Fri 01 March - 2024

Long ago you realised that certain individuals simply don’t share your fascination with the world around you and the people in it. However, now that the planet of transformation, Pluto, is in Aquarius, those changes will be as far-reaching as they’ll be timely, And for now? Wait and watch.


Sun 25 February - 2024 To Sat 02 March - 2024

As a quick-thinking and clever Aquarius, you’re usually the first to spot and delve into potential breakthroughs. However, with the newly arrived Pluto and fiery Mars both in Aquarius, the ideas, offers and encounters coming your way are as exciting as, often, they are puzzling. The secret? Explore everything, discuss what excites you but, ensure any plans are flexible. This ensures you’re able to continue your journey of discovery, during March, and the rest of the year. 


March - 2024

As an inquisitive air sign, you’re usually the first to hear about and, often, act on new ideas. Now, however, your thinking and plans are influenced by others and, equally, by unexpected events and certain individuals. Tempted to debate the pros and cons of each? Don’t. Instead plunge and let experience be your guide. The secret? Adopt an experimental approach. Try things out and if they don’t   work, move on. You’ll not only learn a lot, your world will become a more exciting place to be. 

Year to Come


Few things excite you more than hearing about exciting changes or new ideas. However, during 2024, you’ll be making them part of your life, often swiftly. Forget about negotiation. Instead, plunge in, knowing you can back out if it seems wise. Still, you’ll soon exchange those doubts for enthusiasm, even regarding dramatic shake-ups