Sun 18 April - 2021

As an Aries, you live life to the full. You thrive on action and enjoy getting as much done as possible. However, there’ve been times in the past when you were moving so swiftly you didn’t realise you needed a break. It’s the same now. Stop, get your breath, and restore your energy.


Sun 18 April - 2021 To Sat 24 April - 2021

Welcome, if not astonishing, as certain ideas or offers are, events are chaotic. While others are overwhelmed, you find the excitement stimulating. Your challenge is, in fact, slowing your pace enough that you can deal with details, but also ensure others are up to date on swiftly moving events. Keep plans flexible. There’ll be several twists and turns before you can regard anything settled for good. 


April - 2021

Being enthusiastic by nature, you’re rarely willing to wait until the right moment to commit to pivotal plans. Still, during April’s first half, focus on decluttering your life of unworkable arrangements, even if it means admitting defeat. Meanwhile, rethink your goals and consider what’s truly inspiring. This prepares you for the powerful insights and resulting shift in priorities triggered by the Aries New Moon, on 12 April. Once these are clear, you’ll know exactly what, and who, will take priority in your plans and passions.

Year to Come


While 2020 was informative, it was also challenging, especially with your ruling planet Mars in Aries, from 28 June until 6 January, 2021. The challenge? Spotting and acknowledging which activities and alliances no longer serve or suit you, and exploring necessary changes. While, mostly, this is a relief, often letting go will be challenging, especially if you’re unsure what’s next. The solution? Making the best of your inquisitive streak, even if it means venturing into unfamiliar territory, personally, in terms of your work, relationships or even passions. Tempting as it is to make changes swiftly, then settle in, devote at least the year’s first half to exploring your options. One thing will lead to another, often in ways as thrilling as they are unexpected. Final plans? They can, and should, wait until later in the year.