Mon 29 May - 2023


Sun 28 May - 2023 To Sat 03 June - 2023

By now you’ve probably realised this is one of those tricky periods during which even the cleverest of plans or strongest of alliances with others have little power to prevent unsettling twists and turns. The secret? Be patient. Do the minimum. You’ll soon realise that the more you back off, the better your position will be. In the meanwhile? Declutter your diary and your life of unrewarding or burdensome commitments and plans. 


May - 2023

As a quick-thinking air sign, once you understand the point and promise changes hold, you’ll embrace them, if hesitantly. Judging by May’s many twists and turns, you’re better off being both inquisitive and flexible. Do that, and while you’ll learn a lot, you’ll find it wise to diplomatically ignore others’ questions, if not objections. Instead, focus on exploration, and discuss details later. What you achieve will be amazingly rewarding and, soon, others will acknowledge how wise your inquisitive approach to those changes was. 

Year to Come


Recently, you’ve broadened your horizons, and in many areas of your life. You’ve reviewed and, often, changed even longstanding arrangements, and probably explored intriguing options. This is as much about the people you spend time with as what you do. What’s most important, however, are the events that draw you into unexpected, if not entirely unfamiliar, territory. You may have rejected this in the past or simply never thought of it. Now you will be, and what, and who, you discover promise to add magic to your life.