Birthday Stars

Although every sign is influenced by the powerful energies triggered by the Full Moon, the fact it takes place on your birthday, and accents both your own life and close alliances, personal and out in the world, indicates you’ve reached a turning point. While, in some cases, you’ll have been aware change was in the air, in others what arises will be as thrilling as it is surprising. True, the swift pace could be unsettling. If so, focus on going with the flow, rather than trying to slow things down. This is about living passionately and, when you can, plunging into the new, unfamiliar and thrilling.

Thu 01 October - 2020



Thu 01 October - 2020


Your generosity with those who’re deserving is as remarkable as it is admirable. However, you’re urged to check out what others are doing with your ideas and, where money is involved, with your funds. Their idea of the wise use of these is very different from yours, as you’ll soon discover.


The biggest challenge you’re facing isn’t actually your problem. These issues are influencing others, yet with every passing day, you’re becoming more involved. Yet you already sense these really aren’t yours to deal with. What’s more, you’re ignoring certain new ideas or offers. The problem? Things are going too smoothly, so there’s not enough drama. Proceed. That excitement will come soon enough.


Your Piscean intuition is an asset. It provides you with insights about everything from loved ones to life’s practicalities and business matters. Yet to acting on those insights is another matter. You can be overcautious or fear demands might upset others. This is October’s big lesson for you. The more practical the situation is, the tougher you’ll need to be. Once you begin, you’ll realise just how good you are at dealing with such matters and will, hopefully, turns October’s necessities into a lifelong habit.

Year to come

The familiar theme of dramas around you continues to challenge your time and ability to focus on y our own activities and needs. While there’s no simple solution, frank discussions with others, often expert, will yield useful insights. You’ll need to stand your ground, which will be made easier by the courage and focus that comes with Mars’s presence in Pisces from 13 May to 28 June. After that you’ll find it easier to deal with difficult situations and make plans for the here and now and, importantly, the future. At the same time, you’ll be rethinking your own priorities and during the year’s second half, could redesign your own life, letting the past go, setting thrilling new goals and venturing into new territory.