Wed 07 December - 2022

You don’t think of yourself as a creature of habit. But as one of the ‘fixed’ signs of the zodiac, that is, those born in the middle of the season, you thrive on a routine. Enough that, recently, you’ve rejected otherwise intriguing invitations. Reflect on that. You could be missing something wonderful.


Sun 04 December - 2022 To Sat 10 December - 2022

You’ve probably noticed how unsettled many of those around you are. Some are exploring new ways of living or working. While you’ve felt equally unsure, you haven’t reached the point of seeking anything new. Consequently, the unexpected ideas or offers currently coming your way could be as surprising as they are puzzling. The trick? Explore for the sheer joy of discovery, nothing more. At least, for now. 


December - 2022

If you haven’t already agreed to sudden, if not confusing, changes, you soon will. This theme begins now and extends into your birthday month. However, as you’ll soon discover, what initially seems unwelcome, if not unwise, leads to breakthroughs that wouldn’t otherwise have happened. The secret? If you can’t say an enthusiastic ‘yes’ to these twists and turns, at least explore them. True, that means bidding farewell to certain longstanding habits and alliances. Here, too, challenging as this is initially, you’ll soon realise what a relief it is. 

Year to Come


Over the past year or so, with both expansive Jupiter and practical Saturn in Aquarius, destiny has taken you in all sorts of directions. While you’re already grateful for some experiences, others led to struggle, and you’re eager to put these behind you. That will happen, but only after one more round of sudden changes, during January and February. Unsettling as these seem, go along with them. By midyear, you’ll wonder why you paused for even a moment. Encounters and experiences will change your life, and in wonderful ways.