Birthday Stars

The focus in your birthday chart is on details, both in life’s joys and, in certain matters, its challenges. Thinking back, you’ll realise that if you’d spotted certain minor problems or, equally, simple but promising ideas, things would have gone very differently. This is true now. Amazingly, in some matters you can return to the past, and restore an idea or offer. However, those concepts that involve the future will be just as crucial. The challenge isn’t spotting them, but taking action as soon as you can.

Wed 26 June - 2019



Wed 26 June - 2019


Obviously, you’d rather organise plans with those who’ll be involved, then turn those ideas into action. Judging by the current planetary setup, however, certain individuals have either misunderstood the timing or are too lazy to do their part. Simply reminding them isn’t enough. This will require a major charm offensive.


Facing dull practicalities requires discipline but, acknowledging they’ll take weeks, if not a month or so, to deal with could seem discouraging. Yet, tempting as appealing shortcuts may be, they’d only complicate matters. The issues in question may need to be dealt with slowly, and in painstaking detail but, as you’ll soon discover, the resulting insights will benefit you now and in the future.


As a sociable fire sign, you thrive on learning about new ideas and meeting people. Yet you also have a ferocious independent streak, and prefer to make your own decisions about life, love and future plans. So when events or possibly certain individuals encourage you to venture into new territory, if not make changes, you could get stubborn, especially around the emotionally intense Sagittarius Full Moon on 17 June. Still, at least explore what arises, especially sudden offers or ideas. You’ll never regret it.

Year to come

The move by your ruler Jupiter into Sagittarius, in November, 2018, began a year of excitement, growth and good fortune. While you’ll profit from your past efforts, offers and new ideas will appear from out of the blue. Explore whatever arises, conscious you won’t pursue everything but will learn from it all. As a quick-thinking fire sign, you’ll plunge in, confident you’ll benefit from each day’s experiences. By late August, when the powerful planetary presence in discerning Virgo clarifies what’s working and what isn’t, you’ll shed certain ventures or alliances, and focus more on others. Still, be wary of committing to far-reaching plans, simply because the foundation on which these are based is shifting – in your favour – and will continue to do so until well into 2020.