Wed 07 December - 2022

There are many definitions of what others would term as a ‘dream come true’. But judging by the current remarkable planetary setup, the odds are good you’ve exciting things to explore. For now, focus on that, and no more. While these could lead to major changes, you’re urged to take it slowly.


Sun 04 December - 2022 To Sat 10 December - 2022

If you feel a sense of urgency both to make pressing decisions regarding certain here and now matters but, also, to deal with future plans, it’s no surprise. On the 20th your ruler Jupiter shifts from accenting those plans to focusing on life’s joys. This could mean finally saying farewell to demanding arrangements but also, the beginning of a cycle that’s about rethinking what, and who, you put first.  


December - 2022

You begin December juggling the thrilling range of changes, ideas and offers triggered by late November’s Sagittarius New Moon. While you’re likely to have made plans, over the coming weeks, they’ll change frequently and, often, dramatically. As a fire sign, you enjoy these twists and turns. However, others are wisely encouraging you to double check the facts. At minimum, you’ll learn a lot and the resulting discussions will be even more exciting. For now, focus on ensuring every step of plans are well organised. 

Year to Come


The fiery Mars visits Sagittarius from 13 December 2021, until January 24 2022. This period brings amazing options and triggers exciting ideas. But, also, it’s vital you regard your own plans and those involving others as the first of many. The secret? Focus on meeting interesting people and on exploration. If you do organise something, regard it as tentative, if not an experiment. This so broadens your horizons and adds to you life that each twist and turn will excite you all the more.