Sat 02 March - 2024

As a through and cautious earth sign, while you enjoy venturing into new territory in terms of what you’re doing and who’s involved, you’ll always ask plenty of questions beforehand. However with things moving so swifty, inevitably you’ve been short of fact. This means trusting your instincts. Actually, they’re as reliable as solid facts.


Sun 25 February - 2024 To Sat 02 March - 2024

Once you understand that the entire last half of February is about rethinking existing arrangements and, equally, future plans, and doing it regularly, you’ll focus more on exploring various options than trying to get everything right. This is also about decluttering, so be bold about what must go. This, alone, gives you space to explore options that, previously, wouldn’t have crossed your mind. Now you’re regarding them as very real possibilities, and are excited about it. 


March - 2024

Planning is so natural to you, it’s like breathing. However, between certain individuals being in charge and, equally, the current planetary setup accenting teamwork, the arrangements you’re organising will be made slowly and in stages. If in doubt, go along with others’ thinking. This is out of character but, as you’ll discover, wise. The resulting arrangements lead you to new, and exciting, ideas, arrangements and, in some cases, alliances, personal or worldly. The secret? Say yes first and focus on the details later.  

Year to Come


Over much of 2023 you’ve been busy, rethinking elements of your own life and lending others a hand with similar changes. Now the pace slows, and you’ve time to talk, enjoy but, also, to review those arrangements. The secret? Take it slowly. During 2024, life’s about exploration, not decision-making.