Birthday Stars

The move by the planet of ideas and expression, Mercury, into Leo on your birthday, accents the importance of both rethinking your own plans and priorities and, equally, discussing them with others. You may be confident your thinking is clear, but times have changed and so have you, more than you realise. Only once you’re actually exchanging ideas with others about what’s next and, equally, what could become part of the past will you realise how broad, exciting and worthwhile your options are.

Wed 05 August - 2020



Wed 05 August - 2020


As you well know, there are times to speak up and, equally, there are times to keep your thoughts to yourself. This is one of the latter. Not only will that knowledge enable you to set aside certain demanding matters, you can turn your attention to those as rewarding as they are uncomplicated.


After weeks of tricky situations, which have meant defending once-prized arrangements or confronting slippery individuals, the mood shifts. Tempting as it is to strike out on new ideas or ventures, ideally they’ll wait until mid-September’s Virgo New Moon. And now? Review those cherished plans. It may be time to say farewell to some, in the process clearing the way for other, far better options.


Few things annoy you more than being forced to make commitments or future plans while short of facts. It may be out of character, but regard whatever you organise as a trial run, something to be learnt from and, equally, ensure arrangements are flexible. That way, you’ll be ready to take advantage of the insights triggered by the powerful ideas and offers promised by links between your ruler Mercury and both inventive Uranus and fortunate Jupiter, during the final week of August.

Year to come

Not only are you amazingly able to deal with a range of duties and obligations, often in a number of settings, you thrive on the challenge. Consequently, you could be unsettled by this year’s emphasis on life’s joys. This is about what and who lifts your spirits but, even more, plans and decisions will be up to others and could take you into new, and unfamiliar territory. However disruptive events in April, June and November may be, they’re the beginning of a new, and hugely rewarding, chapter of your life. While, often, this means relinquishing control, you’ll soon realise that what’s taking place, what’s offered or the ideas of others are far better than anything you’d conceived possible. If in doubt, take a chance. You won’t regret it.