Mon 29 May - 2023


Sun 28 May - 2023 To Sat 03 June - 2023

For ages you’ve known certain longstanding arrangements need a serous rethink. However, these involve others, who either were behind plans or who’re  already discussing possibilities.  While you’re temped to leave it all to them, they’re not only eager for your help, they’d value your thoughts and ideas. And despite recent tense conversations, be frank. The clearer discussions are now, the more worthwhile the resulting plans will be.  


May - 2023

During May’s first half you’ll be juggling recent unsettling events.  Go along with changes, including those that involve letting go of elements of the past. You’ll soon realise others are struggling, too.  Juggle both. Deal with personal maters but, , also, do whatever you can to help those who need it. This isn’t just a good deed; the resulting insights will be unexpectedly timely. Most important, learn all you can about who and what comes your way, but avoid making commitments just yet. Ideally, they’ll wait until mid-June’s Gemini New Moon. 

Year to Come


Being inquisitive by nature, you aim to deal with life’s practicalities swiftly. This, in turn, frees you to explore. During 2023, however, frequent changes on the foundation on which elements of your life are based will require a far-reaching rethink. While annoying initially, you soon realise how much even unsettling twists and turns are adding to your life, in the present - but in terms of future plans. The trick? Organise your life in a way that’s practical yet allows you to explore even unexpected ideas and offers.