Birthday Stars

For the past couple of years, decisions about your lifestyle, that is how and where you live, and even the timing of your day, have been substantially influenced by others, mostly those around you but also these in the wider world. While, you’ve had no real objections, certain elements of this routine have become restrictive. Not only can you alter, if not radically change, these, the time has come to discuss other elements of this routine as well. Worrying as this seems, it’s unlikely there’ll be objections of any kind.

Fri 18 October - 2019



Fri 18 October - 2019


While you can be as critical of others as anybody else, discussing your feelings about their ideas, decisions or actions is another matter. However, in one particular situation, you owe it to the individual in question to at least ask what’s behind their thinking. This could prevent them getting themselves in serious trouble.


Others’ advice is always well-meaning and, often, helpful. But the matters you’re facing are so peculiar and, in fact, unique, that actually nobody can advise you. However, once you’ve figured out what to do, you can go to certain individuals for information, introductions or, if necessary, cash. Explain your plans and others will be happy to do whatever is needed. Still, you must overcome your pride, and actually ask.


Because mid-September’s Pisces New Moon raised questions about existing plans and got you thinking about a new vision for several elements of your life, as October begins you’re still exploring what can be reorganised or should go. While challenging, when practical issues arise midmonth, you’re already well enough informed to ask intelligent questions and explore your options. Tempting as it is to try to finalise plans, with so much in flux, you’re urged to regard whatever you organise as an experiment, not as anything final.

Year to come

Once you understand that 2019 is a year of change, you’ll stop battling to keep things as they are and follow those powerful instincts that say something new, and better, awaits you. True, what arises may not seem logical. But with the influence of the fortunate Jupiter and, Uranus, with is all about innovation, shaping those changes, the more you explore, the better. By the Pisces New Moon, on 6 March, those possibilities will be clearer, although you may go through several versions before plans, and your long term future, are clear. In the meanwhile, declutter your thinking, goals and life. The lighter you’re travelling, the easier it will be to spot miraculous developments when they come your way, as they will frequently.