Birthday Stars

By no means are you secretive. Yet, when it comes to serious changes, you’ll often reflect at length on your own, then only once your own thinking is clear, will you talk things over with others. However, at the moment those around you, from family and friends to colleagues, are better informed than you are. This involves both your options but, also, they’ll guide you in overcoming your blind spots, those situations where doubts or lack of knowledge would hold you back. Trust these individuals. They have your best interests in mind.

Sat 25 January - 2020



Sat 25 January - 2020


Sometimes disagreements are no more than that. However, recently you’ve faced a series of clashes. These covered a range of matters, but each demanded you adopt a new approach to a familiar arrangement. While, initially, this seemed pointless, the resulting insights have been and will continue to be amazingly helpful.


Decisions about elements of your way of living, working or loving are increasingly urgent. That’s no surprise. However, you thought you had plenty of time while, suddenly certain of these matters need attention, and now. Actually, that’s best because you’ll need to make tentative arrangements, then see how things work out. While this isn’t your usual approach as a cautious, thorough Taurus but, for now, it’s your best bet.


It would be no surprise if, as you begin January, you’ve already reorganised a range of longstanding plans and are discussing yet more changes. This is partly because the foundation of several arrangements is shifting. But, also, you’re restless and eager to broaden your horizons via intriguing encounters or experiences. While you’ll plan some, others will be both unexpected and seem overwhelming. Tempting as it is to ignore these, they’re bringing life-changing discoveries –as you’ll learn. Plunge in. You’ll never regret it.

Year to come

The move by Uranus, which accents breakthroughs of every variety, moved into Taurus in March of 2019, you began a lengthy cycle of change, growth and discovery. While you’ve already encountered is exciting, this year you’re go new, and unfamiliar places, learn new skills and, in the process, meet interesting people. Each of these enriches your life. Tempting as it is to return to your old habits, continue to explore. Gradually, instead of complaining about changes, you’ll realise how much they’re enriching your way of living or working. They could even lead to unexpectedly rewarding new friendships or romantic links. Try to break a familiar habit once a week, and soon your world will become a more exciting, and rewarding, place.