Birthday Stars

Letting go of longstanding dreams isn’t easy. However, what begins now and unfolds over the coming months is about exactly that. When you conceived of certain plans or ideas ages ago, or more recent concepts, each has its own significance. Still, the powerful planetary shift in your birthday chart indicates a major review of your priorities and, thus, the need to reconsider these, especially in the light of recent, new and appealing, ideas. This more adventurous your approach to this process, the better.

Mon 10 December - 2018



Mon 10 December - 2018


While your powerful intuition undoubtedly helped overcome certain of the confusion triggered by Mercury’s recent retrograde cycle, you’ll still be relieved you’re no longer coping with the accompanying twists and turns. In fact, it’s possible several of the most persistent and puzzling matters will manage to put themselves in order.


At the moment your biggest problem is finding a way out of arrangements that once worked but no longer do. In fact, they’re restrictive and the people involved uninspiring. Waste no time trying to find a way to improve on these. Begin exploring your options now. You may realise you’ve been ignoring intriguing individuals or pursuits. Explore these, conscious you’ve lots more yet to discover.


After a lengthy period of both questioning your own priorities and dealing with ongoing changes in circumstances, suddenly you’re being faced with important and, often, life changing decisions. Waste no time seeking others’ approval. These really are about doing, pursuing and being with those individuals who inspire you or, perhaps, who you love. Believe in yourself. Deep down, you’ve no question what your dreams are. You’ll only regret what, and who, you didn’t pursue, not those objectives and desires you put first.

Year to come

By no means are you narrow-minded. Yet you long ago learnt that certain places, people and activities don’t suit you, and something always goes wrong. While that was once true, times have changed and so have many of those situations, as you’ll discover during 2018. So when developments that arise seem familiar, and are a reminder of past disappointments if not disasters, still, explore them. This variety of willingness to delve into both seemingly familiar elements of the past and new but not especially exciting ideas, will pay off handsomely. At minimum, you’ll learn something. But many of these will lead to events, offers or alliances far better than you’d imagined possible only recently.

Love and Close Relationships
Being told you should be more selfish may seem ridiculous but, as you well know, you often put the needs of others before your own. Finding a balance isn’t easy but is a timely project. And give this time. What you learn about others and, even more, yourself may be the greatest benefit of this change.

Finance and Business
In the past you’ve listened to, and been influenced by the sad tales of others. And, at times, you’ve helped them. During 2018 you’ll need to be tough, and in a way that’s unusual but, as you’ll soon realise, a very good idea.

Health and Wellbeing
As much as you enjoy feeling fit and having the resilience that comes with looking after yourself, life will be full of distractions. Pursue those intriguing activities but, also, ensure you have time enough to look after yourself. You’ll be glad you did.