Birthday Stars

By no means are you secretive. Yet, when it comes to serious changes, you’ll often reflect at length on your own, then only once your own thinking is clear, will you talk things over with others. However, at the moment those around you, from family and friends to colleagues, are better informed than you are. This involves both your options but, also, they’ll guide you in overcoming your blind spots, those situations where doubts or lack of knowledge would hold you back. Trust these individuals. They have your best interests in mind.

Sat 25 January - 2020



Sat 25 January - 2020


Tempting as it is to explain what’s behind recent difficult but, also, crucial decisions, the less you say, the better. The problem is, everybody has their own idea of the actual events and the motivation of the individuals involved, and much of that is controversial. For now, keep your thoughts to yourself.


With your ruler Venus accenting both practical matters and various obligations, you’re juggling duty but questioning your loyalty to those who’ve been unreliable. While, obviously, clarifying both the actual circumstances involved and your feelings is a priority, you’re eager to come to terms with these matters. Take it slowly. The time you invest in this process will pay off handsomely, and in many ways.


Sudden and unsettling as changes in elements of your way of living or working may be, deep down you know they’re both necessary and timely. The trick is to explore everything, even what seems unwise. At minimum, you’ll learn from these ideas and the people involved. But, also, you’ll begin to realise it’s time to rethink arrangements you’ve struggled to keep as they are. Begin exploring and you’ll soon exchange doubts for enthusiasm about the possibilities ahead, and in many areas of your life.

Year to come

Once you understand that 2020 divides neatly into two halves, you’ll also be aware that any decisions you make during its first six months should be regarded as tentative, if not an experiment. True, around the Libra Full Moon, on 8 April, it won’t seem that way. However, with powerful planetary activity from June onward triggering changes in circumstances, new plans and yet more changes, you’ll realise why both arrangements and your thinking should be kept flexible. Unsettling as this may be, each new vision of the future will constitute progress, which means it’s not about setbacks but, rather, improvements if not breakthroughs. When you look back on this occasionally confusing and often exhausting year, you’ll realise how far you’ve come and how much you’ve accomplished.