Mon 29 May - 2023


Sun 28 May - 2023 To Sat 03 June - 2023

As a cautious and thorough Scorpio, even simple changes require considerable investigation, thought, discussion and yet more serious reflection. However, judging by the planetary activity between now and mid-June, events will make most of those decisions for you. Go with the flow. While this may seem weak, within days you’ll realise that destiny is dealing with matters not only wisely, but in ways you’d never have thought of. 


May - 2023

May divides into two parts. During the first, you’ll be disentangling yourself from burdensome arrangements, some longstanding. Once, they made sense. But times have changed and so have you. The problem? You’ve been unsure what’s next. While, in certain situations, letting go will be challenging, by mid-month there’ll be no question what’s coming, and how exciting this new cycle will be. Yes, as with many changes, you’ll sometimes wish for reassurance. For now, trust destiny. By early June you’ll realise how wise that was.  

Year to Come


As a thorough, cautious Scorpio, you plan ahead. Yet the events triggered by the eclipsed Full Moon in Scorpio, on 3 May, usher in changes. Tempting as it is to try to rein these in, be bold. Action brings insights and, often in unexpected ways, good fortune. Similarly, let go. While unsettling initially, you’re soon so enjoying decluttering your thinking and elements of your lifestyle that you’ll begin wondering what else could be dramatically changed, or go. This frees you to spend more time with those who matter most.