Birthday Stars

When you first sidestepped certain troublesome issues or facts you neither understood nor knew how to deal with, you hoped the matters in question would vanish. However, they haven’t and won’t, which means each of these tricky situations is offering you an invitation to learn, and ideally not merely about the actual matter in question but about how it arose and, more important, how to address similar situations in the future. Ironically, the more you delve into these, the more powerful you’ll feel.

Thu 09 July - 2020



Thu 09 July - 2020


Your easy-going nature isn’t just charming, it means that when you’re facing the confusion typical of Mercury’s retrograde cycle, you’re often able to turn those twists and turns to your advantage. However, not everybody is as clever and some, in fact, seem determined to struggle, whatever it is that comes their way.


Between your inquisitive nature and knack for spotting unexpected opportunities, your timing is usually brilliant. Now, however, it’s the reverse, and while once-worthwhile arrangements are coming undone, other ideas that seemed promising aren’t thriving as you’d hoped. While you’re not feeling patient, that’s the solution. Focus on decluttering your life of unnecessary passions and plans, clearing the way for new, unexpected, and wonderful ones.


Over the past several months, you’ve both shed outmoded activities and dreams, and gone deeper in exploring possible new pursuits and passions. While you adore exploring new ideas, places and meeting people, you also cherish your freedom, so sometimes avoid potentially restrictive ideas or offers, even if romantic. Yet what arises in early July, and unfolds over the coming months, overcomes even your reservations. Go for it. You may back out later, but that’s unlikely. This is one chance you’ll be glad you took.

Year to come

One of your greatest strengths, as a fire sign, is your ability to think and move swiftly. This comes in handy when dealing with sudden events. However, the practical or financial matters you’re currently facing could seem so dull you’ll either put them off or ignore them. Yet each offers a valuable insight. Once you begin to spot those, you’ll not only learn a lot, you’ll actually enjoy these. Better yet, the resulting insights will broaden your horizons, not only in terms of what you do, but you could develop new interests, and study something unfamiliar or travel to a destination that previously would never have crossed your mind. This isn’t about single situation or setting but, rather, all of 2020 will be a year of exploration and discovery.