Wed 07 December - 2022

It’s time to take a break. While you’re still juggling a range of, on one hand, duties and, equally, plans involving exciting ideas, nothing is urgent. In fact, it’s the ideal moment to back away from everything and everybody, and review how things are going. If any concerns arise, you can tackle them right away.


Sun 04 December - 2022 To Sat 10 December - 2022

Obviously, you’re longing for clarity regarding exciting developments. However, with so much in transition, do only what you can. And, even more, regard arrangements as a trial run. This gives you and others time to benefit from experience yet, also, to explore. This is timely, because you’ve a range of amazing ideas and encounters coming your way between now and the new year. 


December - 2022

Sometimes planning ahead involves deciding what should go, even if elements of the future remain puzzling. December is about exactly that. While it’s clear certain arrangements can’t continue as they are, you’re unsure what’s next. The clarity you’re seeking will come with the Cancer Full Moon, on 6 January. Knowing that, you’ll regard even unsettling changes as preparation, yet recognise patience is vital. Meanwhile, reflect on certain as yet unrealised dreams. Focus on these now, and by early 2023, they’re likely to become reality. 

Year to Come


Once certain arrangements, personal, professional or even longstanding goals were the centre of your life. Now that’s changing, sometimes because of exciting new options. But, just as often, you recognise you no longer care, so can let go. The resulting freedom changes your life. The secret? Invest time in exploring options, some so new you’re unsure what’s involved. And be patient. Once you’ve learnt to take things as they come, you’ll enjoy every twist and turn of this remarkable year. Focus on what you’re learning and who you’re meeting. Lasting plans? Then can wait until next year.