Joy of Astrology

Posed on 03 August 2015

Astrology is not a profession for anybody’s who anti-social. The minute the word gets out what I do for a living, passionate discussions about the latest gossip, where to go and what to do are dropped instantly and I’m besieged with questions. Not long ago those questions focused entirely on the individual themselves – tell me about ME! But over the past ten years the nature has shifted, and now there are three or four most asked questions, and they’re all getting more philosophical by the day. I think that’s because many people are aware they’re shaping their future and seek astrological or intuitive guidance to clarify their instincts. The burning question is about destiny. If certain things can be predicted, then where’s the line between free will – me making my own decisions and taking responsibility for my own life – and events that are beyond my control? The astrological answer is, the line’s unclear, but shifts according to whether they planetary cycle is a challenging or easy, more flowing, one and whether in individual in question is knowledgeable and confident about what they’re doing, or unsure enough they’re vulnerable. It’s said that knowledge is power. When working with clients, I work to increase their self-awareness. That means they’re better equipped to deal with whatever comes along, welcome or not, en event that they embrace wholeheartedly or dread. This makes it easier to know how to respond, whether regard challenges as a do it yourself project or call for help. The planets are part of this scenario. Everybody, even those who pretend they’re not, is influenced by the heightened feelings at the Full Moon and the more delicate sense of the unfamiliar, and of promise and vulnerability, at the New Moon. And there’s the bigger planetary cycles, Saturn, our great teacher, which takes about 29 years to pass through all twelve signs, and at it does, leaves a trail of life-enhancing insights (if you’re wondering, it’s currently in Virgo) and the benevolent Jupiter (now in Aquarius), who bestows its gifts to one sign per year, making its way through all twelve in that many years. But there’s another component, and that’s passion. Passion for life. Having a passion for something that makes you get up in the morning. It can be an activity, something as vast as nature, as specific as your own garden or, perhaps, music or cooking. But it must be yours, not dependent on another person – although passions of that variety are to be encouraged as well. If you haven’t yet encountered your passion, then what an exciting journey you’re on! The planets and the stars can guide you to it, but it’s you who must take the first step. For some, the journey itself turns into a passion. When that happens, whether the planets are behaving themselves or not, every day is a joy.