Birthday Stars

While every sign is influenced by both the heightened feelings and creative energy triggered by the Full Moon, the fact it takes place on your birthday means that you’ve reached a turning point, both in terms of your own ideas, thinking and planning but, also, your world is shifting. Tempting as it is to turn what arises into commitments, if not far-reaching plans, take it slowly. This is as much about discovering what should go, as it is about exploring your options. The more you learn, the more rewarding the changes you make will be.

Mon 06 April - 2020



Mon 06 April - 2020


Ordinarily, you’ll do all you can to steer clear of arrangements that are over-complicated or restrictive. While that’s understandable, what you’re currently exploring may involve lots more than you care to get involved with. Still, the payoff will be amazing, and in ways that more far reaching than you currently imagine possible.


As much as you enjoy exciting plans, projects and others’ company, whatever the setting, you also have a fierce independent streak. This means you often ignore worthwhile ideas, offers, guidance or timely help. The real problem is, you don’t realise you’re refusing these. What arises now is so powerful, you’re urged to do something out of character. Agree to everything, and discuss the details later.


While the encounter between your ruler Jupiter and uncompromising Pluto isn’t the first time you’ve had to deal with your stubborn streak recently, it will be amongst the most challenging. The breakthroughs it triggers are thrilling but mean letting go of old habits, beliefs or elements of your life. The fact is, saying farewell to these would be no loss, and letting go of your somewhat obsessive attitude towards certain activities would actually free you. However, move swiftly, because by April’s close, events may do it for you.

Year to come

One of your greatest strengths, as a fire sign, is your ability to think and move swiftly. This comes in handy when dealing with sudden events. However, the practical or financial matters you’re currently facing could seem so dull you’ll either put them off or ignore them. Yet each offers a valuable insight. Once you begin to spot those, you’ll not only learn a lot, you’ll actually enjoy these. Better yet, the resulting insights will broaden your horizons, not only in terms of what you do, but you could develop new interests, and study something unfamiliar or travel to a destination that previously would never have crossed your mind. This isn’t about single situation or setting but, rather, all of 2020 will be a year of exploration and discovery.