Birthday Stars

While every sign is influenced by both the heightened feelings and creative energy triggered by the Full Moon, the fact it takes place on your birthday means that you’ve reached a turning point, both in terms of your own ideas, thinking and planning but, also, your world is shifting. Tempting as it is to turn what arises into commitments, if not far-reaching plans, take it slowly. This is as much about discovering what should go, as it is about exploring your options. The more you learn, the more rewarding the changes you make will be.

Mon 06 April - 2020



Mon 06 April - 2020


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Obviously, watching others make unwise decisions is challenging. However, if you’ve discussed your concerns frankly, then your only choice is to back off. Besides, you’ve exciting options of your own to explore, some you’re putting off because of others. Don’t. This is an excuse for not making the best of ideas or offers you’ve been dreaming about but which, for some reason, you’re trying to sabotage.


Accepting the fact that, whatever you do or decide, arrangements are more of an experiment than anything lasting may be a challenge. But, then, when changes arise that could lead to something even better, you’ll be ready to explore, meet new people and consider changes beyond anything you’d imagined possible only recently. Focus more on what you can learn or who you’ll meet than devising the perfect plan, at least for now. And be flexible. What’s least expected could be best in the long run.

Year to come

The familiar theme of dramas around you continues to challenge your time and ability to focus on y our own activities and needs. While there’s no simple solution, frank discussions with others, often expert, will yield useful insights. You’ll need to stand your ground, which will be made easier by the courage and focus that comes with Mars’s presence in Pisces from 13 May to 28 June. After that you’ll find it easier to deal with difficult situations and make plans for the here and now and, importantly, the future. At the same time, you’ll be rethinking your own priorities and during the year’s second half, could redesign your own life, letting the past go, setting thrilling new goals and venturing into new territory.