Birthday Stars

You don’t think of yourself as being restricted by your habits or ways of thinking. However, your birthday chart accents, first, the discovery of the many ways you’re creating your own restrictions and, second, how to spot and disentangle yourself from them. While some go back a long way and are about no more than habits, as many have to do with your ideals, some of which are as powerful as they are restrictive. Yet when questioned, you refuse to discuss them. This birthday is about discovering and discussing these, then freeing yourself from them for good.

Thu 03 December - 2020



Thu 03 December - 2020


For you, planning ahead isn’t just wise, it offers a sense of order and boosts your feelings of being in control. However, judging by the powerful planetary activity involving your ruler Pluto, you’re better off regarding those plans as tentative. That clears the way for the timely, yet unexpected, breakthroughs soon to appear.


Between early November’s emotionally intense Full Moon and the powerful Scorpio New Moon on the 15th, you’ve faced a range of tricky issues, some as sudden as they’ve been disruptive. Still, they forced you to let go of certain burdensome arrangements. What’s more, now as the unsettling events triggered by Monday’s eclipse take place, you’ll be able to relax while watching others wrestle with changes.


For ages you’ve battled unwelcome changes in various elements of your way of living and working. However, with both Saturn and Jupiter, planet of growth, moving to accent exactly such matters in mid-December, events, ideas or offers as irresistible as they are exciting will alter your actual options and, therefore, your plans, possibly overnight. If you can’t say an immediate yes, don’t say no. Instead, commit to exploring those options. The more you learn, the clearer it will be which way you should go.

Year to come

Although you won’t necessarily be happy about it at the time, a combination of events and the needs of others force you to explore changes in your way of living, working or both. While these may not come to pass, the actual process of considering your options wakes you up to ideas or leads to introductions that otherwise wouldn’t have happened. Also, while decisions around the Scorpio Full Moon, on 7 May may seem final, these too are more of a trial run. Changes will reshape elements of your life, enriching your own circumstances and relationships with others, especially those closest. While, initially you’ll be concerned, once you’ve learnt more if not explored other options, and things are settled, you’ll be thrilled.