Mercury Retrograde

Posted on 27 April 2016

Mercury is a very small planet. But it gets blamed for some very big problems. And the doom and gloomers have been working overtime lately. During the past week I’ve had panicked messages from those who’re concerned about the havoc Mercury’s retrograde cycle would cause. First I’ll explain exactly what the little planet of communication is up to – and what retrograde actually means. And then I’ll tell you what to expect, what not to – and which worries have nothing at all to do with the retrograde Mercury. While each of the heavenly bodies, with the exception of the Sun and the Moon, goes retrograde – or appears to move backwards in the heavens – from time to time, none is more noticeable than Mercury’s. Of course the planets aren’t actually moving backwards. It’...
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If it weren’t for...

Posted on 02 April 2016

  Everybody adores reading about their sign of the zodiac. There are few things more pleasurable than dwelling on oneself. Well, the good bits. When the astrological profile focuses on issues, shortcomings and lessons, suddenly it becomes less interesting. In fact, many people read only the good parts and ignore the rest. This is too bad, because however pleasant it is to dwell on those admirable character traits, it doesn’t achieve much.       Reading about challenges may not be a pleasant pastime. But there’s so much to be learned, and a huge amount of personal power, to be gained from exploring, understanding and – ultimately – embracing this less admirable, and sometimes more troublesome side.       Each sign has its own particular issue, what the psychologist ...
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Embracing the Underworld

Posted on 02 March 2016

All the planets are named for gods. There are the Sun and Moon. And then, for about 4,000 years the line up consisted only of those planets visible to the human eye: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Then, with the invention of the telescope and resulting ability to view the most distant reaches of our solar system, Neptune, Uranus and finally, less than 100 years ago, Pluto, were added to the list. The star planet in today’s blog is Pluto. The dark god. Seriously scary. Ruler of the Underworld. But also, the only god sworn to tell the truth. Not only is it the astrological focus, but recently the energy that Pluto signifies has taken a leading role in literature, TV and movies. And it’s produced two new heartthrobs, of which more further on. The dark realms the god Pluto is...
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The New Warrior

Posted on 02 February 2016

The other day I was discussing the role of the planet Mars in a particular individual’s chart. Mars is often defined as the planet of war and aggression. But that way of looking at it is more a by-product of the past couple of decades of violent films than it is an accurate assessment of this far more complex planet – and the energy it signifies in each of our lives. At its most fundamental, it is the ruler of the sign Aries – the sign which commences as the vernal equinox takes place, and spring commences. But Mars isn’t just about green buds becoming spring flowers. Actually, it’s about the raw energy required for the seeds in winter-hardened ground to grow, to break through their own shell casing and then through the earth to reach for the light of the sun. Similarly, it’s ...
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A Perfect Match

Posted on 02 January 2016

When I meet somebody new or encounter a stranger and it’s discovered that I am an astrologer, the question I’m asked most frequently is, bizarrely, “what sign am I?” My response depends on my mood. If I’m feeling patient, I’ll jokingly ask if they don’t know. Ha Ha ha. But if I’m feeling a little more short-tempered, I’ll respond that, as I’m not a clairvoyant, I don’t know. However, that question is really what might be termed a nuisance query, something that is designed to be irritating. But next question isn’t provocative. And it is usually asked with enormous sincerity – if not a certain urgency. That question is “What sign is the best match for me?” it would appear that too many newspapers and magazines have printed just too many graphs showing which si...
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Dreading Saturn

Posted on 02 October 2015

All of the planets’ names are derived from myths. And while few of the Greek and Roman gods are meant to have lived exemplary lives, Saturn’s was particularly unappealing. Having been told one of his offspring would kill him and usurp his power, he devoured each at birth. Eventually his long suffering wife X, caught on and handed Saturn a stone instead of little Uranus who did, indeed, grow up to end his father’s life and take over power. At the moment, Sun sign columns – including mine – are all brimming with information about the astrological Saturn, which moves into a new sign on October 29th. When it comes to Saturn, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, since those who’re addicted to columns in magazine and on the web will fasten onto this planet as the one to worry ab...
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Joy of Astrology

Posted on 03 August 2015

Astrology is not a profession for anybody’s who anti-social. The minute the word gets out what I do for a living, passionate discussions about the latest gossip, where to go and what to do are dropped instantly and I’m besieged with questions. Not long ago those questions focused entirely on the individual themselves – tell me about ME! But over the past ten years the nature has shifted, and now there are three or four most asked questions, and they’re all getting more philosophical by the day. I think that’s because many people are aware they’re shaping their future and seek astrological or intuitive guidance to clarify their instincts. The burning question is about destiny. If certain things can be predicted, then where’s the line between free will – me making my own dec...
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New Planets

Posted on 03 May 2015

Lately my blogs are inspired more by questions than my own activities. And the latest was about how the discovery of new planets has altered the astrological cosmos. Even since humanity settled in one place long enough to make consistent observations of the heavens, the movements of the Heavenly Bodies – the Sun, Moon and the five visible planets have been traced and recorded. Gradually lore, and then teachings, built up around them. By the way, they’re collectively referred to as heavenly bodies because while Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are planets (from the Greek for wanderer), the Sun is a star and the Moon is a satellite – so technically neither are planets).

Star Signs and Being Unique

Posted on 02 June 2015

A recent exchange on Twitter made me realise how much confusion there is between the traits attributed to each sign of the zodiac and individuality. While some pride themselves on their star sign (especially Leos, I’ve found), others find it a bit embarrassing (Scorpios, who tire of the leers their sexy reputation triggers). But most don’t really think about it until they’re told about their purported characteristics, when they quite rightly question a system that “informs” them of their character. We each regard ourselves as unique individuals, the result of the life we’ve lived, its experiences, joys and challenges. The confusion is dual. First, is the issue of understanding just what star signs are. Each constitutes a perspective on life, a way of thinking, processing info...
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I Can’t Take It Anymore

Posted on 02 September 2015

The Full Moon and Turning Points Most of us are living in an era, and in circumstances that mean we ignore the cycle of the Moon, from the sliver of a crescent that follows the New Moon to the luminous smile of the Full Moon, about two weeks later. While, once this cycle was noted in ritual, at home and in places of worship – and still is in some cultures – that tradition and the accompanying lore have been largely lost. In fact, often, those who live in densely populated urban areas are so busy that it never even occurs to them that the Moon is full, and even if they were aware of it, they couldn’t see it. Being unable to enjoy this glorious sight, and the visually stunning link to nature that it is, constitutes a real loss. Yet, even if the moon can’t be seen, and nobody disc...
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