Birthday Stars

Although every sign is influenced by the powerful energies triggered by the Full Moon, the fact it takes place on your birthday, and accents both your own life and close alliances, personal and out in the world, indicates you’ve reached a turning point. While, in some cases, you’ll have been aware change was in the air, in others what arises will be as thrilling as it is surprising. True, the swift pace could be unsettling. If so, focus on going with the flow, rather than trying to slow things down. This is about living passionately and, when you can, plunging into the new, unfamiliar and thrilling.

Thu 01 October - 2020



Thu 01 October - 2020


Long ago you stopped pretending you’re excited about doing things that you simply don’t enjoy. Yet, recently, you’ve had to get involved in a number of situations of exactly that nature, and were surprised how different they seemed, so much those past feelings vanish. Times change and, on occasion, you do, too.


For ages you’ve been tiptoeing around a range of tricky situations and decisions as complex as they are, increasingly, pressing. Judging by Tuesday’s superb link between your ruler Venus and forthright Mars, frank discussions will achieve wonders. Better yet, the matters in question will accent other, less complex, but more promising situations. Tackle them, too, and you’ll achieve more this week than you have for ages.


Obviously you’d be happier if you could make lasting plans. However, not only are the circumstances you’re dealing with shifting, so are your priorities. Let them. If you must make plans, regard them as an experiment. And, more important, note what you learn from each. The facts you gather and insights you again will come together, but probably not until the powerful, and pivotal, Taurus Full Moon on 31 October. Juggling plans in this way won’t be easy, but the results will justify your efforts.

Year to come

The move by Uranus, which accents breakthroughs of every variety, moved into Taurus in March of 2019, you began a lengthy cycle of change, growth and discovery. While you’ve already encountered is exciting, this year you’re go new, and unfamiliar places, learn new skills and, in the process, meet interesting people. Each of these enriches your life. Tempting as it is to return to your old habits, continue to explore. Gradually, instead of complaining about changes, you’ll realise how much they’re enriching your way of living or working. They could even lead to unexpectedly rewarding new friendships or romantic links. Try to break a familiar habit once a week, and soon your world will become a more exciting, and rewarding, place.