Birthday Stars

Letting go of longstanding dreams isn’t easy. However, what begins now and unfolds over the coming months is about exactly that. When you conceived of certain plans or ideas ages ago, or more recent concepts, each has its own significance. Still, the powerful planetary shift in your birthday chart indicates a major review of your priorities and, thus, the need to reconsider these, especially in the light of recent, new and appealing, ideas. This more adventurous your approach to this process, the better.

Mon 10 December - 2018



Mon 10 December - 2018


Despite your best intentions, you’ve been unable to discuss and deal with certain tricky matters. Obviously, this has been frustrating. However, with both Venus and Mercury positioned in your sign and, better yet, Mercury no longer retrograde, you should be able to talk through those issues, and finally manage to resolve them.


You’ve been discussing, and dealing with, several complex situations for ages. Satisfying as the progress you’ve made may be, you’ve been unable to deal with several worrying loose ends. Finally things come together, often so easily you’re wary, unsure solutions are for real. They are and, better yet, it’s time to celebrate putting these to rest, then move on. Many intriguing options are awaiting you.


The many changes in your life, and world could easily be misinterpreted as reason for concern. Unsettling as these shakeups are, each is an invitation to break away from a familiar situation or even struggle but, in the process, to venture into new territory, possibly suddenly. These may not be your style and could seem worrying. Still, each is designed for you. Try to be patient and allow events to unfold slowly. This will lead to activities and encounters more rewarding than you imagined possible.

Year to come

When looking back on the twists and turns you encountered during 2018, you’ll recognise how each contributed something to this remarkable period. This is due to the influence of expansive Jupiter’s presence for much of the year, until November. It’s just the benefits of the ideas, offers and surprises it triggers won’t always be recognisable for what they are, at least at first. Knowing that, explore everything that comes your way, especially what seems unappealing or unwise. Once you get involved, you’ll recognise unexpected, and often thrilling promise in those. And be patient. Things may not come together until the Scorpio New Moon on 7 November. After that, the next steps will be crystal clear.

Love and Close Relationships
The last thing you’re in the mood for are discussions about already tense issues. Yet your instincts are correctly telling you these can’t be ignored. Ironically, once you actually begin talking things over, it will be so easy, and such a relief, you’ll wonder why you worried about it at all.

Finance and Business
Ordinarily you’ve a talent for knowing what’s wise, a good bet and worth staying away from. But because 2018 is such an unsettled year, even your instincts won’t be at their best. The trick is to note those feelings, but run them by others who, equally, sense as much as they assess what’s happening. Together you’ll figure it out.

Health and Wellbeing
While a few Scorpios enjoy the austerity of a gym and, equally, the virtue of a strict diet, most try to work out a balance between life’s luxuries and maintaining some degree of fitness. During 2018 you’ll find new ways to achieve this, often in completely unexpected circumstances.