Mon 29 May - 2023


Sun 28 May - 2023 To Sat 03 June - 2023

Between tricky planetary activity involving your ruler Jupiter, and the twists and turns prior to the Sagittarius Full Moon, on Sunday 4 June, you’re feeling overwhelmed. While, usually, you thrive on such excitement, you fear others will interfere with decisions that are yours to make. Take advantage of this. Ask what they’re thinking then, if you like their ideas, tackle plans as a team. You’ll soon be glad you did. 


May - 2023

You’ve a talent for making even seemingly dull elements of life exciting. What’s more, you either make quick work of it or, ideally, sidestep tedious situations or individuals. During May, however, these are broadening your horizons. By mid-month, you’ll have learnt the details. Until then? Explore everything, if only to learn from experience and the people you meet. Also, tempting as it is to get things organised swiftly, be patient. By the Sagittarius Full Moon on 4 June, everything will be crystal clear. 

Year to Come


You’re beginning a year of breakthroughs and, often, unexpected good fortune. The challenge? Some events are a repeat of past arrangements that didn’t work or involve relinquishing control. Yes, it’s out of character, but this once, wait and watch. Others or, often, destiny knows what’s best. Within months you realise how true this is, and learn a new skill – that’s being easygoing. Events take you in unfamiliar directions, and your world becomes a bigger and more exciting place. True, sometimes this means going along with thrilling ideas or offers.