Sun 18 April - 2021

For you, as a Gemini, one of life’s joys is meeting somebody interesting and, even better, an individual who knows about things you don’t. Not only is this likely now, the odds are good the time spent with them, and your conversations, will add to your life, and in unexpected yet wonderful ways.


Sun 18 April - 2021 To Sat 24 April - 2021

In early March, the passionate, fiery and impatient Mars moved into Gemini, triggering an action-filled cycle. You’ve done lots, mostly successfully. Still, you’ll be relieved this dynamic but exhausting period ends on Friday the 23rd. Until then, tie up any undecided arrangements, also allowing unworkable ones to go. And next? Profit from your achievements and any worthwhile encounters. And, equally important, take a break. 


April - 2021

In early March the planet of courage and action, Mars, moved into Gemini to remain until late April. The resulting far-reaching review and restless exploration both declutters your life and takes you in new, and often unanticipated, directions. While, generally, you ensure arrangements are flexible, you sense certain plans need to be finalised. That’s true. But with circumstances, others’ plans and your own priorities changing frequently, lasting plans or final decisions can, and should, wait you’re benefitting from the insights that come with early May’s events. 

Year to Come


With fiery Mars in Gemini from 4 March to 23 April you’re both feeling enthusiastic about exploring new options, yet ready to focus on goals. This boosts your clarity about what it’s time to say farewell to, an important step before you begin making serious plans for your future. The secret? Seek a balance. As you explore, consciously shed elements of the past that no longer work. While challenging, this clears away clutter from the past, which in turn enables you to explore, and benefit from, the exciting new encounters and experiences coming your way. Despite that, continue to explore. What seems the best option midyear could be exceeded by what appears later in the year and could soon become an exciting and, possibly, lasting part of your life.