once you understand that 2020 divides neatly into two halves, you’ll also be aware that any decisions you make during its first six months should be regarded as tentative, if not an experiment. True, around the Libra Full Moon, on 8 April, it won’t seem that way. However, with powerful planetary activity from June onward triggering changes in circumstances, new plans and yet more changes, you’ll realise why both arrangements and your thinking should be kept flexible. Unsettling as this may be, each new vision of the future will constitute progress, which means it’s not about setbacks but, rather, improvements if not breakthroughs. When you look back on this occasionally confusing and often exhausting year, you’ll realise how far you’ve come and how much you’ve accomplished.