Morning Meditation

Posed on 02 November 2015

A few minutes ago I wrote a tweet about one of ‘our’ local geese apparently musing over life, not the usual loud self-promotion but rather chuttering away quietly to itself. I suggested it might be meditation. Now that I’m thinking about it, why not? Many animals do stillness far better than we humans. I’ve called this blog Morning Meditation because that’s when the goose was at it. But as I’ve told the classes I’ve been teaching how to meditate, once the technique has bedded in – for it is a specific state, though one that can be achieved in many ways – meditation can be done at any time of day or night and, if you’ve got the will, virtually anywhere, even on a train on the underground. Wherever and whenever it’s done, the results and benefits are remarkable – as I recognise when I allow days to pass without doing it. Perhaps I should follow the goose’s example, and ensure I have a regular morning chortle.