Sat 02 March - 2024

You don’t think of yourself as stubborn and, mostly, you’re not. However, long ago you realised that certain individuals are just as stubborn as you are, yet manage to irritate those they’re battling with. That’s because they’re not benefitting from your Gemini charm. It’s more of an asset than you realise.


Sun 25 February - 2024 To Sat 02 March - 2024

The move by your ruler Mercury to accent the structure of your life triggered a lengthy, and timely, cycle of exploration, discussion and yet more exploration. While certain individuals are getting impatient, explain that with the foundation on which most plans would be based shifting, often more than once, even the simplest of arrangements should be regarded as an experiment. The good news is, of course, there’s no better time to try out exciting, if risky, ideas. 


March - 2024

As a Gemini, you’ve a gift for meeting, getting to know and, usually involved in, adventures with others, often with those yov’ve only just met. Now, you’re short of facts but the pace is swift. However, by mid-May, you’ll know enough to cut back on some plans and focus on others. Keep track of practicalities, from time to money and especially certain increasingly important alliances. The swift pace demands persistent attention. And double-check facts. The efforts you make now will pay off big time in the future.  

Year to Come


You’re inquisitive, so enjoy in meeting and getting to know others, often people who broaden your circle in magical ways. Now, however, you must come first. This is about what, and who, to focus on and, equally, where decluttering is necessary. Initially you’ll put things off.  But once you begin, it will be a relief, and give you more time for yourself