Fri 01 March - 2024

Worrying the wellbeing of others is one thing, However, often your concerns are based on what on what others might think or feel. Reflect on this, most of those concerns are based more on your imagination than any genuine problems. The solution? Rein in your runaway feelings. While challenging, the results justify the effort.


Sun 25 February - 2024 To Sat 02 March - 2024

For ages you’ve sensed changes were coming. However, their form and rapid pace is likely to have caught you by surprise. Once you understand this isn’t about a single change but a series of twists and turns, some as unsettling as they are exciting, you’ll get involved but focus on exploration, not making plans. They can, and should wait. What’s more, be prepared to declutter elements of your life, in the process clearing the way for breakthroughs. 


March - 2024

If you’re into astrology, Scorpio, you’ll be aware that with your own ruling planet Pluto positioned in Aquarius, the sign of breakthroughs and innovation, you’re in a cycle of discovery and, often, changes as far-reaching as they’ll be amazing. The challenge? Going with the flow, especially while short of facts. Tempted to wait and watch? Instead, plunge in. Let experience be your guide. The more chances you take, the more you’ll learn. Equally, you’ll learn the art of organising flexible plans. That will make everything else easy. 

Year to Come


No sign is better at dealing with, if not overcoming, challenging situations, something you’ve done over the past years. Now, however, amazing if unsettling developments appear. Some are expected, but others are a complete surprise. Explore them, ideally with an open mind. You’ll learn from them all but may surprise yourself by what you decide to go for.