Birthday Stars

Everybody has certain dreams, some so far-fetched that they’re likely to remain exactly that, an inspiring but unlikely fantasy. But with a little thought and effort, others could become reality. Some are actually within your reach, which means you need only act on those ideas. Tempting as it is to say you’re still trying to get things ‘right’, you’re simply putting these off. The sooner you take action, the more swiftly they’ll become reality.

Sun 17 February - 2019



Sun 17 February - 2019


It’s inevitable. You must not only discuss certain increasingly tense issues, you’ll need to be more open than previously. Unwise as this seems, within a short time events will expose these, for all to know about and discuss. Revealing them now seems risky but will be much easier in the long run.


For ages you’ve sidestepped certain issues. This is because you knew if things came to a head, you’d have no choice but to discuss matters you’ve done all you can to avoid. Deep down, however, it’s obvious you must be frank about these. Even more, once you’re actually talking things over, you’ll realise others know far more than you realised, which will be a huge relief.


When you agreed to certain intriguing, and potentially rewarding, ideas or offers they seemed straightforward. But unexpected development in the world around you, others’ circumstances and your own situation have led to review and, often, serious changes. Judging by the planetary activity for the first half of this year, this will continue. Knowing that, explore everything, including what seems unrealistic. At minimum, you’ll learn a lot. More importantly, you’ll be well-informed when, within a short time, those circumstance and your own perspective could shift, and radically.

Year to come

It’s an exciting year. What you learn and those you encounter are bound to enrich your life, and in all sorts of ways. However, with the planetary powerhouses, Jupiter, last November, and Uranus, this May, both shifting their focus to new portions of your chart, the balance in your life will also shift. While this is bound to be unsettling, the Scorpio Full Moon, on 18 May brings both those doubts and your feelings to a head. Use these insights to kick-start of cycle of exploration. Consider all sorts of options, some for the sheer joy of discovery. That way, when powerful Mars moves into Scorpio on 19 November, and you begin a period of powerful decision-making, you’ll be well-informed and clear about your priorities.