New Life, Every Day

Posed on 02 October 2015

As a city-dwelling astrologer, living with skies are frequently obscured by cloud, if it weren’t for my columns, I wouldn’t know whether the moon was full, new or somewhere in between. Similarly, without a walk in a park, I could easily forget where we stand in the seasonal diary. Still, now that I live in a loft which overlooks an urban canal, which ices over in the winter and bursts with life in the spring, the seasons are unmissable. Better yet, for the three years I’ve lived here, one of the barges below my windows has hosted a nesting goose. And today, for the third year, I’ve been present to the miracle of fluffy chicks emerging from their eggs and hopping, almost immediately, into the canal for their first swim under the proud protection of their parents. It was thrilling, touching and inspiring. And they are adorable. However, each day is, in its own way, a fresh start. Whatever the season, the day begins with the sunrise and all that connotes. When you arise, try reflecting on that miracle. Do that, and you won’t need a canal or chicks – however adorable they are – to feel inspired. Give it a try. I certainly I will be.