Wed 07 December - 2022

Ages ago you made several promises, all to people you care about. At the time there was no problem and, in fact, these plans excited you. Since then, however, things have changed. These need to be rethought if not abandoned. Tempting as it is to put off further discussion, the sooner you do it, the better.


Sun 04 December - 2022 To Sat 10 December - 2022

Only recently it seemed that, at long last, certain persistent issues had been dealt with. However, with the foundation on which they’re based shifting, even simple arrangements will need to be rethought, possibly more than once. Take advantage of the resulting discussions to raise certain concerns, some involving others, a few personal. Happily, the current slow pace makes dealing with all such matters less complicated. 


December - 2022

For some time you’ve lived with uncertainty about increasingly unrewarding elements of your everyday existence. You may even have been considering a complete change in your lifestyle. While  unsure how far this will go, you’re enjoying learning about your fascinating options. Soon, however, the process of exploration will become more intense. The challenge? Those individuals who review your plans endlessly, and seem eager to become part of them. The secret? Ensure others are aware decisions are yours to discuss with those closest, and to make in your own. 

Year to Come


The year of 2022 is about decluttering your way of living, working or even your passions. Once you understand that, you’ll stop analysing every situation in detail and do something out of character. You’ll allow events, and your own plans and priorities to unfold when, and as, they must. True, this could mean living with uncertainty. And while, initially this will take courage, you’ll discover a new freedom and joy in this approach. By the year’s close, you’ll realise how wise it is.