Birthday Stars

Changes in the world around you are one thing, but changes in familiar elements of your way of living, working or life with those closest would upset your routine. Or so you fear. Actually, some of this familiar approach to life is actually holding you and, equally, others back from making changes that aren’t just timely, but would lead to exciting breakthroughs in elements of your life you’ve regarded as unchanging. If in doubt, begin slowly. Soon, however, you’ll realise how exciting these changes can be.

Sat 26 September - 2020



Sat 26 September - 2020


Conscientious as you are about details, and ensuring your facts are right before you make a plan or commitment, with so much in transition, that isn’t easy. Out of character as it may be, consider an out of character approach, and make halfway decisions, at least for now. It will make your life a lot easier.


Usually, you’re wary of destiny. However, certain recent events, ideas or offers were so perfect you agreed enthusiastically without the usual debate. While this week’s surprises could make you regret that impulsiveness, things remain as good as they seemed. This is merely about rethinking details as circumstances or your own understanding of events shifts. Trust doesn’t come easily for you. At the moment, it’s well justified.


Thus far you’ve managed to sidestep increasingly pressing changes in elements of your work, lifestyle or passions, mostly because you’re lacking alternatives. However, when possibilities arise, you avoid discussing them and focusing on having fun where and how you can. While these are important, it’s also vital you consider possible options for the future with those you trust. For now, it’s only discussion. This, alone, will help you recognise this is about discovery, and exploring what works in your life and where improvements are possible.

Year to come

Although you won’t necessarily be happy about it at the time, a combination of events and the needs of others force you to explore changes in your way of living, working or both. While these may not come to pass, the actual process of considering your options wakes you up to ideas or leads to introductions that otherwise wouldn’t have happened. Also, while decisions around the Scorpio Full Moon, on 7 May may seem final, these too are more of a trial run. Changes will reshape elements of your life, enriching your own circumstances and relationships with others, especially those closest. While, initially you’ll be concerned, once you’ve learnt more if not explored other options, and things are settled, you’ll be thrilled.