Birthday Stars

Appealing as life proceeding smoothly may be, it’s unrealistic. What’s more, we learn more from challenges than from periods when events flow from one easily organised arrangement to the next. Bear this in mind when the twists and turns indicted by your birthday chart arise. While by no means will anything be a serious problem, each will call on some side of your nature, from your inventiveness, to creativity to your intuition. And that, in turn, will help you appreciate what you already know, and extend your capacity for kindness and wisdom.

Wed 08 July - 2020



Wed 08 July - 2020


For days you’ve meant to disentangle yourself from a commitment you were cornered into making anyway. And, just as you feared, getting out of it is becoming more difficult by the day. The secret? It’s to only think how good you’ll feel when, at long last, you’ve finally dealt with it.


Ordinarily you’ve a knack for discerning between life’s normal ups and downs and relationship dramas. Recently, however, you’ve noticed an increase in such crises, mostly because others are refusing to accent the inevitability of certain changes. What’s more, you’re not being swept away by any such dramas yourself, so can finally focus on certain important goals of your own, while others attend to their own needs.


In mid-June, you made plans as exciting as they were challenging. Since then, you’ve had to battle to keep things going. The trick? Keep your vision but, equally, be flexible in ways you’d ordinarily regard as a compromise. Soon, however, new ideas and the people you meet are fitting together magically. The challenge? Finding an explanation for those who’re asking about your master plan. Explain that you’re exploring your options and, when those plans are finalised, probably in late August, you’ll tell them all about it.

Year to come

The familiar theme of dramas around you continues to challenge your time and ability to focus on y our own activities and needs. While there’s no simple solution, frank discussions with others, often expert, will yield useful insights. You’ll need to stand your ground, which will be made easier by the courage and focus that comes with Mars’s presence in Pisces from 13 May to 28 June. After that you’ll find it easier to deal with difficult situations and make plans for the here and now and, importantly, the future. At the same time, you’ll be rethinking your own priorities and during the year’s second half, could redesign your own life, letting the past go, setting thrilling new goals and venturing into new territory.