Sat 02 March - 2024

Ages ago you organised certain plans and, equally, made commitments to others you regard as unshakable. However, both circumstances and your priorities have changed. Enough it’s worth conducting a top to bottom review of those plans. Once you begin, you’ll not only be glad you did, you’ll be amazed how much you learn.


Sun 25 February - 2024 To Sat 02 March - 2024

Usually you’re the one encouraging others to plan ahead. However, the foundation on which most plans, minor and far-reaching, are based is shifting. This, in turn, means ensuing both your thinking and arrangements are flexible. Meanwhile, discuss every idea you encounter and, try out those that appeal, more as an experiment than a commitment. Explore absolutely everything. What you learn will be useful now and hugely valuable in the future.  


March - 2024

Usually, you’d already have made plans, not just for March but the coming months. However, with your ruler Saturn and idealistic Neptune both accenting exploration, often into unfamiliar territory, your focus is on letting go of the past, and often while unsure what’s next. This is out of character but leads to life-changing ideas and offers. Explore for the sake of it, while adopting an uncharacteristically easygoing approach. Before the month’s close, you be making plans that, at its beginning, seemed impossible. 

Year to Come


After a long period of life being predictable, your keyword for 2024 is exploration - in terms of what you’ve been doing, activities you want to learn about and meeting people. Forget about turning ideas or encounters into plans. Instead, focus on discovery. This, then, raises questions about changes you’ve intended to make. Take that first step, knowing each will guide you to what’s next.