Birthday Stars

When you first sidestepped certain troublesome issues or facts you neither understood nor knew how to deal with, you hoped the matters in question would vanish. However, they haven’t and won’t, which means each of these tricky situations is offering you an invitation to learn, and ideally not merely about the actual matter in question but about how it arose and, more important, how to address similar situations in the future. Ironically, the more you delve into these, the more powerful you’ll feel.

Thu 09 July - 2020



Thu 09 July - 2020


Being a cautious Scorpio, you’re always wary of offers that seem too good to be true. However, judging by the recent link between the fortunate Jupiter and your ruler Pluto, even suspiciously generous offers are likely to be just as good as they seem. Waste no time on debate. At minimum, explore them.


Only days ago, you were wrestling with the appealing ideas or offers triggered by bountiful Jupiter’s link to your ruler Pluto. You’re intrigued, although clearly changes would be unsettling. While still undecided, you’re enjoying exploring these, mostly because the ideas and options fascinate you. Decisions may seem urgent. However, this remarkable trend continues until November, so what doesn’t suit you now could later in the year.


Having lived through dramatic changes, in your world and life, you’re seeking stability. Consequently, you may be suspicious about ideas or offers as amazing as they are sudden. The irony is, many of these wouldn’t have been possible without recent unsettling events. The solution? Commit to exploring them, no more. That will be so informative, you’ll soon realise these are leading to timely changes, if not genuine breakthroughs. You may even begin to embrace unplanned, if not adventurous, ventures in several areas of your life.

Year to come

Although you won’t necessarily be happy about it at the time, a combination of events and the needs of others force you to explore changes in your way of living, working or both. While these may not come to pass, the actual process of considering your options wakes you up to ideas or leads to introductions that otherwise wouldn’t have happened. Also, while decisions around the Scorpio Full Moon, on 7 May may seem final, these too are more of a trial run. Changes will reshape elements of your life, enriching your own circumstances and relationships with others, especially those closest. While, initially you’ll be concerned, once you’ve learnt more if not explored other options, and things are settled, you’ll be thrilled.