Mon 29 May - 2023


Sun 28 May - 2023 To Sat 03 June - 2023

After having avoided even mentioning certain increasingly tricky issues, speaking openly is a relief. However, others are still tiptoeing around these, which could mean you’ll have to find a way to raise and discuss the matters in question. Be frank. Risky as that seems initially, being free to talk over both facts and feelings openly won’t just be a relief, it will lead to constructive brainstorming and surprising swift solutions.


May - 2023

While you’re often cautious, with courageous Mars in Cancer, from late March until 20 May, you’re in a cycle of action, exploration and breakthroughs. The secret? Make plans, but ensure they’re flexible. And be bold. State exactly what you want, and when something or somebody exciting appears, plunge in swiftly, then focus on details later. However, sudden insights could mean rethinking plans. If so, take action. And aim high. You’ll only regret what you didn’t say or do, not what you did. 

Year to Come


You’ve a zest for life’s adventures. But, also, you want to organise everything perfectly, then settle down comfortably. However, recently, you’ve been in a cycle that’s about breaking away from reassuring habits, and broadening your horizons. Act swiftly. Some options will vanish as suddenly as they appeared. Similarly, invest time in deepening your relationships with those who matter most. This will pay off amazingly, and often unexpectedly, now and over the coming years. The seeds you plant during 2023 will bear fruit in many ways over the coming years.