Birthday Stars

Letting go of longstanding dreams isn’t easy. However, what begins now and unfolds over the coming months is about exactly that. When you conceived of certain plans or ideas ages ago, or more recent concepts, each has its own significance. Still, the powerful planetary shift in your birthday chart indicates a major review of your priorities and, thus, the need to reconsider these, especially in the light of recent, new and appealing, ideas. This more adventurous your approach to this process, the better.

Mon 10 December - 2018



Mon 10 December - 2018


While you’ve coped well with it, you’re bound to be relieved that your ruler Mercury is no longer retrograde. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that this is only part of what’s behind the current chaotic mood. Worthwhile as the current changes are, they’re still disruptive, and there’s little to be done about it.


Obviously, life would be a lot easier if you could rely on plans, your own and those that involve others. But with so much in transition, and with many of those changes constituting major improvements, even disruptive developments could be beneficial. For now, therefore, focus on what you’re learning from what arises. Once you know more, the next step, and those after that will be clearer.


Tempting as it is to seek the source of recent errors and, as much, what was behind near-disastrous misunderstandings, instead focus on exploring the new ideas they’re introducing into your life. Equally, get to know the people you meet. While some encounters will be brief, others could grow remarkably and a few will add to your world or, possibly, your personal life. Still, tempting as it is turn even appealing ideas into lasting plans, remain flexible. Changes will continue into the first months of 2019.

Year to come

This is a year of discovery. In some cases it’s about revisiting past ideas or offers but, also, it’s about being open to unexpected events, even those that could lead to far-reaching changes. The trick is to explore everything and, should something interest you, start small. This gives you a chance to get to know more about the actual situation and the people involved. But, as much, you’ll discover new interests. In every case, it’s about overcoming your tendency to try to figure everything out beforehand and, instead, allowing day-by-day experience be your guide. When you look back on who you met, and what you did, you’ll be thrilled to discover how far you’ve come.

Love and Close Relationships
Having a knack for looking after the needs of others is a blessing but, at times, a burden. Unless you are clear in your own mind what’s wise and what isn’t, you could get drawn into others’ dramas. Achieving a balance between these won’t be easy, but once you do, everybody will profit from it.

Finance and Business
No matter what the area of life, your practical nature gives you an amazing capacity to sense what’s worthwhile and what isn’t. Yet when it comes to money or business, you’ll sometimes ignore those instincts and stick with conventional ideas. This year you may want to review that, and heed those remarkable insights of yours.

Health and Wellbeing
Many Virgos have health rituals, some involve eating a certain way, others one particular fitness routine. If you’re one of those, this is the year to try something new. Why? With circumstances changing, so, too, must the way you look after yourself. The more flexible your routine, the better.