Thu 21 January - 2021

Although you’ve figured out certain plans in detail, things just aren’t going as smoothly as you hoped. That’s no surprise. With so much in transition, even the simplest of arrangements are unlikely to be free of unexpected twists. Once you acknowledge and accept that, everything else will be surprisingly easy.


Sun 17 January - 2021 To Sat 23 January - 2021

As an inquisitive Gemini, you thrive on new ideas, if not the unexpected. As a result, when life’s too predictable, you’ll get things going. However, recent events amongst friends or in the world around you were so unsettling you’re unsure what to do or think. The answer? Quietly withdraw, and reflect on what’s taking place. Only once your mind is settled will what’s next be clear. 


January - 2021

During late December and early January, you’ll be tempted to shore up longstanding arrangements, some personal, others practical or involving business. While you could figure out ways to revive these, do the minimum. By midmonth, when your ruler Mercury meets practical Saturn and the planet of innovation, Uranus, both circumstances and your perspective will change, possibly overnight. Everybody will be offering advice. Listen, but, even more, trust your instincts. With changes this dramatic, your vision of possibilities is more reliable than seemingly solid facts.

Year to Come


With fiery Mars in Gemini from 4 March to 23 April you’re both feeling enthusiastic about exploring new options, yet ready to focus on goals. This boosts your clarity about what it’s time to say farewell to, an important step before you begin making serious plans for your future. The secret? Seek a balance. As you explore, consciously shed elements of the past that no longer work. While challenging, this clears away clutter from the past, which in turn enables you to explore, and benefit from, the exciting new encounters and experiences coming your way. Despite that, continue to explore. What seems the best option midyear could be exceeded by what appears later in the year and could soon become an exciting and, possibly, lasting part of your life.