Birthday Stars

By no means are you rigid in your thinking. But, on the other hand, once you understand one particular individual or have learnt about the workings of a tricky situation, you don’t feel the need to review what you already know. Except times have changed, and so have these and other situations as well. The necessary review won’t take long, and could both answer perplexing questions and broaden your horizons, and all at the same time.

Mon 19 August - 2019



Mon 19 August - 2019


No sign is better at turning setbacks into something wonderful. However, as you’re discovering, your usual way of rethinking things simply aren’t working. That’s because you need to view the actual situation in question from an entirely different perspective. Inconvenient as this is now, the resulting insights will prove hugely valuable.


Not only are things going well, certain once distant dreams are on the verge of becoming reality. However, not all of these will turn into lasting plans or the longstanding arrangements you dream of. Obviously, you’re disappointed. But most of these are a trial run for later in the year, when, yet again, opportunities will arise. Except then, you’ll benefit from what you’re learning now.


Usually you don’t mind changes in existing arrangements or future plans, even those that are sudden. They keep life interesting. But what you’re currently facing is derailing plans you’ve worked hard to organise. Despite that, do a little investigation and you’ll realise elements of the world around you are changing, often suddenly, which means a review of even longstanding passions isn’t just wise, it’s essential. Once you begin to broaden your horizons, you’ll realise how much more there is to discover and explore.

Year to come

The move by your ruler Jupiter into Sagittarius, in November, 2018, began a year of excitement, growth and good fortune. While you’ll profit from your past efforts, offers and new ideas will appear from out of the blue. Explore whatever arises, conscious you won’t pursue everything but will learn from it all. As a quick-thinking fire sign, you’ll plunge in, confident you’ll benefit from each day’s experiences. By late August, when the powerful planetary presence in discerning Virgo clarifies what’s working and what isn’t, you’ll shed certain ventures or alliances, and focus more on others. Still, be wary of committing to far-reaching plans, simply because the foundation on which these are based is shifting – in your favour – and will continue to do so until well into 2020.