Birthday Stars

For the past couple of years, decisions about your lifestyle, that is how and where you live, and even the timing of your day, have been substantially influenced by others, mostly those around you but also these in the wider world. While, you’ve had no real objections, certain elements of this routine have become restrictive. Not only can you alter, if not radically change, these, the time has come to discuss other elements of this routine as well. Worrying as this seems, it’s unlikely there’ll be objections of any kind.

Fri 18 October - 2019



Fri 18 October - 2019


Although the Scorpio New Moon is ten days from now, it would be no surprise if you weren’t already thinking about clearing the way for what’s next. Actually, there’s no better time than now to consider what you could begin to focus on much less, if not say a firm farewell to.


Events are making it clear elements of your life are in transition. This is nothing new, but the pace is picking up. This is forcing you to recognise you’re a creature of habit but, even more, if changes are unavoidable, you want plans organised beforehand. Currently, however, that’s not possible. This means plunging in. Worrying as this seems, you’ll be amazed how smoothly things go.


Obviously, life is easier if you have all the facts necessary to organise here-and-now matters and plans for the future. But not only are you lacking the information you require, your instincts say there’s lots left to reflect on, and to discover. That’s true. So, for now focus on decluttering your life, observing and learning from what’s on its way out. And next? Takes it slowly. Each day will bring insights, but only after the Scorpio New Moon, on 28 October, will your direction be clear.

Year to come

It’s an exciting year. What you learn and those you encounter are bound to enrich your life, and in all sorts of ways. However, with the planetary powerhouses, Jupiter, last November, and Uranus, this May, both shifting their focus to new portions of your chart, the balance in your life will also shift. While this is bound to be unsettling, the Scorpio Full Moon, on 18 May brings both those doubts and your feelings to a head. Use these insights to kick-start of cycle of exploration. Consider all sorts of options, some for the sheer joy of discovery. That way, when powerful Mars moves into Scorpio on 19 November, and you begin a period of powerful decision-making, you’ll be well-informed and clear about your priorities.