Sun 18 April - 2021

Only days ago, you’d have sworn you’d never raise, still less discuss, certain complicated issues. Then events themselves cornered you into doing exactly that. While, initially, you dreaded these exchanges, once you began talking openly with others, you realised they were far better informed than you imagined. The rest will be easy. 


Sun 18 April - 2021 To Sat 24 April - 2021

You’re facing urgent decisions. Or so it seems. While nothing will halt the changes coming your way, you’ve plenty of time to discuss various options, including a few you’ve never considered. While, as a passionate fire sign, tentative decisions aren’t usually your style, try it. This gives you a vital opportunity to explore various options, some so new understanding them is bound to take time. 


April - 2021

There’s no doubt you’ll be delighted by the ideas, events and encounters life’s bringing your way. Despite them being fascinating, you’re being forced to juggle elements of the past that must go with intriguing, yet uncertain, future plans. The trick? Temporarily set aside that Leo impatience and explore experiences and encounters for whatever they bring. However, things are unlikely to come together until mid-June, when dynamic Mars moves into Leo. The resulting clarity, and the plans you make then, will have been worth waiting for. 

Year to Come


For ages there’s been talk of changes in elements of your life, such as the way you live, work or in close alliances, however, you’ve managed to sidestep these. That may have seemed wise at the time, but with the planet of abundance, Jupiter, and practical Saturn both accenting joint activities and indicating the need to make such changes - probably a series of them - it’s time to plunge in. If you’re anxious initially, you’ll soon exchange those feelings for enthusiasm about what you’re doing and what could be next. True, this leads to shakeups in longstanding arrangements at home or out in the world. Yet you’ve long known these were overdue and, ironically, once you begin, you’ll wonder why you hesitated for even a moment. The secret to making the best of 2021? Be bold. Act swiftly and ask questions later.