Birthday Stars

Everybody has certain dreams, some so far-fetched that they’re likely to remain exactly that, an inspiring but unlikely fantasy. But with a little thought and effort, others could become reality. Some are actually within your reach, which means you need only act on those ideas. Tempting as it is to say you’re still trying to get things ‘right’, you’re simply putting these off. The sooner you take action, the more swiftly they’ll become reality.

Sun 17 February - 2019



Sun 17 February - 2019


On Monday, the Sun joins Mercury in Pisces. This will bring those ideas you’ve been mulling over with the courage and clarity to turn them into action. Urgent as this seems, give yourself the gift of time to mull them over and, possibly, discuss them with others. You’ll be glad you did.


Certain individuals say they need your ideas or support, yet you’re unsure about elements of your own life, so feel unable to make suggestions to anybody else. Actually, this is about being there to listen, not much more. Others are as confused as you are about what to do, which means simply talking things over will boost their spirits and do wonders for yours, as well.


Accepting that certain matters that touch your own life or influence those you care about aren’t yours to decide or deal with is upsetting. Still, be patient. Between dramatic, and frequent, changes, things will go your way. Until then, focus on persistent issues and gather practical facts. These are dull and seem unnecessary now. But when those welcome if sudden events arise, as they will regularly, you’ll want to know where you stand, in terms of what’s possible and, even more, what you care about.

Year to come

Once you understand that 2019 is a year of change, you’ll stop battling to keep things as they are and follow those powerful instincts that say something new, and better, awaits you. True, what arises may not seem logical. But with the influence of the fortunate Jupiter and, Uranus, with is all about innovation, shaping those changes, the more you explore, the better. By the Pisces New Moon, on 6 March, those possibilities will be clearer, although you may go through several versions before plans, and your long term future, are clear. In the meanwhile, declutter your thinking, goals and life. The lighter you’re travelling, the easier it will be to spot miraculous developments when they come your way, as they will frequently.