Birthday Stars

Being told your birthday chart indicates you’re about to be disillusioned may not seem like good news. However, you’ve been devoting time, effort, money and, in some cases, emotional support to people and, equally, situations that give you very little in return. Yet you’ve all sorts of justifications for this. It’s time to examine each. You may have lots of excuses, but each is in some way, undermining you. The solution? Either reorganise the arrangement or bid it farewell. It won’t be easy, but it’s vital.

Sun 08 December - 2019



Sun 08 December - 2019


Ordinarily, arguing with somebody who has already made a decision, would be pointless, especially if the individual in question is stubborn. Yet, now, not only are you likely to win them over, what you learn while debating the facts will be unexpectedly illuminating, and helpful both now and in the future.


Either somebody is trying to blame you for their mistakes or you misjudged one particular arrangement and are paying the price. Whatever the case, and this could appear in very minor forms as well as more challenging problems, each requires that you be firm about what is your responsibility and what isn’t. This won’t be easy, but it’s vital that you stand your ground.


Learning that you’re about to be disappointed, if not disillusioned, may not seem promising. However, you’ve been struggling to keep existing arrangements or new, exciting alliances or ventures going, but with limited success. Your chart suggests it’s time to at least seriously consider very different options, if not let go. Your always powerful intuition is telling you something far better is around the corner, and the planets agree. For now, seriously explore those options. You’ll soon realise how wise a strategy it was.

Year to come

Once you understand that 2019 is a year of change, you’ll stop battling to keep things as they are and follow those powerful instincts that say something new, and better, awaits you. True, what arises may not seem logical. But with the influence of the fortunate Jupiter and, Uranus, with is all about innovation, shaping those changes, the more you explore, the better. By the Pisces New Moon, on 6 March, those possibilities will be clearer, although you may go through several versions before plans, and your long term future, are clear. In the meanwhile, declutter your thinking, goals and life. The lighter you’re travelling, the easier it will be to spot miraculous developments when they come your way, as they will frequently.