Birthday Stars

Everybody has certain dreams, some so far-fetched that they’re likely to remain exactly that, an inspiring but unlikely fantasy. But with a little thought and effort, others could become reality. Some are actually within your reach, which means you need only act on those ideas. Tempting as it is to say you’re still trying to get things ‘right’, you’re simply putting these off. The sooner you take action, the more swiftly they’ll become reality.

Sun 17 February - 2019



Sun 17 February - 2019


Ages ago, you decided that certain tricky matters were best ignored, and that’s exactly what you’ve done. However, certain individuals see no reason to be discreet, and aren’t just discussing these openly, they insist you get involved. The fact is, these are important enough you may have no choice.


Ordinarily you and those around you, family, friends or colleagues, would invest serious time in analysing recent sudden and unsettling changes. These were triggered by last Wednesday’s move by Mars into Taurus. But there’s more. On 6 March inventive Uranus joins it, kick-starting of cycle of growth in ways beyond anything you’d imagine possible. The secret? Forget about a master plan and learn from each day’s surprises.


February divides neatly into two parts. During the first, events and encounters are forcing you out of your ‘comfort zone’. That is, you’re going to unfamiliar places, meeting people whose ideas challenge yours and receiving unexpected offers. Learn from each, even those you’ve no intention of pursuing. Each is adding information that will be vital from 14 February, when Mars, planet of action, ego and courage, moves into Taurus, kick-starting a cycle of change, growth and, ultimately, happiness in ways you hadn’t previously conceived possible.

Year to come

Interesting as others’ ideas and adventures may be, you like to know what to expect. Yet as you’ll have learnt between May and November of 2018, when the unpredictable Uranus, visited Taurus, sudden developments can be as rewarding as they are disruptive. Remember this from 6 March, Uranus returns to Taurus, to remain until 2026 - kick-starting a cycle of extensive growth. Disruptive as what arises seems, each change is introducing worthwhile new places, people and ideas. While unfamiliar initially, each will add something special, if unexpected, to your life. Because this influences the world around you, the more involved you get, the more you and others will both benefit from and enjoy what will, on reflection, prove to be a wonderfully adventurous chapter of your life.