Birthday Stars

By no means are you rigid in your thinking. But, on the other hand, once you understand one particular individual or have learnt about the workings of a tricky situation, you don’t feel the need to review what you already know. Except times have changed, and so have these and other situations as well. The necessary review won’t take long, and could both answer perplexing questions and broaden your horizons, and all at the same time.

Mon 19 August - 2019



Mon 19 August - 2019


Inspiring as recent discussions about certain practical issues were, that alone won’t enable you to turn the plans you have in mind into something lasting. Actually, you’re better off taking things in stages. This may slow the process now. But it will also enable you to rethink arrangements whenever the need arises.


Recently, you’ve reviewed how you live, work and your relationship with family, loved ones and friends. That’s a lot, but looking back, worrying complications are finally resolved. Now, however, it’s time to update your own life. This involves your certain longstanding pursuits and goals. But it’s also about discussing existing plans, potential changes and new ideas with others. While occasionally complicated, this will be hugely rewarding.


True, unexpected events can brings bad news. Now, however, it’s the reverse. Events as surprising as they are unsettling are timely breakthroughs, if in disguise. True, you’re lacking vital facts. While, logically, you’d wait until you know more, currently life’s about learning from experience. The trick is to plunge in, yet avoid cutting ties with the past. By mid month you’ll have found ways to retain elements of your life you love while embracing those that are new and thrilling, if temporarily disruptive.

Year to come

Interesting as others’ ideas and adventures may be, you like to know what to expect. Yet as you’ll have learnt between May and November of 2018, when the unpredictable Uranus, visited Taurus, sudden developments can be as rewarding as they are disruptive. Remember this from 6 March, Uranus returns to Taurus, to remain until 2026 - kick-starting a cycle of extensive growth. Disruptive as what arises seems, each change is introducing worthwhile new places, people and ideas. While unfamiliar initially, each will add something special, if unexpected, to your life. Because this influences the world around you, the more involved you get, the more you and others will both benefit from and enjoy what will, on reflection, prove to be a wonderfully adventurous chapter of your life.