Birthday Stars

By no means are you rigid in your thinking. But, on the other hand, once you understand one particular individual or have learnt about the workings of a tricky situation, you don’t feel the need to review what you already know. Except times have changed, and so have these and other situations as well. The necessary review won’t take long, and could both answer perplexing questions and broaden your horizons, and all at the same time.

Mon 19 August - 2019



Mon 19 August - 2019


Usually you’ve a knack for discerning between matters going on in the lives of those closest or your environment versus those that involve you directly. But now you’re perplexed about the significance of several matters and, equally, their lasting impact. Wait and watch. Over the coming days, events will make it all clear.


You’re a master making it appear that others are involved in making decisions, while you’ll already have settled on plans. But now, not only must you share this process with others, often they’ll be better informed than you, which means leaving things to them. Once you overcome the control freak side of your nature, you’ll be amazed how much you enjoy being free to relax.


Having been born under the determined sign of Scorpio, you’ll analyse even seemingly impossible situations until you discover a way to achieve your objectives. These could involve family, love, career or one particular obsession. You pride yourself on persisting until you get your way. Now, however, events are forcing you to review those goals. Times and circumstances have changed, and so have you, but some of your objectives haven’t. At least rethink them. You’ll soon realise far more powerful options await your attention.

Year to come

It’s an exciting year. What you learn and those you encounter are bound to enrich your life, and in all sorts of ways. However, with the planetary powerhouses, Jupiter, last November, and Uranus, this May, both shifting their focus to new portions of your chart, the balance in your life will also shift. While this is bound to be unsettling, the Scorpio Full Moon, on 18 May brings both those doubts and your feelings to a head. Use these insights to kick-start of cycle of exploration. Consider all sorts of options, some for the sheer joy of discovery. That way, when powerful Mars moves into Scorpio on 19 November, and you begin a period of powerful decision-making, you’ll be well-informed and clear about your priorities.