Wed 07 December - 2022

For ages you’ve been juggling various pressing obligations with the desire to focus on what and who means most to you. The current Full Moon doesn’t just accent these matters, events are likely to bring any potential changes to a head. That being the case, put these first. Anything else can, and should, wait.


Sun 04 December - 2022 To Sat 10 December - 2022

The last thing you’re in the mood to do is say farewell to passions or plans, some longstanding. However, you’ve known the foundation on which these are based is changing, so it’s no surprise. Even more, you’re intrigued by ideas and encounters, all of which would broaden your horizon via study, travel or spending time with intriguing but unfamiliar people. For now, focus on exploration.


December - 2022

You could easily feel overwhelmed by both changes in past arrangements and ongoing developments, all of which need attention, if not serious decision-making. The secret? It’s to do something out of character and make swift decisions. Yes, this means without careful analysis. The resulting easygoing approach frees you to review your own priorities and, equally, to rethink plans - probably more than once. It’s the same with ongoing changes in your relations with those closest. Rethinking, if not radically altering, longstanding habits may be exactly what’s needed. 

Year to Come


Theme: Taking chances   Challenge; You say you’re not sentimental, but letting go of certain arrangements from the past won’t be easy.  Events during the first half of 2022 challenge you to let say farewell to certain familiar arrangement and explore others, some unsettling if not disruptive. Still, plunge in. This period is about discovery, broadening your circle of friends or associates, going unfamiliar places and embracing new passions. True, some could lead to shakeups. If so, be bold. You won’t regret the chances you took. Once you’ve actually begun, you’ll realise the timing couldn’t be better.