Wed 07 December - 2022

After weeks of thinking things through, and days of figuring out how best to approach certain plans, the time has come to begin making things happen. True, as a Virgo, you’d prefer to do this in detail. While that’s understandable, you’re better off being more relaxed, and making changes as the need arises.


Sun 04 December - 2022 To Sat 10 December - 2022

As a practical Virgo, you thrive on making plans, perfecting them, then moving on to whatever is next. However, the foundation on which plans are based will be shifting, often frequently and until early in the new year. Actually, this gives you a chance to explore, to try out new ideas and spend time with those you meet. Take advantage of it. You’ll be glad you did. 


December - 2022

Life’s full of changes, all exciting and some unexpected. These are influencing you and others. Although you might struggle with unexpected developments, your biggest challenge is backing off, and allowing those changes to continue. Each is adding something or, possibly, somebody new to your life. For now, focus on exploring new and unfamiliar places, and meeting people. Then, consider who, what and which goals it’s time to let go of, clearing the way for what’s next. While, occasionally, this will be challenging, it will also be a relief. 

Year to Come


Usually, one of your greatest strengths is you talent for analysing what’s going on around you, in others’ lives and in the world. Now, however, you’re short of facts. This forces you to back off, and allow events to take place when, and as, they must. While challenging initially, gradually you’ll learn to take each day’s events as they come. And you’ll explore. You’ll stop worrying about the unexpected, and will even find yourself relaxing in ways that, previously, wouldn’t have been possible.