Birthday Stars

The focus in your birthday chart is on details, both in life’s joys and, in certain matters, its challenges. Thinking back, you’ll realise that if you’d spotted certain minor problems or, equally, simple but promising ideas, things would have gone very differently. This is true now. Amazingly, in some matters you can return to the past, and restore an idea or offer. However, those concepts that involve the future will be just as crucial. The challenge isn’t spotting them, but taking action as soon as you can.

Wed 26 June - 2019



Wed 26 June - 2019


Recently, you brushed off a genuine but difficult question, mostly because you had no idea how to respond. It involved so many issues and, worse, you’re short of facts. Revisit this, and say exactly that. The individual asking was merely eager to discuss the matter, and didn’t expect the full facts from you.


For weeks vital if tedious issues involving close alliances and practical or financial matters have been your focus. Obviously, as a persistent Scorpio, you’d never give up. While issues are nearly resolved, tricky details will need ongoing attention. That way, once things are finally settled, and your focus shifts to matters of a lighter nature, next week, you’ll enjoy life’s pleasures – worry-free.


The most important thing for you to keep in mind, now and over the coming months, is that while some decisions are lasting, others are about discovery. So when you say ‘yes’ to an idea, offer or get to know somebody new, the focus is on broadening your horizons. Partly, this enables you to let go of elements of the past more easily. But, also, because this isn’t about a single decision but a ‘guided tour’ of discovery, you’re meant to enjoy each day of it.

Year to come

It’s an exciting year. What you learn and those you encounter are bound to enrich your life, and in all sorts of ways. However, with the planetary powerhouses, Jupiter, last November, and Uranus, this May, both shifting their focus to new portions of your chart, the balance in your life will also shift. While this is bound to be unsettling, the Scorpio Full Moon, on 18 May brings both those doubts and your feelings to a head. Use these insights to kick-start of cycle of exploration. Consider all sorts of options, some for the sheer joy of discovery. That way, when powerful Mars moves into Scorpio on 19 November, and you begin a period of powerful decision-making, you’ll be well-informed and clear about your priorities.