Mon 29 May - 2023


Sun 28 May - 2023 To Sat 03 June - 2023

Ordinarily, you’ll act on issues the moment they appear. However, certain practicalities are forcing you to take it slowly, if not say and do nothing. While, obviously, this is frustrating, you also correctly sense the mood is about to shift and, better yet, things will go your way. And for now? Back off. You may not be feeling patient, but it’s by far the best strategy. 


May - 2023

Since early March, events have forced you to yield to others’ plans or, in some cases, destiny. While, initially, you were unsettled, since then you’ve realised that what seemed most worrying was a breakthrough, if in disguise. So while going with the flow is out of character, it’s the best strategy for ensuring you make the best of sudden or unexpected ideas, offers or opportunities. Equally, be prepared to let go of elements of the past. Risky as it seems, this gives you time and space to explore.  

Year to Come


Recently you realised certain once-rewarding arrangements need to change substantially or come to an end. This is good timing, because you’re ready for the exciting, yet unsettling, series of ideas and offers 2023 brings your way. Explore everything, including those you regard as unrealistic. You’ll learn from what doesn’t last, while others will broaden your horizons, often amazingly. Also, break old habits. This won’t be easy but frees you to plunge into ideas or offers as thrilling as they are unexpected. The more chances you take, the more you’ll benefit.