Mon 29 May - 2023


Sun 28 May - 2023 To Sat 03 June - 2023

While others will complain about the cycle of challenging situations you’ve just undertaken, you’ve an amazing knack for defining their nature, then having done hat, making a plan, and tackling any challenge as it arises. This isn’t just wise. With this cycle lasting well into mid-June, your strategy will be extremely helpful. And the outcome? Despite confusing circumstances now, and over the coming weeks, you’ll have that fully figured out, as well.


May - 2023

While you’ll be juggling a range of situations, settings or relationship matters, approach each in a way that’s out of character. Relax. Do the minimum. Destiny is in a good mood, and will bring ideas, offers or just the right person your way. Also, take it slowly. Stand back and allow already promising events to unfold in a truly magical fashion. True, as a Capricorn, usually you’d take over. This once, don’t. The less you do, the more likely it is that miracles will come your way. 

Year to Come


While you thrive a challenge, those you’re facing during 2023 are about questioning existing arrangements and, equally, exploring potential changes as thrilling as, often, they’ll be challenging. This is about breakthroughs, taking chances, going unfamiliar places, learning new skills. But, just as much, it’s about discovering a new closeness with those who matter most. They may need your support or, possibly, it will be the reverse. Reveal, and discuss, your feelings with unexpected openness. Invest time in this. Everybody will benefit, and far more than you imagine possible.