Birthday Stars

Appealing as life proceeding smoothly may be, it’s unrealistic. What’s more, we learn more from challenges than from periods when events flow from one easily organised arrangement to the next. Bear this in mind when the twists and turns indicted by your birthday chart arise. While by no means will anything be a serious problem, each will call on some side of your nature, from your inventiveness, to creativity to your intuition. And that, in turn, will help you appreciate what you already know, and extend your capacity for kindness and wisdom.

Wed 08 July - 2020



Wed 08 July - 2020


You’re a sensual earth sign, but you’re ruled by the planet that’s all about what’s right and fair, Venus. Consequently, the realisation that certain arrangements you once regarded as trustworthy were actually the reverse, they forced you to stop and think. For now, do no more. There’s much more yet to come to light.


True, there’s no sidestepping the troublesome situations you’ll encounter nearly every day. However, these are minor compared to the thrilling, if unsettling, developments that are slowly, and spectacularly, reshaping your life. True, committing to arrangements with so much in flux won’t be easy. Still, this is just the beginning of a series of breakthroughs, in your lifestyle, work and sense of self, beyond anything you’ve dared imagine.


For ages you’ve diplomatically avoided changes you’ve regarded as both unappealing and unwise. Now destiny’s forced your hand, and you’re increasingly surprised how well things are going. Apply this new wisdom to other changes you’ve been battling. Better yet, trust instincts that say to take chances on your emotional life or with new passions and pursuits as well. The resulting experiences help you recognise how exciting the unexpected can be. Soon you’ll be merrily plunging into life-changing plans or saying yes to unexpected ideas or offers.

Year to come

The move by Uranus, which accents breakthroughs of every variety, moved into Taurus in March of 2019, you began a lengthy cycle of change, growth and discovery. While you’ve already encountered is exciting, this year you’re go new, and unfamiliar places, learn new skills and, in the process, meet interesting people. Each of these enriches your life. Tempting as it is to return to your old habits, continue to explore. Gradually, instead of complaining about changes, you’ll realise how much they’re enriching your way of living or working. They could even lead to unexpectedly rewarding new friendships or romantic links. Try to break a familiar habit once a week, and soon your world will become a more exciting, and rewarding, place.