Dreading Saturn

Posed on 02 October 2015

All of the planets’ names are derived from myths. And while few of the Greek and Roman gods are meant to have lived exemplary lives, Saturn’s was particularly unappealing. Having been told one of his offspring would kill him and usurp his power, he devoured each at birth. Eventually his long suffering wife X, caught on and handed Saturn a stone instead of little Uranus who did, indeed, grow up to end his father’s life and take over power. At the moment, Sun sign columns – including mine – are all brimming with information about the astrological Saturn, which moves into a new sign on October 29th. When it comes to Saturn, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, since those who’re addicted to columns in magazine and on the web will fasten onto this planet as the one to worry about. But, actually, it’s the reverse. It’s about getting your act together, about focus and discipline – in the sense of choosing what’s in your best interests and acknowledging, and avoiding, what isn’t. That may not sound difficult, but everybody has their weak points. Attitude, habits or activities that somehow undermine them, achieving their goals and being contented in life. Saturn is the planet of reality, and when it’s on the scene, it shines an uncompromising light on anything that needs to be recognised and dealt with. That may be the reason it’s so unpopular. And now, it’s on everybody’s mind because on the 29th it moves into a new sign (as it does about every 2½ years.) Because of its reputation as the planetary taskmaster, those into whose sign it’s moving – in this case Libra – get good and scared by astrological “experts” who predict dire events. And over two years of them! While it’s true that an individual who’s been doing their best to avoid facing facts – about themselves, others or various obligations – might well be cornered into dealing with those issues by Saturn in its more heavy-handed guise, that’s the exception. It’s about choice, and often about delayed gratification, which can mean cutting back on spending to save to invest in a home, perhaps, or on free time to get a degree or certification, investing in oneself by beginning a fitness regime, or targeting a professional goal. Another misconception is that it only influences the sign in which it’s positioned, which means that as it departs Virgo on October 29th, suddenly they’ll find that everything’s be rosy, while Librans, into whose sign is moves, are in for a tough time. Not so. Those Virgos must still work at whatever elements of their lives remain unfinished, and if Librans were already busily dealing with issues, they may not even notice the dread Saturn’s arrival in their sign, other than to recognise how much they’ve achieved. However, every individual has Saturn located somewhere in their birthchart, and the lessons it indicates are part of their plan for this life. And, similarly, whatever sign it’s in at present, it will be accenting some portion of the chart of each and every individual walking the earth. All the time – 24/7. If that sounds worrying or depressing, then it’s time for you to befriend this powerhouse planet. Dread Saturn and you won’t have access to the qualities of discrimination, clarity, purposefulness and discipline that it’s all about. And, equally, you’ll miss out on the sense of focus, power and achievement working with it brings. It is a very good ally, indeed, to have on your side. Shelley von Strunckel