Thu 21 January - 2021

The Sun has just moved into the part of your chart that accents the structure of your life, and joined powerful Saturn and Jupiter, the planet of growth and good fortune, there. This indicates changes as sudden as they are unexpected. If you can’t say yes to everything, at least explore it all.


Sun 17 January - 2021 To Sat 23 January - 2021

Recently, certain individuals have been complaining about arrangements they regard as unfair. While you recognise everybody has a right to their views, you’ve also felt it was wise to steer clear of these and other potentially confrontational situations. If these aren’t actually directly influencing you, shift your focus to matters you can do something about. Once you have, get involved, ideally along with others. 


January - 2021

Usually, planning ahead is wise. However, with powerful planetary activity reshaping the world around you and, even more, your own life, you’re urged to regard each day as an adventure. True, one side of your nature prefers to settle into a predictable arrangements, at home or out in the world. However, courageous Mars and Uranus, planet of innovation, meeting on 20 January, the focus is on breakthroughs, in your thinking, lifestyle and future plans. Better yet, this is just the beginning. The sky’s the limit.

Year to Come


You’ve been restless and probably seeking ways to turn the ideas spinning around in your mind into reality. This begins to happen, but not always as you’d imagined. The trick? Focus on the fact things are moving, not the gap between your vision and events. Gradually you’ll exchange concerns, if not the feeling you should battle the unexpected to enthusiasm. Equally, you mood will become more inquisitive. You’ll soon recognise unwelcome surprises as being a better, and improved, version of your own plans. Do that in a single area of your life, and you’ll begin to embrace, and enjoy even unexpected events. What’s more, with the foundation on which plans are based shifting, what seemed your best option will change, possibly often. This variety of flexibility isn’t always easy for you, but worth learning to embrace