Mon 29 May - 2023


Sun 28 May - 2023 To Sat 03 June - 2023

The idea of bigtime changes in elements of your way of living or working isn’t new. It’s just that, suddenly, discussions are for real. Still, it will take weeks, if not a month or so, to pull plans together sufficiently that action is possible. Knowing that, get involved, focusing on learning everything you can. That ensures when you make decisions, probably in mid-June, they’ll be the right ones. 


May - 2023

Little annoys you more than those who’re careless about facts, plans or details. Yet from late April until mid-May, that’s exactly what you’ll be facing and, to your surprise, what you learn while untangling this chaos won’t just be informative, it will lead to exciting ideas, encounters and breakthroughs. Knowing that, instead of tidying things up swiftly, then moving on, continue to explore and, especially, meet people. These encounters and experiences won’t just be interesting; they’ll be paving the way to an unexpectedly rewarding new future. 

Year to Come


During the past two years, changes in others’ lives or in circumstances have forced you to reorganise, if not substantially alter, your lifestyle. This is about who and what comes first. Resist the temptation to stick with what’s familiar or seems wise. You’re in a year of breakthroughs, some taking you in unfamiliar directions. Regard yourself as an adventurer. What seems unwise, if not risky, will bring unexpected rewards, if not benefits. Equally, let go of increasingly dull elements of the past. During 2023, new excitement and thrilling encounters await you.