Wed 07 December - 2022

Now that your ruling planet, Mercury, has moved into the painstaking Capricorn for a lengthy stay, you’re not only facing a series of practical matters, you’ll actually have the patience to deal with them. And that’s the secret. It’s to forget about seeking a quick fix and tackle them once, and do it properly.   


Sun 04 December - 2022 To Sat 10 December - 2022

Recently you’ve faced several tricky situations, some uncomplicated, others more pressing, if not just plain urgent. While you thought they were dealt with, sudden changes in circumstances and, just as much, in your thinking about the future are prompting a review. Unappealing as the idea seems, tackle it enthusiastically. The resulting insights and, ultimately, thrilling plans will more than justify the aggravation and delays involved. 


December - 2022

For ages you’ve known certain practical or financial matters would demand serious thought and attention. That time has come. In many cases, teamwork is essential. While this requires patience and, often, tact, you’ll benefit from others’ broader experience. But, also, ensure you take a break. Focus on life’s pleasures, especially those that are unfamiliar or arise suddenly. This is a period of discovery. And finalising plans? That can wait until you’re better informed. So for now, focus on who and what you encounter. The results will be magical.  

Year to Come


While you’re inquisitive and usually know what’s happening in the world around you and others’ lives before they do, you’ll often ignore even pressing changes in elements of your own life until the last minute. True, initially, it may seem you’re giving into ideas or plans you dread. Still, plunge in. The results will be magic. What you experience, achieve and who you meet won’t just be exciting, they’ll change your life. While some are temporary, others mark the beginning of a timely new cycle.