Thu 18 April - 2024

As a restless fire sign, you thrive on meeting interesting people and new ideas, especially those that broaden your horizons. That’s exactly what’s coming your way now and over the next few weeks. The challenge? They’ll appear in a range of forms. While some will be recognisable instantly, it will take a while to spot others.


Sun 14 April - 2024 To Sat 20 April - 2024

You don’t think of yourself as stubborn and, usually, you’re amazingly easygoing, even when faced with tricky situations and difficult individuals. However, you’re currently faced with the need to let go of certain arrangements that are devouring your time and, in some cases, are costly. This won’t be easy. The challenge? You’re unsure what’s next. For now, focus on exploring your options. Within days there’ll be no question what’s next, and it will be far more exciting than, only recently, you’d imagined possible.


April - 2024

Being an inquisitive Sagittarius, you’re always interested in ideas, activities and encounters that will enrich your life. And with your ruling planet, Jupiter, accenting such matters since May of 2023, your world has become a broader, more exciting and, possibly, more profitable place. Now, the tide is shifting, and during Aprill you’ll begin to narrow your focus. Take it slowly. What you learn and who you meet in the process will benefit you now but, as you’ll note over the coming years, for the rest of your life. 

Year to Come


As an inquisitive fire sign, you’re always exploring everything from new ideas to potential changes. Yet during 2024, your focus is on rethinking elements of your lifestyle, where or how you live. The actual process is, itself, hugely informative. Also, encourage others to update you on options but ensure decisions are yours, and yours alone.