Sat 02 March - 2024

Few things annoy you more than those whose passionate nature leads to making plans that change as frequently as their mood does. The secret? Acknowledge that you can’t change them, but you can back off and let them do their thing. Once they have, and the mood’s calmer, you can hang out with them again.


Sun 25 February - 2024 To Sat 02 March - 2024

As a cautious and thorough earth sign, long ago you learnt that when making plans, you’re better off checking out every detail before you commit to anything demanding or lasting. Yet, as you’ve been asking those questions, you’ve found the kind of answers you need are in short supply. The problem? Others are in a hurry. Explain to them, firmly and frankly, whatever their concerns may be, things simply can’t be rushed. 


March - 2024

Over the past months you’ve benefited from the amazing, if sometimes unsettling, events triggered by the presence of both the fortunate Jupiter and Uranus, planet of the unexpected, in Taurus. However, March is about breakthroughs beyond anything you’ve imagined. At other times you might be better off waiting and watching. But with things moving so swiftly, you’re encouraged to plunge in, then make plans as each twist and turn unfolds. True, this isn’t your usual cautious way of doing things. However, the planets promise a fantastic outcome.  

Year to Come


Being ruled by the planet of harmony and beauty, Venus, life’s about living well and creating harmony with those around you, at home and out in the world. However, certain exciting, but unsettling, changes began last year continue during 2024. While, initially, they’ll seem disruptive, you’ll soon recognise them as breakthroughs, and decide to go with the flow. Adopt this approach with sudden ideas or offers, too, and you’ll soon be broadening your horizons in wonderful ways.