The New Warrior

Posed on 02 February 2016

The other day I was discussing the role of the planet Mars in a particular individual’s chart. Mars is often defined as the planet of war and aggression. But that way of looking at it is more a by-product of the past couple of decades of violent films than it is an accurate assessment of this far more complex planet – and the energy it signifies in each of our lives. At its most fundamental, it is the ruler of the sign Aries – the sign which commences as the vernal equinox takes place, and spring commences. But Mars isn’t just about green buds becoming spring flowers. Actually, it’s about the raw energy required for the seeds in winter-hardened ground to grow, to break through their own shell casing and then through the earth to reach for the light of the sun. Similarly, it’s the effort required for a chick to crack open through the shell encasing it, and begin life independent of its protection. The planet Mars signifies something within each of us; it’s a vital side of our nature. One that’s rich, complex and capable of great subtly and restraint. Think of movies of the 30’s and 40’s, with handsome, gracious, gentlemen officers who somehow had a firmer manner than their civilian counterparts. Then, when the world went to war, and those cinema soldiers went into battle, on the ground or in the air, it was about the cause and dignity, not flashy battles – cinematic special effects extended only to a fake airplane on a sound stage. Now movies are full of battles. Extended, violent – almost creative – battles. While, intellectually, we are aware the actors are only acting, and that the bombs and bodies being blown bits are only cinematic trickery, we get lost in the magic of film. This is a new variety of Mars, violent beyond anything most encounter in everyday reality. It’s the same on the news. Reports of violence, terrorism place those battles in our homes. And it’s become such an everyday occurrence that few regard it as unusual. Thus, Mars and the energy it represents has become warped. While a few movies still present versions of the gentleman (and gentlewoman…) solider, these days, they’re the exception. Which means that we, as individuals have nearly lost our own sense of the magnificent force and power – and restraint – of this most fundamental of planets. While, in the inevitable cycle of fashion, film violence will eventually be so excessive it’s no longer interesting, in the meanwhile we each – men and women – owe it to ourselves to seek, explore and integrate that ancient and honourable side of Mars energy. This doesn’t require joining the army. But it does mean understanding your inner warrior, and being ready to stand up for yourself with power combined with control when the situation demands. Tags: warrior, war, Mars, battles, violence in film, power, war movies, special effects