Thu 21 January - 2021

After having struggled with a range of decisions, some minor, others more far-reaching, you’re beginning to spot a similarity. And this is that each demands you alter your perspective about matters you’ve regarded as unchanging. Once, they were. Now, as you’re becoming aware, things aren’t just different, they’re leading to breakthroughs. 


Sun 17 January - 2021 To Sat 23 January - 2021

Judging by this week’s tricky planetary activity, what you’d hoped would be simple, if complex, discussions could turn into lengthy debates. While time-consuming, what you and others learn in the process will more than justify the patience required. So, tempting as it is to sidestep seemingly pointless topics, don’t. They could turn out to be of the greatest importance in the long run. 



January - 2021

In a way, January began with the departure by your ruler Saturn and expansive Jupiter, from Capricorn, in mid December, and their move to accent life’s practicalities. The resulting events trigger a massive rethink. While you’re brilliant at adapting to the unfamiliar, these are about breakthroughs. As a result, you and everybody else will be taking things day by day. While challenging initially, you’ll soon realise this frees you to explore and improve on, if not revolutionise, your way of living, working and loving.

Year to Come


The past year or so have been dominated by the clarity and superb timing that came with both you ruler Saturn and expansive Jupiter being positioned in Capricorn. Their departure, in late December, has shifted your focus. While beneficial, understanding how to make the best of these changes will require patience. And this isn’t just about life’s practicalities. The focus is on broadening your horizons, meeting new people and exploring new joys. Some will appear from out of the blue but, as often, you’ll need to take the first step. What’s most important is recognising things won’t come together right away. But, often, who and what you encounter in the process of exploration is as rewarding as what you finally achieve. The message from the heavens is to savour the journey.