Birthday Stars

Being told your birthday chart indicates you’re about to be disillusioned may not seem like good news. However, you’ve been devoting time, effort, money and, in some cases, emotional support to people and, equally, situations that give you very little in return. Yet you’ve all sorts of justifications for this. It’s time to examine each. You may have lots of excuses, but each is in some way, undermining you. The solution? Either reorganise the arrangement or bid it farewell. It won’t be easy, but it’s vital.

Sun 08 December - 2019



Sun 08 December - 2019


It’s rare that you don’t speak your mind or, in pressing situations, stand your ground. However, certain tricky obligations are preventing you from being as forthright as usual. Raise these concerns, but point by point. This isn’t your usual approach to dealing with such matters but, at the moment, it’s the best.


Although the Sagittarius New Moon, which constitutes a sort of personal New Year, took place on 26 November, you’re still thinking about what you learnt and, even more, debating potential changes. While, ordinarily, you’d have dealt with these already, with the foundation on which these are based shifting but, just as much, your own priorities still unclear, this can’t and, in fact, shouldn’t be rushed.


Between the Sun’s move into Sagittarius on 22 November, and the New Moon on your sign on the 26th, by the time December begins, you’ll be questioning a wide range of plans and passions, some longstanding, and reviewing others. However, this requires patience. During the following weeks, that’s your main challenge. Tempting as it is to embrace exciting ideas and equally promising alliances, each week offers something more. Focus on exploring unfamiliar territory and meeting new people. You’ll finalise those plans, but not until late December.

Year to come

The move by your ruler Jupiter into Sagittarius, in November, 2018, began a year of excitement, growth and good fortune. While you’ll profit from your past efforts, offers and new ideas will appear from out of the blue. Explore whatever arises, conscious you won’t pursue everything but will learn from it all. As a quick-thinking fire sign, you’ll plunge in, confident you’ll benefit from each day’s experiences. By late August, when the powerful planetary presence in discerning Virgo clarifies what’s working and what isn’t, you’ll shed certain ventures or alliances, and focus more on others. Still, be wary of committing to far-reaching plans, simply because the foundation on which these are based is shifting – in your favour – and will continue to do so until well into 2020.