Birthday Stars

By no means are you secretive. Yet, when it comes to serious changes, you’ll often reflect at length on your own, then only once your own thinking is clear, will you talk things over with others. However, at the moment those around you, from family and friends to colleagues, are better informed than you are. This involves both your options but, also, they’ll guide you in overcoming your blind spots, those situations where doubts or lack of knowledge would hold you back. Trust these individuals. They have your best interests in mind.

Sat 25 January - 2020



Sat 25 January - 2020


Recently you’ve been impatient with certain matters or, perhaps, the people involved and cut short discussions by leaving out seemingly unimportant facts. Or so you thought at the time. Now, suddenly, these are crucial. Discuss them frankly, and the sooner the better. Apologise if you must, but it probably won’t be necessary.


While you’re by no means narrow-minded, you also avoid people and circumstances you know will be boring. Yet, ironically, you’re about to rediscover something exciting in a situation you’d long ago given up on. True, this may mean taking a chance. If so, judging by the current amazing planetary setup, it will be worthwhile. Once you’re involved, what and who you encounter will amaze you.


During December’s last half, you’ll have witnessed long-cherished dreams coming true and, better yet, unexpected developments bringing new excitement into your life. The problem? You’ve never realised you’re a control freak, and so could try to delays or reshape these so you feel you’re in charge. Instead, just plunge in. If you’re anxious, be aware you can always resume your old life. But, this period is about discovery. And once you’ve explored those changes, it’s unlikely you’ll want to return to anything.

Year to come

One of your greatest strengths, as a fire sign, is your ability to think and move swiftly. This comes in handy when dealing with sudden events. However, the practical or financial matters you’re currently facing could seem so dull you’ll either put them off or ignore them. Yet each offers a valuable insight. Once you begin to spot those, you’ll not only learn a lot, you’ll actually enjoy these. Better yet, the resulting insights will broaden your horizons, not only in terms of what you do, but you could develop new interests, and study something unfamiliar or travel to a destination that previously would never have crossed your mind. This isn’t about single situation or setting but, rather, all of 2020 will be a year of exploration and discovery.