Thu 21 January - 2021

During periods of change, challenge or breakthrough, such as this is, joys often appear in ways as unexpected as they can be exciting. However, getting the best out of these periods requires that, instead of trying to minimise changes, you instead decide to plunge in, aware that you’ll learn from every twist and turn.


Sun 17 January - 2021 To Sat 23 January - 2021

While you’re inquisitive by nature, in certain elements of your life you avoid change, and sometimes even battle it. Yet the current planetary setup indicates that what seem pointless shifts are actually breakthroughs, if in disguise. While you may be unable to say a wholehearted yes to what’s coming your way, at least explore ideas and events. The more you learn, the more enthusiastic you’ll be. 




January - 2021

Once you understand you’re not merely in a period of change but that elements of your life are being transformed, when events as sudden as they are dramatic arise, you’ll celebrate. Those developments reshaping your life are altering the circumstances of others, too. However, with your both practical Saturn and Jupiter having moved into Aquarius in mid-December, changes in circumstances, your perspective and priorities bring a fresh perspective to seemingly solid arrangements. The future? For now, focus on exploration. Long term plans can and should wait.

Year to Come


Despite your restless, inquisitive mind, you’re also a creature of habit. So when the changes kick-started by the arrival by expansive Jupiter and practical Saturn, into Aquarius, began in late 2020, you may not have welcomed or even understood what was taking place. There’s no rush. You’re benefitting from their influence this year and next, often in ways as puzzling as they are unexpected. The trick? Say no to nothing, including what’s unappealing or makes little sense. With the world around you changing, and your own priorities shifting, life’s about discovery. Decisions? Instead make plans, but regard them as tentative and ensure everybody understands that. This gives you the freedom to benefit from changes in the world around you but, even more, to fine tune your understanding of the exciting options coming your way.