Birthday Stars

Few things are more challenging than finding a way to escape a situation or, possibly, an individual you want to avoid, no matter what. Being ruled by the charming Venus, you’ll always seek a gracious way out. While this works with most, dealing with certain individuals requires a tough, no nonsense approach. They count on the fact few are willing to take a tough line so, mostly, do as they please. Be one of the few who stands up for yourself. It will be like magic.

Tue 23 April - 2019



Tue 23 April - 2019


It’s not that you were being secretive. Rather, you felt certain facts wouldn’t just be of little interest to others, they might be upset by them. As it happens, the individuals in question knew about these already and did, indeed, think you were being secretive. Discuss this frankly now. It will clear the air.


Few things exasperate you more than those who promise they’ll do something, then don’t, or who insist on things being done their way, then rearrange everything at the last minute. Yet that’s exactly what you’re facing. But, bizarrely, those unwelcome changes will be in your best interests. With circumstances shifting, often dramatically, your plans must as well. Explore absolutely everything. You’ll be amazed what you discover.


Obviously, you’re tempted to battle unwise, if not unfair, changes that will influence your domestic or working life, or close relationships. Instead, stand back, wait and watch. This may seem weak, if not unwise. But by mid-April, facts that surface will explain a lot, and make you thankful you did so little. With previously worrying options cast in a positive light, you begin discussions. Excited as you are, don’t commit just yet. Early May brings yet more intriguing ideas and entirely unexpected offers.

Year to come

It’s an exciting year. What you learn and those you encounter are bound to enrich your life, and in all sorts of ways. However, with the planetary powerhouses, Jupiter, last November, and Uranus, this May, both shifting their focus to new portions of your chart, the balance in your life will also shift. While this is bound to be unsettling, the Scorpio Full Moon, on 18 May brings both those doubts and your feelings to a head. Use these insights to kick-start of cycle of exploration. Consider all sorts of options, some for the sheer joy of discovery. That way, when powerful Mars moves into Scorpio on 19 November, and you begin a period of powerful decision-making, you’ll be well-informed and clear about your priorities.