Wed 07 December - 2022

As a Taurus, you’ve a gift for making the best of life’s pleasures. But, also, once you’ve got things organised the way you enjoy them, you’ll battle changes. While, from one perspective that makes sense, new ideas and offers aren’t just worth exploring, they’re worth making a part of your life.


Sun 04 December - 2022 To Sat 10 December - 2022

You know what and who has enriched your life. At the moment, however, it may be more important to consider what and, possibly, who no longer brings the benefits or joys they once did. In some cases, this means saying farewell. This, at last, corners you into focusing on certain intriguing ideas or, possibly, far-reaching changes you’ve been very deliberately ignoring. Their time may have come. 


December - 2022

December is all about teamwork. Certain individuals are better positioned than you and eager to help. So back off. Leave even pivotal decisions to them. This frees you to focus on personal plans or passions. Whatever the setting, currently, life’s about exciting changes, if not breakthroughs. True, often events will be so unexpected you’re unsure what’s wise. The planetary setup is about the unexpected, so be bold, knowing you’ll learn from experience. And be patient. The full benefits from your efforts may not be clear until early January. 

Year to Come


Only recently you swore that, however drastic the changes taking place may be, certain cherished elements of your life, activities or important alliances would remain unchanged. However, by the pivotal Taurus eclipsed New Moon on 30 April, you’ll recognise the excitement the unexpected is bringing your way. The secret? Explore everything. Show interest but make no promises. The events of the year’s second half will be as unsettling as they are exciting. You’ll have plenty to keep you busy, and soon recognise that certain longstanding arrangements need a top to bottom rethink or must go.